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  1. Yeah, that's a problem with many - and it's not only gaming - but with music, shows, or movies. I mean, a lot of people like what's familiar. However, though, venturing out can be very rewarding, but sometimes, not - lol. Well, I think some may have tried new things - and it was so bad - it discouraged future tries? Anyone think so? O.K., well, from business - we know that recommendations can help something new - as in If people seem to like it, then people are more apt to try it. Anyway, though, the OP noted a list of games - which obviously had good reviews.
  2. Video gaming can be fun. However, web development, music, 3D art creation or melding your hobby with web development (creating an art of music website) can be just as fun for some people. Well, I suppose it's a subjective issue with many different opinions. Anyway, what do you feel gives gaming a run for it's money (in regards to the topic)?
  3. Video game rage is part of the fun. No seriously, as long as you don't break anything - or do something else regrettable, then I don't see a problem. Anyway, I've had my share of it - trying to beat Mario bosses in repeated tries. Well, look at it this way. It's a character builder! 😀
  4. Yeah, 3-letter and 4-letter .coms are super expensive - and the 5-letter ones are on the way. Hopefully, 6-letter ones (and Iv'e seen them for drug names) will be expensive soon as I own some.
  5. People doing mass shootings were messed up before they got into video games - or they were messed up apart from the games. Well, really, mostly the parents are to blame - for raising weak kids - but sometimes parents have an legit excuse. Now when I say weak - I mean not necessary weak - in the common sense - but could also be applied to morally warped freaks.
  6. I did one. Not sure if that was kosher on here. Anyway, I don't like double posting, but might do it when I don't notice and on certain forums - where that's commonplace.
  7. I wonder if that's the same deal with the used and free, maybe sometimes illegal - movie and music market.
  8. If given more time - I'd gladly experiment with all genres. I mean, I simply don't have the time during the day - as I am busy on website projects - one with a large social media following.
  9. Yeah, but it seems like if there's a demand for movies - the demand would be met. Don't they even notice the large number of people who like action movies?
  10. Well, we all know about Mario Kart - and I love it! However, though, many others exist. Have you tried them? Does anyone play them seriously? What do you feel are the best? Have you won them or did well? Who did some online racing - and I would include Mario Kart?
  11. I was reading this survival mag - and it was talking about how gaming had replaced the action heroes of the past. I mean, is there any Arnold Schwarzeneggers anymore? Well, anyway, some have blamed this on political correctness - but as mentioned, - PC hasn't really affected gaming, at least not to the extent many claim. Anyone think a movement against macho gaming will gain real traction?
  12. These are tougher than they seem. I mean, I play drums pretty well - but surely, I couldn't keep up with Drum Hero (forgot the name)! Well, it would take some practice, at least! Anyway, as mentioned, the problem is speed.
  13. Who likes these? Well, I'm talking about games like Monopoly!, Trivial Pursuit or some non-American equivalents? Anyway, myself, I love Monopoly! and Trivial Pursuit, but I haven't tried the games. I also remember liking Life! - but I haven't tried the game. O.K., who has mastered these or done well? Have you enjoyed them online?
  14. Who likes games like Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune - or perhaps some non-American equivalent? Myself, I like Jeopardy! - but I haven't tried the game. In fact, I've never tried any of them actually - but I only have time for Mario type or sports games (if any). O.K., who has won these games or done well? Who has played online?
  15. I don't have any serious health issues. However, though, my bodybuilding is highly limited by back problems. That's why I only lift 10 or 20 pound dumbbells - and if I need more action, I just have to do more reps. However, doing more reps can be boring so I have to be a master of keeping the mind occupied. Well, anyway, when it comes to sports games - I think gaming can be 2nd best to actually playing many times. Well, actually, there's no chance you could play a sports game - like on a video game. I mean, who is really going to be in the NFL?
  16. Definitely, Rayman. I mean, sorry, but that game was soooo boring! What in the world was going on there? Anyway, another disappointment was Paper Mario - but I think with a cheat guide - I could have gotten past the first level. Well, that is quite a pathetic story! 😀
  17. Definitely, that was a big one when growing up. I grew up back in the age of cartridges. Anyway, it was simply a make-up for being lazy, really. People should have took care of games.
  18. Seriously, I never use them - or specialty fans - and never have a problem. Well, I don't have a gaming PC - just a PC - and it has gotten hot, but never anything serious. Well, things do overheat on some computers, hence why there is a market for cooling. Hmm, why do certain computers heat more than others? O.K., I'm assuming summertime for temperate zones and tropical areas would be notorious for overheating computers, right?
  19. I love video poker! However, I haven't played in years. Anyway, I got hooked on that - cause I lived on this Pacific Island full of poker houses. The strategy on video poker, at least - is a big bankroll. It's kind of like a biz investment. However, though, comically - who has the cash?
  20. I wonder how much a challenge that used gaming is to the digital market? Well, actually, as you say, the digital market is the powerful one. There's no used PC game market?
  21. Yeah, that was what I was referring to. How about strained eyes? Well, there's glasses for that. Even if young, I wouldn't risk abusive gaming.
  22. Well, the biggest reason is no time. However, also, my connection is via a satellite - and, unfortunately, those connections are fast for movie downloads and surfing - but not gaming. Well, streaming video is somewhat possible - but for some reason, a satellite simply cannot handle gaming.
  23. As I said before, young kids don't work well around games. However, though, with supervision it could be possible. Anyhow, if you got some old Atari system (Sega, Older Nintendo etc..) - maybe the Switch would be similar - you might be able to count on the fact that cartridges would have a higher survival rate - LOL. Nonetheless, I suppose kids could still damage those consoles somehow.
  24. This is funny! I mean, I would say "BAD IDEA". Well, I used to surf the net a lot on the job - and the problem is that it becomes a habit to surf (or something similar like gaming) - and it makes you seem incompetent/lazy. Well, this stuff is certainly a powerful reason for a dismissal.
  25. Where is the traffic coming from? I know to pay for a list from richer nations is somewhat expensive. Did you get all those people for free?
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