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  1. Backwards compatibility for PS5 allowing to play PS3 PS4 % PS2 Digital/Disc games.
  2. Problem with things like that is most is for UK and EU never us. 😕
  3. How does building parts become farmy?
  4. One handed hands down if you use pistols, 2 if you use assault rifles etc.
  5. Stealth although I do love Dishonored and Thief.
  6. It's fine it was good information though for EU. 😛
  7. Would be Red Dead Redemption 2 if I had it but once I get it it's all I'll be playing and recently I been on the road to platinum for Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy
  8. Welcome to the forum! 🙂
  9. A couple more missions to beat and my whole data got wiped due to "power outages." didn't ever wanna play the game again. 😛
  10. Alot of things have been leaked online but also because of a leak can delay the process.
  11. Any pokemon game would actually be nice that and mario kart. 😛
  12. True, I tried playing on PC and I can never get used to it.
  13. Yeah you should be fine. : The Good thing about PS4 is it can run any game optimized for the system.
  14. I'd have to say Modern warfare 2 also was the most iconic.
  15. Maybe so but since its my first fallout I can't say anything.
  16. Even though I've only played 4 I'd have to say 4. 😛 although I'd like to try the rest. 😛
  17. $110 for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare legacy pro edition at GameStop.
  18. On those type of games it's usually best to save every 5 minutes or so especially if it's storming/raining.
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