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What music do you dislike?

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I addition to the previous post, the language really doesn't matter (at least for me).  What matters for me is the sound and the flow.


For example, I've got Sabaton and "Got Mis Uns".  There exists both an English and a Swedish version.  I'll state for the record that I like both versions but I Iike one more than the other.  I'll post them both here:






I will tell you with no bias, pomposity or arrogance whatsoever that the Swedish version sounds better.  That is despite me natively speaking the other language.


A lot of Opera is in Italian because it was written by Italian's but it doesn't matter.  It's rymes and flows natively very well even if you don't know what the words mean.  Does  "O soave fanciulla" work as well as "O gentle maiden".  No clearly not.  Not that "O gentle maiden" is necessarily bad but it doesn't work as well as "O soave fanciulla".  You almost always hear this opera in Italian for a reason.

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I can't stand country music. 
I tolerated country music until I start spending more time with my dads side of the family and all they play is country music. Then it got super-tiresome. So I went form tolerating the genre to no longer being able to stand it. 
The sounds never seem to change. I find it boring, uninteresting repetitive and dry. 

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I was very much paying attention to American Hip-hop, RnB, Blues songs of 90s and early 2000s, but not anymore. It seems the old favourite artists have all retired, leaving the ones whose music aren't inspirational to me. Now I'm focused on listening more to my local music, which seems the best at the moment. 

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