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  1. I focus on the community first, informing the secret police of any bad deeds in my family! 😬
  2. Overpopulation is a an obvious and close threat. However, something equally horrible could stop it.
  3. I totally agree - and even those who deserve bullying (gossipers, assholes) - shouldn't be bullied. Ultimately, we should be trying to build people up - but it's not human nature. Well, all we can do is prepare people for the way people actually are.
  4. How can prototypes be copyrighted/trademarked. I mean at some basic level - all's the same.
  5. Yeah, that's kind of a no-brainer. I'm suprised @skyfire didn't think of it. Oh, wait he means as a hobby - and not to sell? Well, as long as too many aren't being made - it would probably be overlooked.
  6. With the bullied or in fat shaming or something, it's "blame the victim". So they might say being fat isn't subjective or the some kid gossips to bring on bullying. Well, in the 2nd case, that could be the reason sometimes - but ultimately, kids should be about building each other up - not tearing people down. However, it's not human nature - not in this existence.
  7. Yeah there is something to be said of "abused as a child; executed as an adult" - but the cultural right is into anti-softness (Oh, they should tough it out!). Well, I think every situation isn't the same - but people generalize. Anyway, from the cultural right - is this huge backlash against welfare bums and crime (blacks etc..), homosexuals (in the military, pushing an agenda, Jewish people (Looking to prevent another Holocaust, obviously, they've put multi-cultural-ism into hyper-drive.) - and of course, as collateral damage are bullied people - who are seen as more "sacred cows". But, anyhow, I can't blame Jews for not wanting another holocaust - and I'm not sure if the welfare and crime problem is as simple as the right makes it to be.
  8. Copyright/trademark stuff.
  9. Well, making a well known console - could be illegal!
  10. Actually, I was referring to games connected to the plane. You don't have to bring the game - on the plane!
  11. Shooting is way more admirable than a meat plant. Who has seen Fast Food Nation? 😬
  12. Seems to suffer from NPD - narcissist personality disorder. Those are types you want - to avoid at all costs! However, though, the cultural left has driven all quasi-normal people over to the Republicans.
  13. Not crazy about Pentecostals or churches - similar. Way too fake and venomous members. I'd rather stick to traditional churches - but unfortunately my girlfriend has fallen for it! So she thinks I'm not a Christian. 😀
  14. I love the taste of beer - but honestly, I did my only heavy drinking while an ESL teacher in South Korea - and that, only out of peer pressure.
  15. I think it's really about selfishness, honestly. A real man is living up to responsibilities, not whining - or shooting in self pity!
  16. Well, I'm always curious to see what the identity theft 😡 people are talking about!
  17. It involves living up to responsibilities - no matter what! Anyhow, contrary to misogynist etc. thought - lol - it's not wife beating, being a Playboy etc.. Anyhow, though, a real man isn't pushed around by a woman - true. However, though, it can be quite egalitarian - more than one thinks!
  18. Believe it or not, now it's a form of entertainment - along with the movies. Anyway, I don't think the games are that good, though (as in modern). Well, they're probably games like chess or something. Actually, I can't remember what the games were - as it's been 10 years of so - since I've been on an airliner. Questions Who has some ideas to improve airplane gaming? Would you probably like gaming better than the movies or music? How long a trip would be needed to beat Donkey Kong Country, Mario Bros Wii or Galaxy? 😀
  19. Who doesn't like those? 😀 Anyway, they used to be the stereotype of games, you know, back in arcade and Atari days. Well, anyhow, what good ones are available now? Note: I don't mean first person shooters - but rather something like where - you get in a spaceship and just start blasting rocks! More Questions What was your favorite/favorites from retro days? Were you any good? How far did you get? What is your record on the newer ones?
  20. Well, anyhow, I checked out that Steve Jobs movie - and it was a big thing to develop a cooling system for the first Apples! 😀
  21. Who has thought of it? Who has tried it? Well, surely there is some video online - on how to do it. 😀 Anyway, it would surely be a hobby thing purely - because it's probably not economically worth it to build one - like it is a PC. O.K., if you were building a console from scratch, how might you go about it? What are some original ideas for your unique console?
  22. Surely consoles have a cooling mechanism - cause they're a computer! Well, there not seen as such - but that's what they are. Anyway. how do these cooling things work? Are they bigger than what's found in a laptop? Also, what can push the heat to the limit in a console? Has anyone had or been near a burnout?
  23. If I had some friends into it - then I might get into it. I mean, the whole scene is new to me - so to see some buddies do things, would get me initiated I think. Anyway, though, I simply have little time for gaming, in general, much less online gaming! O.K., I think racing would be an awesome niche for online gaming. Who has tried that? What did you play - and how did you do?
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