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  1. Mine is Michael Jackson and it's easy to see why. His dancing skills along with his amazing voice made him a legendary performer.
  2. Disclosure (1994) - 8/10
  3. This is one of the craziest boss fights in the series where everyone regardless of which side they were on, came together to try and take down Utsuro who was immortal.
  4. Helldivers 2 with the squad and we had a new teammate today. I've never seen someone get downed by the simplest enemies that easy - every second one of us had to revive this guy.
  5. I'll learn to adapt and eventually, I'll overcome that difficulty spike. Dark Souls games and Elden Ring has this and it's something you have to learn in order to progress in those games.
  6. Personally, I'll take a break from it and do something else and come back to it a bit later with a fresh outlook and I find that helps me to overcome most obstacles in a particular game.
  7. I'm the stubborn type so I'll try over and over until I get pass it. Even if it takes me years to do it but I just don't like using cheats in a game unless It's for testing something.
  8. Same here - I just hope that they make some DLC content for the single player mode instead of concentrating exclusively on the online portion of the game. The base game had amazing potential for DLCs.
  9. Same thing I was thinking. Although, maybe a new kind of energy source is found that is renewable by solar and lunar energy thus powering our devices everywhere we go.
  10. Yup - Microsoft has been acquiring studios non-stop for the last five years and then came to the realization that they can't really maintain them all so they started to cull the workforce.
  11. To be fair, I've also been to a lot of places they claimed to be spooky and when I was there, I was like, "Wait. So this is what I'm supposed to be scared of? Are they trying to bore me to death?"
  12. I was actually in the hospital for like 2 months but came around when he correctly diagnosed me with Pneumonia. The doctor I went to previously was diagnosing me with asthma and surprise, surprise - my health kept deteriorating.
  13. Same here - I like desserts but not for the rest of my life. I can eat chicken everyday for the rest of my life and I'd be satisfied. Eating cake everyday for the rest of my life? No thank you. I'd get tired of it after a while.
  14. I totally agree. I learned how to cook for myself as a man at a young age and it has served me well as an adult. I love preparing my own meals from scratch and getting to enjoy them is so rewarding.
  15. I agree. He probably would've done something to sabotage him and his mom when they both got older. You never know with these types. He could've planned to poison you both and made off with your stuff.
  16. Same - mine isn't the overtly positive type. It's more of a realistic positivity but I learned to deal with most of the punches life threw at me.
  17. I think mine was an interview a few years back for something important. I was calm and collected on the surface but I was really nervous deep down. However, everything went off without a hitch.
  18. Honestly, this is a tough one for me. Yes, I love comedy but my dad used to be a pianist as well and he used to perform all over the place and he loved it.
  19. I know how you felt. My grandpa died last year and it was such a tragic time. The whole family was so depressed after he passed.
  20. Now this is lovely. I wouldn't mind living in a place like this - it looks so tranquil and nature is literally at your doorstep. All this is missing is an outside bathroom or river nearby for water.
  21. I have a stray cat that comes and does and she's a bit demanding but such a sweetheart. I'd love to see Prometheus.
  22. That's awesome. I was also pretty good at math to the point I was doing a subject called additional math. It's more or less college level math in high school and I passed it with a B.
  23. Excellent point - I despise gaslighting in a relationship. It says a lot about a potential part where rather than take accountability for their issues, they try to make you out to be the problem.
  24. I totally agree! The way opals change color depending on the light is mesmerizing. Do you have a favorite type of opal, like black opal or fire opal? Wow, that sounds like a plot straight out of an epic adventure novel! If you could start your journey anywhere in the world, where would your first mine be?
  25. I'm fine. I just learnt about it the other day. Apparently there's a compound in mangoes that is also in poison ivy which some people may develop an allergic reaction to it which is what I've developed. It sucks because I also love mangoes and look forward to eating them at this time of the year given it's Mango season.
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