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Rocket League

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1 hour ago, JoyFreak said:

I have an addiction for this game. I play it on the PS4. Anyone else play it? If so, would love to start a match!

I was going to give this game a run but I am quite busy at the moment though but thanks for reminding me about downloading this game.

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I got it recently from the PlayStation Store for around £9.74. I was always reluctant to get the game because it was free as part of the PlayStation Plus monthly free games just before I got my PlayStation 4 and PSN. It always felt annoying having to pay for the game when I could have got it for free. But I finally went ahead and bought it. I really like the game but haven't played it much recently because of a lack of time.

Would be nice to play with each other at some point 😄

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xP I would play it 24/7 when I sold my graphics card and waited for over a month to get my new one... I mean, it was the only actual game I could play without getting five fps. I love it for the sole fact that it is fast paced, teamwork-based has a great community and it is overall a fascinating experience.

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