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  1. Well, I have to say that I don't have any favorite glitch! For me, it's just a boring thing, haha! xD
  2. One of the things that has irritated me a lot in the last few years is the greed of studios and companies in wanting to think only about money and leave stories of games aside (caring less and less about them).
  3. Well, the fully digital consoles are a very interesting alternative... But particularly speaking, they don't call me that much attention. So I prefer the physical versions.
  4. Your work is getting better and better. the dedication and commitment to creating something really fun and interesting is easily noticeable (this is relatively difficult to see on youtube channels). Keep doing this! xD
  5. I never stopped to think about it (but certainly there are so many striking lines... haha!), but... I think I would put any line of Resident Evil game on my list. I think everything related to this game is born to be a classic (yes, I'm totally crazy about this game, haha!).
  6. Yes, I have an exclusive playlist for that, haha! My friends say this is a little bit of an exaggeration because supposedly these songs only serve while we're playing the game (which I totally disagree, haha... after all, there are sounds that are epic and deserve to be heard in real-life moments).
  7. It all depends on the intensity and the proportion that the addiction ends up having. I mean, the more uncontrolled the worse the addiction it will be (no matter how good or fun it is). Then, "basically"... Yes, it's an addiction and that if in the most extreme cases it's not taken care, it can bring serious complications for any ages.
  8. No, this has never happened to me. Perhaps, because I never create so many expectations at this point. I think that lowering expectations about this mean there are not many possible frustrations (if they are real, of course)
  9. Well, I still love playing Super Mario (Nintendo) and certainly I will never tire of playing this game (is not the oldest game in the overall ranking, but for me... it's, haha!). Besides being fantastic, is one of the happiest parts of my childhood. Simply unforgettable!
  10. Betting, of any kind, don't appeal to me at all (especially if they involve one of my most amusing hobbies). As much as they may sound like something innocent, I have personal reasons to hate any kind of bets. So, it's a BIG "No" in my opinion!
  11. Games with this theme have never caught my attention. I always played them without much will, just to know the game and to comment with some friends. So, I don't have any favorites related to that kind of game.
  12. I am particularly against. But I think it's a subject that clearly has two sides because at the same time that illegal downloading is financially bad for business... It's good to make games even more popular (often better than marketing actions badly planned).
  13. Yesterday I "killed the will" to play Pokémon Go with some friends in the middle of the forest, haha! It was extremely fun and I ended up ending some unexpected pokémons, haha! It's been a while since I played this game.
  14. All the games that I like to play have fans, so... I can't think of any specifically that I like and that is "hated" by someone, haha! On the other hand, I think I can think of some less popular ones.
  15. As incredible as it may seem to a game addict, special editions (of any kind) have never caught my attention so much that I decide to buy some. I see it as just another way to make us spend more money, haha!
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