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  1. Well, myself, despite conservative views, I have to admit the "idea of eternal Hell" was a misinterpretation of scripture. I mean, with the Bible teaching that, it's not surprising so many are cynical of religion. In fact, much of the church for a long time was highly corrupt with corrupt scripture. The Bible, itself, calls it religious Babylon. It's in Revelations.
  2. Jayson


    My first cousin was trying that organic farming. It's because the prices are a lot larger, and I suppose there is less competition from big farms. Anyway, I'd like to farm myself. However, I simply don't have the funds to do it. It takes a lot of planning. It's just the same as running a mom-and-pop business.
  3. I pay $3.99 a month for mine and I can pay via the Pay Pal balance, assuming I pay from a collective fund. That's where you set funds aside and then they can take that out to pay for the hosting. Anyway, I can host at least 5 sites on the plan, but I've only focused on one because the old XenForo version won't work on the hosting.
  4. Kids shouldn't be exposed to the extreme cultural left agenda. Well, at the least, states should be free to decide if they want Critical Race Theory etc. taught in schools or not. A lot of people simply don't agree with it. These people are not monsters or KKK. They just aren't into the "extreme cultural left".
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/as-sanctions-over-ukraine-war-mount-russia-turns-to-india-to-buy-oil-and-arms/ar-AAVbTJi?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531 If China and India are backing Russia and then I'm sure if the US tries to smash 3rd world India, they will turn to China, then what good is the sanctions? Anyway, plenty of people are outraged at the Russian invasion. Nonetheless, though, the sanctions might not hurt Russia in the long run. In other words, they might not be pushed into the dark ages and/or Putin won't be overthrown.
  6. I like about anything from U2. I liked the Cranberries. I liked some Soundgarden stuff and Temple of the Dog. Some hair band stuff was good, like from Tesla, but I wasn't a hair band fan. I liked the 90s hip-hop like Snoop Dogg, Eminem and all that.
  7. Should we discount old-fashioned ideas? Well, most right-wingers I think are not as right-wing as say, the Ku Klux Klan. Well, I met one obnoxious right-winger in my life. He called me "Jew-son" as a joke. Yeah, if these are the sorts of people who the left says are "right wing", then I can understand being scared. However, why should everyone bow down the extreme cultural left agenda? For instance, if someone's Bible beliefs say they don't agree with being gay, well, should they be put in an institution? Should gay priests and neighborhood punks, as in the true sense of the word, molest kids, should people not be outraged - simply to bow down to the gay agenda? Should people be totally blind to the fact, that unfortunately, a lot of crime by certain racial groups gives those groups a bad name, much to the sadness of many who aren't bad? Anyway, most people, I think, hate a bully. The cultural left has been down on bullies and that's gained a lot of support from the masses. However, this idea can be exploited to evil ends.
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/in-some-parts-of-the-world-the-war-in-ukraine-seems-justified/ar-AAVbuTJ?ocid=msedgntp A lot of people simply respect a strong leader - even if they are brute. It's kind of like how people respect a teacher who is strong over one that is nice. Anyway, another thing I got from this story is how people note the hypocrisy of pushing Russia into the dark ages when the USA got a slap on the wrist in the 2000s. O.K., well, did they find weapons of mass destruction? Was Iraq a real threat to the USA or even the US economy?
  9. Jayson

    Hair Bands

    People wanted a breath of fresh air from glam and hair bands - because it was too immature. It's just all about partying. That's why my brother probably praised grunge when it came out around 1993 or something.
  10. The list goes on and on about American interference in Latin America and places, usually to combat the lesser evil, Communism. In that case, plenty of people there would say similar things about American sympathizers. War is so politically incorrect. How can you really pinpoint evil?
  11. I seriously don't think there is a lot of anti-black racism in Southern Appalachia. However, though, inner-cities are flooded with violent crime and it's tougher for non-blacks there to avoid racism, considering they are only human. Anyway, plenty of blacks, even though they don't want to diss their own people and culture, would agree and they don't stick around crime infested areas. Also, perhaps those blacks are angry at the general pop culture, in their own way, as it promotes a degenerate culture.
  12. This thread has gotten too far off topic. Anyway, as for education, yeah, each side has its extremists and is pushing an agenda. Nonetheless, though, a lot of people simply oppose the cultural left agenda to a large degree, but not to the extent of "hate groups". Maybe if those more moderate people want to enact laws for their states reflecting these feelings, they should have the right.
  13. Throwing Russia into the dark ages destroys three decades of massive progress. I mean, the place was being even more opened up then with czar Peter. I mean, when I was a kid, traveling to Russia was unthinkable. That was the 80s. Anyway, as I mentioned in another thread, there was no world control that put the US in the dark ages back in the 2000s.
  14. More should be invested in public transport to curb drunk driving. Nonetheless, the problem might be that alcohol users, simply don't want public transport. What's to be done then?
  15. That seems to have happened in South Korea, lol. The population there has pretty much been turned anti-American, but not Red necessarily. Yeah, it can happen.
  16. That sounds reasonable. However, abortion should be off the list - because it's wrong. Anyway, though, a lot of nations actually need more people. For instance, some examples are Eastern European nations and Japan. However, though, there needs to be a good economy so families can flourish.
  17. Hmm, well, the USA invades Iraq, nothing is done, except everyone hates the USA, but an American has to travel outside the US to experience it. O.K., now Putin is the bad boy. Russia is thrown into the dark ages, overnight, lol. Who runs things in the world? You tell me.
  18. There's so much hypocrisy. O.K., well you say the US should take a stand. Well, shouldn't have China or Russia taken a stand with Iraq? Oh, wait. They couldn't. In fact, at the time, nothing was done to sanction the US, except a lot of foreigners hated Americans, but of course, you had to travel to experience it.
  19. Jayson

    Hair Bands

    You all think grunge is a sort of goth? Anyway, some like a balance between macho and whininess. Well, things get so macho it gets fake. Well, maybe not. Some people just get tired of shallow lyrics.
  20. China is already in the news involving helping Russia. How will the USA react to this? Can the US handle isolation from China? How about the fallout to other nations?
  21. I never said I agreed with this idea. I do think personal choice matters somewhat but it's not the only thing, and if people do fail, rubbing it in isn't cool. As someone else noted on this thread, yes certain people have made good gambles and if they hadn't done so, they'd be thrown into the irresponsible group and told to "get a real job".
  22. Yeah, anything that gives comfort can help. I'd love to try out this new thing. I mean, considering how much certain people game, the cost is well worth it.
  23. @Reality vs Adventure I don't think anyone with a specialized career or even someone washing dishes for 20 years is going to be poor. Obviously, people who are continuously poor have something wrong with them. Perhaps they don't work well with others, on top of the fact maybe they picked a poor major in college or neglected trade school. There is a quick rush to judgement by some types. They want to put people down, but they don't want to offer real non-judgmental help. Anyway, as for the rich, I'm not sure if any "rich dummies - who get by only on mom and dad's money" actually exist. Well, if they do, it's just the same situation as with the poor I mentioned above, except these "certain privileged ones" have a massive safety valve.
  24. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/why-vladimir-putin-will-fall/ar-AAV5Yfi?ocid=msedgntp A lot of historical examples would point to yes. Nonetheless, coups have failed. For instance, Hitler was never ousted. Anyway, though, it's simply not in the interest of money (from the Russian rich POV) to keep Putin in.
  25. I can understand the situation. However, bottom line, an aborted baby is either a life or it isn't. It wasn't the fault of the baby it came in being via rape and incest. Well, at the least, the mom can opt for adoption, for the sake of the "victim baby".
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