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I finally conceded, and have giving up on Resident Evil...

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2 hours ago, Candy Stick said:

We should just wait until May. I think with that being the one year anniversary, they may announce something then. Maybe. 

I'm no longer interested in waiting for them because I'm quite of it already because I believe that I have tried. If they like, let them cancel on it if it's possible for them to do. 

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We may have to wait longer for news, as the decision has been made to cancel E3 entirely. Covid has really screwed up everyone's plans. Meh. 

Then again, it may not matter. Companies usually release information gradually anyway. So they'll likely just do updates online in any case. And if Capcom really had decided to axe the DLC, they probably would have said so by now. 

I will cut them some slack this once. This is content they're developing from the ground up. They didn't intend to release any extra stuff for fans initially, which may be surprising. But they better give us something good. 

As for the Ada Wong rumours; I personally think that if she is in the DLC, this is just going to further fuel my belief that Capcom really did want to copy RE4. Because it wouldn't make sense to have Ada anywhere in this game. None at all. 

I didn't even think Chris being in RE7 made sense either, at first. Many people actually assumed that wasn't him. And a Chris clone is actually seen briefly in RE8 in the ending. Chris wondered why the BSAA was developing clones to attack the lycans. So this could be part of an insanely insane plot twist. Who knows? 


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