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Games where the alternate voice actors all did well capturing the same character?

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There are some games where you can choose a male or female version of the same character to play, and/or there may be multiple voice actor options for each. What are some games where the different voice actors used for the same character all did well capturing the same personality and delivery of the lines?

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I'm really liking the Voice Acting for New Vegas, though that may be because of the horrible VA of all the Bethesda games, seeing obsidian manage to not only put some fairly well known voices AND a great variety of good quality NPC voices made me question where the flip does Beth spends all that voice acting money on that they can't get it right, did they give it all to patrick stewart and Liam Neeson? Because as much as they were awesome I'd rather see something more like New Vegas in their next games.

Then GTA is another story right 😜

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13 hours ago, Demon_skeith said:

Nothing coming to mind, but future Batman games will need to step up to cover Mark Hamill's Joker voice.

I'd like to mention Batman Arkham Origins. In that game the Joker is voiced by Troy Baker, who did the voice of Joel in the Last of Us. He did a spot on version of how Mark Hamill's voice. Honestly he did an awesome job replicating Hamill's joker voice, because it almost sounds identical. If anything they could get Troy Baker to reprise his role as the Joker going forward, if they want to that is. Hamill will probably still get the job, unless he actually sticks with retiring from voicing the Joker, which he always says he will, but then comes back and still does voice over work lol. 

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