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  1. Lots of good reviews are coming, just bought Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and I'll see what's the buzz about.
  2. Need for Speed: Heat on pc, can't get enough of these classics
  3. Final Fantasy XIII is pretty much the only one I played and I enjoyed it a lot, so you could say that it's my favorite. I wasn't that much fond of it's sequels though. Maybe I should have gave them more time? I often hear critics talk about how Final Fantasy XIII was too linear, but then again lots of games are, so that didn't bug me at all. You get to explore an open-world section near the end of the game anyway so in my eyes that makes up for it. I enjoyed the story and the characters, even if it gets a bit cheesy or sentimental at moments, but the world-building is awesome. I like this weird mix between fantasy and science-fiction. You have high-tech airships on one hand and spells on another hand. I think this genre has a name "science fantasy" but one academic once told me that it's not accurate. Final Fantasy fans are probably more familiar with this. I don't know, maybe the next one I'll ever try as a FF noobie would be Final Fantasy VII, as I heard a lot of positive things about it.
  4. I got Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and I'm really enjoying it. Good game to just relax and have fun. I never followed the PvZ series, even though I was aware it was popular. I didn't even know there were PvZ 3rd person shooters. There were Garden Warfare games before, and now there's this one.
  5. I mainly buy from Eneba, the prices are very approachable there
  6. I doubt I will surprise anyone with my creativity, but for me it would be Borderlands 3. As a fan of the series, I am extremely satisfied.
  7. Super Mario Maker 2 - people will play it 20 years from now, mark my words. 😅
  8. Hello, currently I'm rocking two games. One on my Nintendo Switch, and the other on my PS4. Both titles have just been released, and I couldn't have been happier with how excellent they turned out to be. <3 On my Nintendo Switch, I'm rocking Super Mario Maker 2. The title is an absolute blast if you're Mario fan. The game's campaign is splendind and entertaining, there's no level system (at least the one we're used to having in Mario games) and each level is more delicate and innovative than the last. Honestly, if the game was to only have a 100+ level campaign, I'd still be quite satisfied with the purchase. But oh God it has more, and more it can offer plenty! The Online connectivity, course sharing system, and the ability to traverse the maddening trials together with your buddies is absolute beast, and don't even get me started on the Course Maker part. Because it exceeded even my highest expectations, and don't get me wrong - I was already expecting ALOT! The second game which I bought just yesterday (blasting with 40% discount on a release day xD) is the newest Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers (expansion). It's an MMORPG which I parted ways with almost half a year ago, however, the newest DLC forced me to come back and take a glance. And it's good that I did... The expansion changed a bunch of stuff within the in-game world, and, honestly, I love it! So yeah, these two are in my head constantly, work, friends, spouse, shower - all I think of is Super Mario Maker 2 and Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers!xD Oh, btw - if you click on the two titles you'll see the place where I acquired both. Eneba offered the very best price on both pieces, haven't checked it since yesterday, so not quite sure what's the situation now.
  9. it does matter a lot. 30fps and 60fps are like day and night, and 60fps compared to 160fps are on an entirely different level as well. Though, 60 is what you hope to have on the newest releases, for smooth, seamless, and easy-on-the-eye experience. Like, try playing one of these upcoming sci-fi shooters with 20-30 FPS and launch it on something that's capable to dish out 55-60, then report me with the results - FPS matters :s Thank you, and have a lovely day! ❤️
  10. Yeah its quite nice, creepy and tense in all the right ways. If you already think it is right up your alley you should definitely try it. Thing is, with most single player games when they just came out, the prices are quite high. I personally look for other options than buying directly from steam, most of the time, eneba.com for example, has good prices.
  11. well pretty much this: back in the day, when they said they were to release a quality game, you were expecting quality content right from the get-go, nowadays, when they say they are to release a quality game - on launch you get the game, and in half a year of updates and DLCs (both free and paid) you then get quality... Ofc, there are some exceptions like DMC V, MK 11, Sekiro and others, but this sort of tendency (to withhold quality) wasn't present before, as far as I'm aware... T_T
  12. Back in the day, when I was still a young twat, grinding at Silkroad Online for tens of hours consecutively day by day, I had this friend, comrade, guildie. He was from an upper-middle-class family, and while we've had quite a few memorable moments in SRO, paying for silks was not really an option back then (since we were all very young kids). And so, that guy stole his parents' credit card and bought silks (the in-game currency that you buy with real money) for every member of the guild, the total amount was around 10k EU or so. After that, the guy disappeared into a thin air. I will never forget his sacrifice. Months later (once we've spent all of the gifted silks) our guild quit SRO and we've entered the WoW scene. =D
  13. 1. because the publisher tends to overhype and then the devs don't deliver. -.- aka Anthem (even tho, it now looks that Anthem will become the next No Man's Land) 2. because the game is too hard even though that's what the game's intention was -.- aka Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (even tho, some speed-runners have finished it in an hour!) 3. because some people just like to hate on stuff, because jumping on the hate-wagon is really easy. Hate bounces from person to person and spreads instantaneously. The third group's probably the largest by a vast margin. Praise, love, and play. Cheers! ❤️
  14. Look at some price comparison webs, there are some even cheaper options around! E.g. https://www.eneba.com/steam-just-cause-3-steam-key-global
  15. If anyone's interested, I've written a blog post to detail some of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice key elements, and how it'll be different from that of Dark Souls and Bloodborne games. Check it out if you're planning to acquire this Sengoku piece! ❤️ Cheers, and hope you'll have a good one today!
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