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  1. Karaoke is tons of fun. In fact, in my travels to Asia, it was a big thing. Nonetheless, it hasn't caught on in the USA as much. I wonder why that's the case.
  2. A lot of right-wingers and especially hate groups are into weight shaming. I think it's cruel, though, akin to racism and sexism. It's not acceptable in modern society. Anyway, despite my conservative beliefs, I've never felt comfortable with weight shaming. Anyway, honestly, a lot of women look better with some weight on, oddly enough. Well, I don't think nature made all people the same, so aside from threats to health, I don't see a reason to be obsessed with weight loss.
  3. I don't think there's any normal drills at average gyms. Basically, Planet Fitness is catering to people who don't like gym elitism. In other words, at a lot of gyms you get this feeling you don't belong. However, people who support traditional gyms think people should tough it out and earn respect. Do you all feel that way? However, though, some obese people might feel extremely unwelcome at a gym, so I can sort of understand the feeling.
  4. Yeah, it would be a lot more fun to watch it that way. Well, unless you got some good buddies to come to your home. Anyway, I love the socialization at restaurants. In fact, I might go to a place because I love the people, but not the food always, though I wouldn't be so mean to say it publically.
  5. There's not many points to make, because pro-choice people don't believe fetuses are human. That makes the debate something that is dead in the water. As for blacks, how can someone also not say that left-wing posts aren't targeting whites, if indirectly? Are posts circulated in the media about Black Lives Matter picking on white people?
  6. I like several drum lesson channels. I don't like the ones from big major brands, though. They get on my nerves because they monopolize everything, lol.
  7. How many YouTube channels can people have? I'd like a personal one, one for my drumming, maybe one for something else. Anyway, I hate being on video, though. Well, I can do lots of videos, if I don't have to talk.
  8. If we are talking about popular movies, there are a couple. Well, one is Grown Ups. Another is 2012. 2012, as I said in another thread, had a terrible screenplay, despite the excellent super-awesome special effects. Now, with Grown Ups, was a bad screenplay also. It just wasn't very funny, even with an all-star cast! How pathetic. That was an example of how a movie becomes soft as a brand-name while newer movies have to fight to be funny.
  9. https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/tommy-boy-1995 Shockingly, the critic Roger Ebert hated Tommy Boy. However, I thought it was very cute and funny. However, this same guy liked 2012 - which I thought, despite the awesome special effects, was horrible, mainly due to the terrible screenplay.
  10. When I was a kid in the 80s these were a big thing. However, I highly suspect they aren't even on these days. Well, I don't really know what cartoons play on Saturday morning now. What plays on the CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC?
  11. I'm not sure of actual percentages among all groups. However, I have read this article about abortions and African Americans, a group that votes mostly Democratic. https://azcapitoltimes.com/news/2020/02/25/abortion-the-overlooked-tragedy-for-black-americans/ These stats are shocking and vile.
  12. Pit bulls are a part of this macho culture in the USA and probably other countries. Anyway, among the fans of pit bulls is this admiration and desire to own them above other breeds. Anyway, though, the disturbing side is the fact that pit bull toughness can turn on children and sometimes adults. In fact, pit bulls kill and massively injure. Do you feel that owners of pit bulls are justified in their thinking or are they being tough to the detriment of safety?
  13. I like the cold and snow and all that. I wouldn't want to live in an area that never got cold. In fact, I feel sorry for people who have never seen snow or experienced cold.
  14. I've already lost the ability to speak, lol. You know since so many in the US don't have any real freedom of speech. Anyway, on a serious side, reading is pretty vital, so I'd say speaking is less serious. However, both things are massively bad.
  15. It's tough to decide what extremism is. Well, in the case of actual far-right white supremacists and Muslim supremacists, not regular Muslims, lives have to be protected, because for sure, these groups are massively dangerous. Anyway, in the case of groups that are not so dangerous, certain political sides want to demonize people as extremists to shut them up. They want to silence freedom of speech and really, they'd like to just have them disappear. Well, the 2nd part might not be true, because they need propaganda to build up their side.
  16. I'm afraid to post any. I will get banned and ignored and mocked. It's because, like in most of US society, there isn't any real freedom of speech for even moderate conservatives.
  17. Well, this isn't Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, lol. There really isn't a way to debate these issues without offending certain people. However, I'm not out to hurt others, but to debate real topics. Note: you can't debate these topics these days. What a democracy without real debate, because people cannot listen to other viewpoints?
  18. I've never had anything to do with motorcycles. It would be fun, though. I mean, I like bicycles. Well, I tried a dirt bike once and just flipped to the side. I need more practice. I just haven't really gotten into that stuff.
  19. Adventures don't always play out as we like. I mean, a war is an adventure, but many come back massively wounded or dead. It's also an adventure to travel on an icy road. Well, a life that is a mix of adventure and being normal would-be O.K., I think. I have a pretty happy existence without adventure all the time.
  20. How are you critical of your own political side? Do you agree with everything on your side? Well, despite my conservative views, I feel like white chauvinism has gone too far. Well, I understand hating Critical Race Theory, abortion etc. However, a lot of times conservatives push unneeded buttons with Confederate monuments etc. I mean, it's time to let go of the Civil War, but there is this arrogant thing in the right-wing which wants to hold on to it, despite its highly cancerous properties. Well, the monuments and flag were mostly used in the 20th century to enforce racism. There's no doubt about it. It's about saying something like, "Look this is how things are. Got it?".
  21. I love to do any kind of traveling. Well, I have mostly used trucks, but now I use a car. Anyway, I especially like to explore mountainous areas - and I have lived in mountains nearly all my life. Anyway, I don't think I would want an RV, except to rent occasionally. Well, it's too much a hassle when you could just set up a tent somewhere or get a motel, I think.
  22. Who is into writing fiction or non-fiction? Well, with fiction, there are formulas for writing stories. For instance, who has heard of "The Journey of a Hero"? Anyway, I've thought about this thing, but I haven't really tried to write fiction. Well, I really want to.
  23. Jayson


    What specialty ethnic dishes do you make? How long does it take you? How expensive are the ingredients? What has been the reaction to your food?
  24. I'd like to work from home with my music lesson thing. However, getting super-fans for Patreon is very tough, even with good stuff. Anyway, I thought also about making some hosting forum. However, it requires a huge amount of bank to do anything, as with the music stuff. Well, the idea there is to have a lot of traffic and then hosting companies will flock to it and pay for ads and boosted threads that have their ad on it. This works. It's proven but it's a massive challenge to build the traffic.
  25. I've worked some at fast food. However, I'd rather wash dishes or stock groceries, if it's some minimum wage thing. Well, some gig where I simply sweep the floor all day, take out the trash etc. at fast food might work.
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