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What is the saddest song you've ever heard?

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Hands down it has to be Pearl Jam's version of Last Kiss. No other song makes me as sad as this one does, even the original version of the song doesn't get me in the feels. Eddie Vedder just has a large vocal range that can make a song sound even more emotional than it already is.


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'Love Wins All' by IU

Listening to this song while watching the MV is heart-breaking. I also translated the lyrics to this song and one sentence that got me was "Will you go into the sunset with me without fear?"

In this MV, the character Taehyung is playing is blind in one eye and the character IU is playing is deaf. At the end of this music video you can see that IU covers one of Taehyungs eyes, which is the eye he is blind in, so he doesn't see the end of the world (the cube represents the end of the world). 


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