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  1. cursing can make a game violent sometimes? also, what bad stuff?
  2. @SaucyPastaTho and @kingpotato said same things i would--time limit quests and super repetitious quests
  3. prolly for enough $$$$$$$$ sure i just don't know how much that would be. it would be a hard decision tho.
  4. like @skyfire i can't figure out if this game is 2D side-scroller with 3D appearance or it is truly 3D? but graphics look super cool love the art style and does look relaxing and fun
  5. now you mention it yes i do find myself playing fallout and skyrim even more around holidays. just never made the connection b4.
  6. no I am pretty much terrible at them but they are fun
  7. for me fallout 3. the quiet sounds of the wasteland, the music, the emptiness, the relaxed pace of the game, open world. i played this game so many times now i lose count.
  8. story matters most to me action is cool too but story makes it mean something
  9. can't say so no but i usually don't care much how my char looks but @kingpotato has good point about the helmet lol
  10. I stop playing for a few days like @kingpotato then i usually am over it and i just want to get back to playing again but sometimes i have gone weeks when i get super angry
  11. fallout 3 again but that’s not a surprise I am always playing fallout 3. I already started my next round.
  12. @Joshua Farrell Sarah Kerrigan awesome choice. for me i dunno lol i guess i never really thought about it
  13. huh I am not sure maybe it is fallout 4 it isn’t that I didn’t think I would like it just that I heard it wasn’t as good as fallout 3. fallout 3 is still my fav but fallout 4 I ended up liking much better than I thought I was going to. I sure have spent a ton of hours on it
  14. dunno which game I have spent the most on but I am pretty sure the one I will spend the most on is cyberpunk 2077 cause I have to get that the second it is out I want it so bad
  15. hahah I dunno when I was a kid I am pretty sure I played games all day sometimes but I never kept track so I dunno how long it was but I play shorter times now cause I have work
  16. I am so super excited for this game i have watched evyerhing there is to see about it way too many times lol it feels like we r waiting forever
  17. no violent video games do not cause violence. bad parenting and mental issues and society not looking after people who need help causes violence. people just want a scapegoat so they say games did it
  18. I read reviews to try and learn more about features etc for a game not the reviewers opinion. that can help make my decision
  19. imagine beinga ble to play an open world game like fallout on a long flight it would do a lot to pass the time
  20. I remember arcade games like this but I don’t remember their names I thought one was just called “asteroids” or something like that
  21. no i havent i would only report this if someone were harassing another player
  22. Raiders, bandits, etc. They’re all over fallout and ES.
  23. i never heard of anything like this but if u find out i want to know
  24. yeah we played lots of games growing up but i wasn't really good at them until i got older
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