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  1. lol rite? use that Relenting Force whisper. haha and it s so funny when u can tell them off afterwards like 'ill do whatever i want' or whatever the option is r u complaining about the vats system i didn't like it at first but now i dont think about it
  2. cool i been thinking maybe to check it out but i wanted some feedback before i did
  3. hahah yeah i was referring to lol but also minecraft now that u mention it i don’t get it either? i have heard of this but I don’t really see it? Hhow satisfying is blocky worlds anyway
  4. lolz one of my fav lines in the whole game i always piss off the guards just to hear it
  5. i have been wondering the same thing. it seems like just the same as the rest
  6. @DylanC think i saw u bought this. how is it?
  7. @Alyxx @skyfire and others were debating how long is too long to play a video game. i have a related question. when you game too long for YOU, what tell u that u have had enough? do u get headache, backache, achy wrists. for me my feet fall asleep but i never have other problems when i play but maybe i dont play that long at a time.
  8. i was reading someone i think @skyfire said they had bad internet for gaming. how common is this problem today? Do most people have the bandwidth they need to game or do u have a lot of lag on online games?
  9. there were some cool new threads from @Jayson on game genres we havent talked about. there are lots of game genres i dont even play and never think of. how many game genres do all of you play?
  10. @killamch89 u were telling me that u have so many games cause u use free game codes. Got me wondering how many free games you have gotten. Wondering the same of everyone here cause lots of u have huge game collections.
  11. i think what is good is if the reviewer says what he does and does not like to put his own review in perspective for the reader, like "blah blah blah but i am not really an open map kinda guy so blah blah blah" if reviewing a map in an FPS game.
  12. great advice thank u for sharing
  13. at least it is a good problem to have tho. gaming is my most expensive vice and i hardly buy anything compared to u lol
  14. @killamch89 rofl that is a crazy amount of games waiting for u. how will u ever get around to all of them lol. by the time you do you will have 300 more waiting for u i bet.
  15. @kingpotato gave a pretty good summary and i agree. i liked Arkham City best
  16. @killamch89 i am like u. I never got into card games but always am sorta curious. If u find something u like then I will be interested
  17. true once u get used to it then u know what you signed up for
  18. maybe. or maybe we just remember our childhoods different cause we were kids.
  19. but of course. taking months to reply is very polite =D we are exemplars of online etiquete
  20. hahah that is so true. but probly true of evry generation rite?
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