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  1. Not too sure as far as I'm aware of its for everyone you can try and if it isn't im sorry 😞
  2. Its been 60$ for ages now hopefully it doesn't go up any higher.
  3. There's a program called SAM (Steam achievement manager.)
  4. Usually when new DLC comes out it adds trophies meaning you no longer have 100%
  5. ^ For 1,000 points you get like a 10$ gift card.
  6. Telltale games demon skeith? & that's true its what games are really made for.
  7. So there's this program on the playstation that rewards users every time you get trophies with points you can spend to get items like games gift card Actually gives you a reason to hunt for achievements or trophies.
  8. Since when did they start doing that? Well I mean I've never pre-ordered from them.
  9. They look cool but honestly I think the only game merchandise I'd ever buy is Call Of Duty. 😛
  10. Well the rappers I listen to I'm not sure if it's a one man band or not. 6ix9ine, Lil Wayne, Lil Skies, Lil Pump.
  11. A lot of people play games just for the game and some people play for trophies and achievements, I personally play to have fun but I'm also a trophy hunter. I have 55 platinums. But does it matter? Do you game to just game or for trophies or both?
  12. Thanks, and what? You don't like Red Dead Redemption? 😮
  13. There making a new Wolfenstein? I didn't even get the second one but I achieved all of the trophies and earned platinum on the first, and I think you forgot to add Red Dead Redemption 2. 😛
  14. Honestly if the game is good I'll do it. But it's rare for me to not purchase it just because DLC adds more flavor to the game.
  15. I was looking through the Sony website not because I plan on buying a new console but I usually look to see whats new and I came across a limited edition PS4. Looks slick clean and awesome just not sure if I should get it or not. Thoughts?
  16. Ah, I see the resemblance now. Gonna probably watch some more later. 😛
  17. Haha, Think we've all had that problem not a thing to be ashamed of. Honestly most of the time it happened and I ended up looking at a video it was basically in front of me and I didn't know. 😛
  18. Unfortunately none of those well except for New York but only once. 😛
  19. Hi, The other day when I was scrolling through the Playstation store I came across an unfamiliar title and I was wandering if anyone knows what game this is. It's called Overkill's The Walking dead, usually TellTale makes those games but this developer I have no idea on who they are. Ideas?
  20. Only reason I think cheats would ever be exceptional is if where you unlock characters and such.
  21. True, But that's what most people think of them anyway.
  22. Yes I'm italian, Honestly food is food to me. 😛
  23. The deals are awesome but you got to remember the way Gamestop does business they take used games for a low price and sell them back for a slightly higher price.
  24. It could be a good idea not alot of websites have there own kind of app, unique you should try it.
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