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Upgrading from your current console

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I have no plans to upgrade my current console. I don't find it to be a justifiable cost. Plus, why upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, especially if you're current console still functions properly? I'm the same way with my cell phones. I won't upgrade them until my current one breaks. 

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At the moment I have an Xbox One S and as much as I would love to upgrade to an Xbox One X I don't justify the price at the moment and for what I use my Xbox One S for I am quite happy with it. Many people I know jumped on an upgrade to the Xbox One X as soon as they could and they are happy with their consoles but to be honest, aside from faster loading times and also the ability to have it in actual 4K there really is no other reason. One day I will upgrade but it will not be until I see a price drop I am happy with.

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On 12/19/2018 at 2:22 PM, Alyxx said:

As a PC gamer I just upgraded to a new PC so I'm pretty happy with that.

Console-wise I am going to save up for a Nintendo Switch.

I am working towards a Switch myself so I can play Smash Ultimate.


On 12/17/2018 at 6:32 AM, xXInfectedXx said:

Are you planning to upgrade your console or wait a little longer for a new release of the platform? I never got around to upgrading my Xbox 360, instead I just sold it and moved on to PC Gaming. 

 I still do own an Xbox one but my little cousin has it most of the time as I have no real interest in playing it. I too moved to PC Gaming years ago and have never really looked back.

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