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  1. I'm twenty-eight years old, and I'm still waiting to become good at games. Surely I can't be alone. I wouldn't say I'm the worst gamer in the world, but I'm certainly not a pro.
  2. I last played Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Gotta love the classics.
  3. There are used PC builds for ridiculously cheap that can still run a formidable amount of games. Even if you're playing AAA titles, you can still get relatively good performance on a budget rig that rivals the price of new-gen consoles. Remember that consoles don't magically run games better than PCs; games on console are specifically stripped down to run better on the less powerful hardware of consoles, specifically when you get closer to a console's end of life. Lowering the graphic settings on a PC just makes it look more like it would on the console. It's also more economical to spend more on a PC than to buy a console as well as a less powerful PC when you consider the fact that a PC can do everything under the sun, while a console is meant to do only one thing.
  4. As amazing as the classics are, though, it's kind of frustrating when I have to explain to my friends that the games that they play bore me to tears, and that's why I don't play with them. With VR, it will get even worse.
  5. I don't pay much attention to other platforms. I only know about it if it's on PC for the most part. #pcmasterrace
  6. Actually, I think he really wants to branch out to streaming other games; however, most people seem to watch him because of Fortnite. Most people who are really good at one shooter (especially one that is as mainstream as Fortnite) are at least above average at most others.
  7. It would really depend on your budget. You can get a pretty decent PC that will run most games for $500-600, but if you want to play at 4K and/or be able to run every game imaginable on the highest settings, you would be paying more.
  8. I think that when VR gaming becomes the norm, that will be my time to retire from gaming. It will be essentially like playing every game on Wii. I play games to escape reality, not experience an alternate reality.
  9. GTA: San Andreas was okay, but I'm more into GTA: Vice City myself. Vice City has better missions and more creative gameplay in my opinion. GTA: San Andreas has some good features and the characters are well written, but the missions themselves are kind of boring.
  10. The base game is actually pretty tolerable at this point, and some of the expansions are decent. It's just a matter of knowing which ones to avoid. I would still say The Sims 3 is a much better experience, but The Sims 4 is a lot more tolerable now than it was when it first came out.
  11. I probably won't buy The Sims 5 for a while. I like to wait for them to get the bugs worked out since EA never lets a game get fully finished before releasing it. The release of The Sims 4 was a disaster, and the game itself is still a major cash grab. It has some fun features, though, but I'd still say I like The Sims 3 the best.
  12. Aside from watching a friend speedrun parts of it, I've never really experienced this game. I've heard that it's fantastic, but I'm just not into games like this very much.
  13. I watch speedruns that are particularly impressive, but it's not my particular flavor of gaming. I feel like speedrunning makes you miss out on a lot of the experience of the game, especially in games that are story-driven.
  14. Ultima Online is my favorite game of all time, but I've never played Ultima. I should probably go check this out. I've always wanted to play it but never gotten around to it.
  15. How'd your 3DS break in half, June? It sounds like something crazy happened. O_O I haven't played games on console for at least ten years.
  16. I've been PC gaming since I was a kid--five or six years old. My heart has always been with PC gaming, even when consoles made more sense than they do now.
  17. It just keeps getting better and better for AMD. They're dominating the CPU market by a decisive margin. It's almost like it's 2004 again.
  18. Yes, it definitely did. The campaigns were quite historically accurate and enjoyable to play.
  19. Too bad I don't enjoy mainstream games because now would be a great time to get some game time in. xD Unfortunately, though, I don't really like any of the current selections.
  20. This is kind of a difficult question for me because my favorite games make me love certain genres, but those genres are now very far removed from how they were when the games I love were made. Arcanum made me love the CRPG genre, and Ultima Online made me love the MMORPG genre. However, both of those genres are now very far removed from how they were at that time; the depth and elegance were abandoned in favor of flashy graphics and superfluous mechanics.
  21. It's hard to say between Ultima Online and Arcanum. I probably have tens of thousands of hours in each considering the fact that I've been playing both since I was a kid.
  22. I would love to see a remake of Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, but only if it were done right. Considering the fact that the game wasn't extremely commercially successful in the first place, though, it probably won't happen. Despite all of the bugs, it had the most elegant and in-depth story I've ever seen in a game.
  23. There have been two releases since: Age of Empires II: HD Edition and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. I don't own Definitive yet, but HD Edition made some significant improvements to the game, and I've heard that Definitive takes them even further. Both are available on Steam.
  24. Yeah, it's pretty sad to see the shift that has occurred in the gaming market. There's no depth or elegance anymore. People just want to spawn into an instance and start shooting things.
  25. I've never seen any compelling studies linking video games to violence. They showed Jack Bauer stabbing a person in the neck with scissors on primetime television, so I don't see why there is such a fuss about video games.
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