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Square Enix have lost $6 Billion after Final Fantasy 16 release!

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Square Enix seem to be in hot water at the moment. Losing $6 billion since the release of Final Fantasy 16 in June 2023, this could be something that Square Enix may strggle to pull themselves out of. 

You can read more about this story here

This is shocking but not surprising. I feel that Square Enix tends to work on many other smaller projects as well as big projects much like Final Fantasy 16. If they were to focus more on bigger releases, this could have possibly been avoided. 

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There's a big focus on FF16 on this issue (At least the article is focused on that, but since it's IGN, I'll do not take it that seriously), but there is more to this... surly. Yes, $6 billion is a lot to loose in share value, but it looks like Square Enix are taking a bit of pain in the short term for a gain later as they are restructuring and refocusing thier business to what looks like a more sensible and customer focused direction. And after some truly mind boggling choices that they have mad in thier recent past, I remain positive for them despite how this looks.

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Well, I recently got done playing FF15 and got its hooks in me. I’m not so sure whatever loss they had was anything more than bad management. I’m skeptical and don’t think it’s their games. I’m currently playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided and as Square Enix as one of the developers, I see them pretty much knowing their shit!!! As far as games go. They’re fucking brilliant as far as I’m concerned. Make another Deus Ex, keep Final Fantasy rolling in open world, and gain back what you lost. Deus Ex is before it’s time. Now, make this your time and control the future with many sequels of Deus Ex and Final Fantasy. Fire your money humpers and—get—back—to—making—bad—ass—games!!!

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