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Is there anyone else here that hates the social media craze? It seems that anyone who doesn't use it is living in the stone age anymore. I'll admit that I used to use it, but it never made any useful contributions to anything, for anyone in my eyes. It seems to be just a place for people to bitch about anything and everything. And if someone hurts your precious little feelings you can just block them. Wah wah wah. I deleted my Facebook and Twitter long ago. I still have an Instagram up, but I rarely use it. It's all just pictures of my pets anyway. Either way it still doesn't make any sense to me. It's useless when there's forums and message boards that a person can sign up for that cater to their specific needs/interests so they can chat with like minded people. I'm signed up on a forum that's all about hedgehogs. Another one that's all about pitbulls. I'm also on one that's all about astronomy.

I just' don't get the social media thing. I never did to begin with, but had decided to check it out due to sheer curiosity. Now I'm sorry I did.

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I believe there is way to much social media too.  All aspects including T.V.  People seem to be over whelmed with all the info available.. News is more opinion then fact. And looking back

that is probably always been the case... Other then a couple message boards , that's pretty much it.. And a lot of arguing on them..

Anymore I try to smile and wave..

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After highschool I stopped using Facebook to socialize , I kept using facebook for the Messenger and the Memes and news but I rarely posted anything and through the years I deleted most of my contacts leaving only a few close friends. I stopped using facebook a few months ago for the same reason since aside from the funny videos and pictures there was no real reason for me to keep using facebook. 

I do remember Myspace, havent used it since middle school, The cool thing about it was that you could had a song playing on your main page, I believe I had some Linkin Park song.

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