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What do you think the next Call of Duty will be?

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I know, I know! The newest Call of Duty hasn't been out long and I am already asking what you think the next one will be, but when you think about it the next one will be announced in around 6 months time not giving us much time to speculate before we know what game it will be. I have heard people saying they hope it's Modern Warfare 4 and I have heard others say they hope it's going to be Ghosts 2. 

I personally never enjoyed Ghosts so Ghosts 2 I am not sure would really work too well but Modern Warfare 3 was a game I really did enjoy so Modern Warfare 4 is definitely a game I would like to see released if at all possible. 

What game do you think will be released next in the Call of Duty franchise?

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23 minutes ago, skyfire said:

I think the current COD: MW with mobile release is the only new release they have. 

Yeah but you know how activision has constantly released a COD game every year and they alternate between Treyarch (blackops) and Infinity Ward (Modernwarfare), this year 2020 is Treyarch's turn to release a cod game by the end of the year

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