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    JoyFreak got a reaction from StaceyPowers in The Last of Us HBO Show   
    I am very much looking forward to this series since playing the first one in the franchise. I also heard the writer will be keeping Ellie as gay to spread LGBT awareness. 
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    JoyFreak got a reaction from kingpotato in Last Game Played   
    The last game I played was Shadows of Colossus on PS4. I never tried the one one PS2 but heard some great things about it. The visuals are outstanding and the graphs is fantastic! Thanks to PS+ I can finally play this game. I'm currently on my 5th boss! 😄
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    JoyFreak got a reaction from killamch89 in How do you like to play Mario Kart?   
    Controller. Much easy to use and navigate! Boy I remember when I used to leave school early just to play this 😄
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    JoyFreak got a reaction from DC in Gaming emulators   
    One of my friends recommended a Pokemon emulator on the iOS. Seems bit difficult to play as I prefer the DS. I remember the free gaming emulators for the GameBoy. Man, those days were amazing 😄
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    JoyFreak reacted to Cameron Taylor in Rocket League   
    Rocket League is definitely one of my favorite games! I'm a PS4 guy as well. My PSN is cmt2787. 
    I've sent you a friend request.
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    JoyFreak got a reaction from kingpotato in COD Black Ops 4 Blackout Trial   
    I am looking to buy this on the PS4 but it is so expensive! I am waiting for it to reduce in price. Could do with a review tbh. I only ever played Black Ops for the Zombie mode.
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    JoyFreak reacted to Cleopatra92 in JoyFreak here!   
    Welcome to forum! 😄 
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    JoyFreak reacted to UleTheVee in Rocket League   
    I have the Steam version. Remind me to play with you once Rocket ID happens.
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    JoyFreak reacted to UleTheVee in JoyFreak here!   
    I know a friend of mine who is also studying criminology. And by the way, welcome to VGR
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    JoyFreak reacted to Alyxx in JoyFreak here!   
    Welcome, dude! ❤️
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    JoyFreak reacted to DC in JoyFreak here!   
    Welcome to VGR!
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    JoyFreak got a reaction from DC in JoyFreak here!   
    So here is a little about me.. I run my own gaming discussion board. I ran into this site/forum a while back and liked the look and feel of it so decided to register and be part of the VGR group! I am currently in my final year studying Criminology and Forensic science. I have interests in gaming, computing and developing. If you would like to know more please feel free to ask .
    Many thanks!
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