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I finally conceded, and have giving up on Resident Evil...

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On 3/22/2022 at 6:10 AM, Knight Barida said:

Oh! I will do that. Expressing his feelings about these things show the gaming spirit involved and that is something to cherish.

Lol, it's kinda hilarious reading those updates, but it isn't off points, I get every bit of things he says concerning the franchise video game series. 

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4 hours ago, Head_Hunter said:

Lol, it's kinda hilarious reading those updates, but it isn't off points, I get every bit of things he says concerning the franchise video game series. 

Sometimes gaming can make one speak in deep feelings. It is never easy especially when we are not getting what we really want from those games. 

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When they delayed the DLC for RE7 about 5 years ago, they came out and offered an apology. It ended up being a wait of 9 months in total to receive the DLC they advertised, but we had other packs beforehand to tide us over.

This content is obviously taken longer, but they should have attempted to inform fans of their progression by now, especially with the 26th anniversary. Not the 25th anniversary, as I mistakenly referred to it as. 

I heard about this fan game. 


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Maybe I'm being a little touchy here, but are these users on Neoseeker just being sarcastic? Who in their right mind wants a third person shooter remake of RE anyway? 

OK. This isn't even the right thread. But it's amazing how people just defend everything Capcom or Konami does. 


I can tell they're glazing over Capcom. Because that's what glazers do. They will always ask Capcom for more remakes, KNOWING they already messed up with the last two remakes. Like, what is going to miraculously change? 


Nothing will change. That's what. They're going to remake the game, but more than likely filter out much of what was in the original. There is even a guy on a RE forum I use called Biohaze, who defends Capcom all the time. The dude even bashes the first remake from 2002 for a little difference here and there, in regards to the original and that version. Yet with the remake of 2, Capcom basically altered just about everything. But I never see the guy mentioning any of that stuff. Not once. 

It's madness. Or... something. Maybe they're just plain up nuts. I really don't know anymore. But I don't see the point in acknowledging these glazers. You know? Because if you do that on forums or YouTube, or Discord, it hurts their precious feelings. And I bet they never even supported the old games. You can certainly tell by how they respond.

They're as bad as the fans of the WWE games by 2K. They're being released broken every year, but they still think that there's somehow going to be hope for 2K. So after 6 or 7 games of disasterous glitches, to the point where EA is said to be replacing 2K next year, how is there any shred of hope left? It's crazy to me how these sheep just don't learn from the past failures. They believe in false gods. 

I even posted a video to point out that Capcom copies other games. Because if you show the evidence right there and then, that's undeniable proof. Yet they just ignore what you're saying, because they know that they have no valid argument. A brick wall is more intelligent than these people are. It's even more useful, too.

A well made brick wall keeps the warmth inside. 

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17 hours ago, Candy Stick said:

Even this guy got sick of the waiting and the guessing game, and he was just as keen as I was to know about the release schedule. 

I suggest you go subscribe to him. 


We all feel the same way towards what Capcom have been doing with the game for a while now. If they are not planning of doing it, they should come out open and admit that. 

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