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The Blackangel

Red Dead Redemption fans - What do you want next?

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I’ve seen a lot of speculation online about the series, and hopes in articles about what the next entry into the series will be. Some want a sequel to the first Red Dead where we would be playing as Jack Marston and hunting down everyone who killed John and caused the death of Abigail. Others are thinking that it will be a prequel to RDR2. Showing how everyone ended up in Blackwater and what happened on the boat. Also showing how the newer members of the gang joined up. Maybe even delving into the long past and showing how Arthur and Dutch met and became closer than blood.

Personally, I like the prequel idea. I would love to know what the hell exactly went down in Blackwater, and how they ended up in that situation to begin with. Playing as adult Jack avenging his family could do well in the series, but I think RDR2 left too many “How” kind of questions unanswered. Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with the game, and always willing to talk about it, and help out if I can. The same way the rest of the forum feels about Skyrim and TLOU.

I also want to know what the hell kind of path they had to take to end up north of everything so that they would have to head south to go away from where they were running from which is south of them. Either I forgot how to read a compass, someone decided it was time directions were changed, teleportation existed, or that damn UFO got ahold of them.

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I would love a prequel that led to the events at balckwater and how they ended up in the snow. It would also be cool to see how Dutch got the gang started and how the feud took place between Dutch and O’Driscal. It would be cool to play as Dutch. 

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I think a few people want a remastered version of the first Red Dead Redemption so I guess that would be the next game. After that, another prequel would be nice. As you mentioned, it would be nice to see how some of the gang members got together. Would be nice to see Arthur again as well.

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