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Hello! I Hope You're Having a Rawrsome Day!

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Hello! My name is Kenson, and I am the owner of the Mesozoic Haven community. We are primarily focused around dinosaurs and dinosaur entertainment, and that is one of my favorite niche's of all time. We run a PG community which keeps me happy since my entire family is comfortable with that.

My favorite games of all time would have to be:

  • Ark survival evolved, and the upcoming survival ascended remaster.
  • Horizon franchise [Zero Dawn and forbidden West]
  • Monster Hunter universe [I have only played world, rise, and stories 1 and 2]

If you want to learn anything more about me, feel free to ask in this thread.

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It is a small community right now, but yeah. It seems like most of the other forums that are dinosaur related have some different limitations and we do. Since we run a PG community we do not allow swearing of course, but it seems like two or three of the other top dinosaur forums do not allow signatures. I am the only one that allows it, it feels like haha (at least, compared to what I saw on one of them with some extreme limitations).

Hopefully I will learn some things here and there on this site.

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That sounds like an interesting community relating to dinosaurs. It's amazing how those giant beings roamed Earth. I think the reason was that Earth had higher oxygen levels? Now that I think about it, there really needs to be a new dinosaur game. One that is scary and fun. I also love HZD. That game has always been well respected on this forum. I have a couple fossils from millions of years ago. I have several Trilobites and have Ammonite that has been Pyritized.  

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Hey Kenson and welcome to VGR! It's awesome to see you here and I look forward to chatting with you around VGR over time 🙂

I could never fully get into dinosaurs myself but they do seem quite fascinating 🙂

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