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  1. What about the baby? Once the baby is born nobody cares about the woman's argument if there is a "death" or "abuse" of the baby. What should it be the difference before it's born? Women should have full rights to do what they want with their own body, assuming there's no other body forced to be dependent on it.
  2. I believe in respect for human life to the utmost degree. Anyway, if a baby's umbilical cord wraps around the baby, the odds are the baby dies and the mom lives. That's what it seems like. In that case, the mom isn't to blame.
  3. It starts at conception. It's either an equal life or it isn't. It's because the fetus is a life equal to the mom. These are freak cases like with fetuses that are highly deformed way beyond Downs Syndrome or something. Well, that's a touchy subject, but we should try to preserve life as much as possible and a better solution is for irresponsible people to avoid pregnancy. The problem is that pro-choice people want to throw monkey-wrenches into the argument.
  4. Religion is not the only thing which demands mindless devotion. Are you sure? What about political ideology? For instance, the Soviet Union and 30s/40s era Germany took a huge toll.
  5. If the baby is totally equal to the mom in value, then what argument is there? As I said, you either agree it's a life or you don't. After that point, arguments are pointless. I'm sure other debating topics are like that too, but many are more compromising. People are not beneath me and not worth the attention. I only stopped arguing because what I explained to @The Blackangel. Yes, this is a gaming forum, but there are no rules on where to post specifically. I know all about being talked down to, I get it all the time from my family. Basically, your seen as a child or prisoner. However, that's not my idea to dehumanize anyone on here.
  6. Some questions cannot be answered. One answer negates all the opposing comments, but yes, I should have figured that out and not came in the debate.
  7. There was a stereotype of southern people being against interracial marriage in another thread. However, not all the south is the same, I think. My experience is that the deeper south has always been more divided racially. Well, I live in the mid-south.
  8. I don't get why Russia cannot be a democracy like Germany. Why do you all feel there is such an obstacle to it? Well, officially Russia is a democracy and at least for a long time it has been open to the world, like China. I mean, Russians can leave, foreigners can visit Russia etc.
  9. My own view is the left and right need to leave people alone. People's private lives should be just that with the exception of abortion and some other things. I mean, I'm not interested in "Sunday school at public school". Are the parent's that lazy, they can't raise moral children?
  10. The deep south I think isn't like the mid-south. There is a lot more bigotry there, probably, among both races. I remember, someone in my family noting that in Mississippi in the 80s or 90s maybe, blacks and whites didn't hang together. Now as for Republicans in ALL of the south being bigots, I can't really say how bad it is, but I think toward the deep south it would be worse. I just don't see a lot of hate around here, despite Confederate nostalgia. Anyway, it's worth noting that the Appalachian regions of the south were divided on the Civil War. West Virginia even became their own state due to Union loyalty.
  11. I wouldn't have them around any kids honestly. It may seem wussy to some, but hey, there would be big regrets if something happened. Anyway, no they shouldn't ban them, but it's very unwise to have them around kids.
  12. I'm assuming this is the correct thread. Anyway, this debate is dead in the water. I can't answer opposing points, because they simply don't accept that an unborn baby is a life equal to a newborn. However, if someone else wants to come on here, they're more than welcome, but it would lead to the same thing. Anyway, I think perhaps someone will come with some compromising abortion argument, but it doesn't make any sense. It's like when Lincoln argued that the Union should either be all slave or all free.
  13. Gosh, what an idiot. Well, there's always a cuckoo in the bunch! Well, then I suppose, after that we gotta figure out who qualifies as what, maybe use the "one drop rule", lol. Oh, Mississippi was brought up. Oh, well, they're not on a modern page that much. I hope here in southern Appalachia it isn't the same among Republicans, but considering the Confederate nostalgia, maybe so. Anyway, I haven't seen anyone pick on interracial couples and plenty of them are at Wal-Mart. You see them very often.
  14. People are always free to understand other cultures on their own dime and time. Anyway, as another thought, some church "fuddy duddy's" want church in every area of life - enforced by the government. Democrats have a right to see the hypocrisy. Here's an idea. Why don't people leave cultural understanding and religion as a private matter?
  15. I can't comment on this thread, because you all want abortion on the same thread.
  16. This stuff needs to be left alone. Well, if people really want to change things, then why can't the parents change? For instance, as long as they back white chauvinism, and that's what this is really about, nothing changes. There's no reason for the glamorization of racial oppression, a lot fueled by the "lost cause" narrative. Anyway, I remember Roots being shown in school (I'm from southern Appalachia.) and it seemed like kids ignored it or mocked it. You can't change kids taught bigotry and indifference at home. Indifference might be the fact they're more interested in "teenie stuff" then real things and can't even locate things on a map. Basically, touchy subjects should be a private matter and it's just a shame parents won't come to the plate.
  17. Not so sure of that. Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians don't believe you have to attend their denomination specifically to go to heaven. Religious wars might have been more about overreaching government power and how people were resisting. I don't get what you mean by anti-globalist. Anti-globalist ranges from white supremacists to the anti-abortion crowd to anti-neo-con Republicans.
  18. How do you feel about bad grammar? Well, I made a mistake today. I said, "Does it run good?". The correct saying is "Does it run well?". Anyway, I don't take too much mind to grammar, I suppose neglecting it provides some kind of regional flavor or something, lol.
  19. Please tell me what you can. Is it a laptop or desktop? How new is it? Does it still run well? Do you have anti-virus and anti-malware on it? How much did you pay for it? How much memory does it have?
  20. What are some you like? How long have you liked them? What caused you to discover them? Anyway, has anyone set up their own page? How popular has it gotten? What are your plans for it? What are the most popular gaming channels?
  21. What are they? Where can you watch them? How do you compare the stuff now to last year? Have things gotten better, the same, or worse?
  22. What is the industry like? Who are they big players? How can you break into this stuff in 2022? Who has considered going professional? What challenges do you feel you would face?
  23. In South Korea, these are as common as gas stations in the US, lol. Anyway, you can play games, smoke (most have non-smoking sections), eat, and they are 24 hours. Of course, with Covid going on now, things might be different, but that was the situation back in the 2000s. Anyway, these haven't caught on in the US and other western nations. Why do you feel it hasn't? Now, another thing that hasn't caught on is hot tub houses, lol.
  24. Which do you buy? Do you buy both? What motivates you to buy a certain way? Myself, I used to buy used mostly due to the price, but occasionally I'd buy something new - if it was something I really liked especially.
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