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  1. Thank god for auto saves if it wasn't I think I and millions of other gamers would truly be irritated.
  2. Welcome to the forum! 🙂
  3. Fallout 4 about 4 more trophies and i'll have that platinum trophy. 😛
  4. Welcome to the forum! 🙂
  5. Most games are price ranged 60-90 depending on the type of game edition you get.
  6. I'd have to say K-POP I just can't stand that type of music the only music in a different language I can tolerate/listen to is Little Big and most of the time they speak english. 😛
  7. Very current although I'm currently going on a platinum streak going and re-downloading games just for platinum. 😛
  8. 3DS although I play my PS Vita most of the time. 😛
  9. Sometimes I watch but when I do it's usually FaZe.
  10. I started to think it never actually had MP because of how complicated it was to work 😛
  11. PS2 I remember it sucking the life out of me when I couldn't figure out how to setup multiplayer.
  12. Due to the fact it's been raining alot I like to save every 5 minutes or so just in case. 😛
  13. I heard about it also but is it really worth the money?
  14. True but honestly wouldn't everyone love that remaster? or atleast backwards compatibility on PS4.
  15. So this game is a stealth game like Assasins creed but has a different twist to it. Has anyone played this game before? I would prefer it over assasins creed. Thoughts?
  16. I'd have to say spy thief although I'm not to into stealth based games.
  17. One of the very best Call of Duty's remastered on the PS4 Modern warfare 2. 😛
  18. Ratchet and clank but then again I can always play it on the ps4. 😛
  19. It is true, they'll only realize when they start to lose money.
  20. So if you haven't heard TellTale games has been going through a financial bunch such as not many people playing/buying the game anymore and complaining about the engine its used to make the game. I honestly am used to TTG's engine I mean the graphics after playing a few of there games you get used to it and they make good series but I guess not to much people prefer story-related content anymore. Thoughts?
  21. So the Call of Duty blackout beta has been released yesterday and fairly amount of people have been playing it for the first day but all betas are like that right? Anyways, I played a couple games and I definitely prefer it over the traditional H1Z1 or PUBG. Thoughts?
  22. I think it was, actually it was the type 92 for Call of Duty.
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