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The Blackangel

What's Your Favorite Glitch?

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What's everyone's favorite glitch in games? Mine is the bottle glitch in Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. You can only do it on the N64 however. If you go to a spot with fish, and use a bottle to catch one. Just as Link swings down to catch it hit start and go to your menu screen. Choose another Item like Deku Nuts and put it where the bottle is. Then go back to the game. Link will catch the fish, but now you have another bottle instead of Deku Nuts. You won't be able to get something like milk or potions in it, since the game doesn't really recognize it. But you can catch faeries, bugs, fish, blue fire, and whatnot with it. The downside is that if you were to pick up a Deku Nut somewhere, you would lose the bottle and have the nuts again. After getting the Big Goron Sword, I always do that with the claim check. I do it with Zelda's letter as well until I do the mask game. If I do the mask game.

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