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  1. I'm sure it's sort of similar to actual PC building, but is it worth the money?
  2. By default post notifications on so you don't have to check the box, also receiving emails for post replies because I don't receive any, unless I'm doing something wrong.
  3. I've heard it has no actual story just side quest and probably collectibles. Basically people say It's just like a survival-apocalypse type of game.
  4. Might also be corny to as the last few games of COD look like copy and paste reskins.
  5. I've tried twitter a few times and don't really like it, instagram and snapchat messangers like that I don't use however Facebook I use a few times a week just to see any friend request/notifications.
  6. For some reason I think COD would make a great movie, it just depends on who makes it. 😛
  7. South Park the comedy show made by Trey Parker and Matt stone which I'm sure everyone heard of has been renewed through comedy central for another season or 2 which isn't a surprise as alot of people like the show and would love to see more seasons, What will happen in the next season will be a mystery. 😛 Do you guys think you'll be tuning in for the next few episodes and season 23? Edit: I accidently put this topic in the wrong section if someone could move it to Movies & TV that would be great thanks. 🙂
  8. At first when I heard of pandora I honestly thought it was the box until I started using the product I enjoyed it but the ads got out of control and they put a skip limit on the songs so I searched for another music streaming and found "Spotify." No song skip limit and the free version has very little commercials, except for those annoying ads encouraging you to buy there premium services which offers better quality music, no ads, offline music and some other stuff only for about 99 cents, what a bargain! Anyways in my honest opinion I'd have to say that the audience for spotify is much bigger
  9. So we all could of guessed that there would be another console from Sony and they've finally announced that their in process of the next gen console they are working with AMD for their architecture and graphics card so you can expect to see some semi-good graphics although NVIDIA would be a better choice but it's their choice. Anyway rumors have always been going on but now that it's finally announced do you think it's gonna be worth buying when it releases in possibly 2019 or 2020?
  10. So I honestly started playing fallout on the fourth one and I always thought the game was terrible but after playing all ending and collecting all the trophies It started to grow on me. I haven't seen gameplay of the new Fallout yet but from what I hear it's both sides some say good, others say its bad but I guess we'll never know until it comes out this month. Anyways I'm overly excited how about you guys?
  11. Never had either haha I just have the regular first PS4 since launch but since I already have a ps4 I'd like to try the xbox one x.
  12. Took them a while to add the revive mechanic.
  13. Never heard of them before. What genre are they in?
  14. Forum promotion and also referred.
  15. Way better as the engines and graphics have evolved I mean look at the old games and compare them to the new ones you'll see a major improvements.
  16. I think H1Z1 takes the cake I love it. 😛
  17. I would say mega man because when I was a kid I loved that game and would sit for hours and hours at a time playing it. But they've already made re masters not too sure about new ones though. So its a no to mega man so my second choice is MW2.
  18. Is this gonna be on the 3DS to or just 2DS?
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