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  1. Event Horizon (1997) - 9/10
  2. I was trying out a new GTA RP server but I'm not sure I'm going to stick around, it's a bit too stringent on the RP and not very fun.
  3. Weekly catch up with everyone - how's the week been so far although we're just at Wednesday. So here's a hilarious one - I've suddenly developed an allergic reaction to mangoes and I have a whole mango tree in my yard with lots of ripe ones falling off daily. This must be some kind of cruel joke lol.
  4. If given the choice, would you prefer the tranquility of living on a houseboat, surrounded by the gentle ripples of water, or the rugged isolation of a cabin nestled deep in the mountains?
  5. Imagine you had the talent and opportunity to be either a successful stand-up comedian or a renowned concert pianist. Which career would you choose and why? What aspects of each profession appeal to you the most?
  6. We all have those hilarious moments involving cars. Whether it's a road trip gone wrong, an unexpected passenger, or a parking mishap, I'd love to hear your funniest car stories. What happened, and why does it still make you laugh today?
  7. When was a time you had to keep your cool and act nonchalant, but inside you were totally freaking out? Maybe it was during a job interview, meeting someone important, or dealing with an emergency. How did you manage to keep it together, and what was going through your mind?
  8. I've been thinking a lot about the skills we aren't taught in school but could make a huge difference in daily life. What are some of the most useful life skills that you feel are rarely, if ever, taught in traditional education settings?
  9. How do you feel about the balance between developer intent and player freedom in games? Should developers strictly guide the player's experience, or should players have the freedom to explore and play as they wish? Share examples of games where you think this balance is well done or poorly handled.
  10. I'm curious to hear about the toughest achievements or trophies you've managed to earn in any game. Whether it's from a grueling RPG, an intense FPS, or a complex puzzle game, share your experiences and what made it so challenging! How long did it take you, and what strategies did you use to finally achieve it?
  11. Hi everyone! I'm curious about how you all deal with frustration when you hit a challenging level or get stuck in a game. Do you have any specific strategies or tips that help you stay calm and enjoy the game again?
  12. Hey everyone, I’m curious to hear about the strangest, most bizarre, or just plain weird games you’ve ever played. Whether it's a quirky indie title, an odd retro game, or something with a completely outlandish concept, I'd love to know about it! What made it so weird for you?
  13. I'm curious to hear about your most memorable moments playing multiplayer or co-op games. Was it an epic victory, a hilarious fail, or a heartwarming team effort? Share your stories and let's relive those unforgettable gaming moments together.
  14. Would this be in a deep forest or by the sea shore? Or up in the mountains?
  15. I agree. That's why I never really got into drugs in the first place. That stuff can cost you so much that it's just not worth taking it consistently.
  16. I don't own any at the moment and I'm somewhat aware that they're a lot of fakes being sold by Jewellers. That's not the only stone to be fair and that's why I started getting jewelry testers so that I won't be ripped off.
  17. You did yourself a favor. Everyone can worship who they want as long as it doesn't put a strain on the relationship. If it is, then it's best not to go any further.
  18. Okay - thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out.
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