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Does Quake 3 Arena run on Windows 10?

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You can run just about anything compatible with Windows 7 Windows 10. In terms of the software architecture, they're very similar. If you try to run a Win7 game on Win10 and it doesn't work, you  can try running Windows Compatibility mode. Here's how.


Right click on the game launcher and select "properties" and you should see something like this (I'm using Black Desert Online as an exaple, but isn't actully necessery to do this with this game, it works on Windows 10 just fine)



I've highlighted the "compatibility tab. Click on that and you should see this;



The compatibility troubleshooter is what it sounds like and can to detect if a program or game has a compatibility problem with Windows 10. The highlighted areas are a check box and drop down menu that allow to run a program as is the OS was an earlier version of Windows, like Windows 7. If you need to, make the selection the OS you want, hit "Apply" then try running the game again.

Some games have problems running on more modern hardware (Fallout 3 comes to mind, or my nightmares), but solutions to that are usefully indigenous to the games themselves

Hope that helps.

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idTech engines are generally extremely forward thinking and run with very few issues on Windows 10. I can run pretty much every id Software game from Quake 1 and onwards in Windows 10 without issues.

So I think it'll most likely work to be honest.

On 12/22/2019 at 9:48 AM, skyfire said:

I think shaggers instruction would definitely work out for you. I have noticed the the emulators like DOSBOX also works for supporting those games. 

DOSBox is for DOS games. DOS games aren't designed to run in a Windows environment and due to modern PC's generally not having DOS compatbility, DOSBox is the only way to play DOS games on most modern PC's and have proper hardware support. Quake 3 is a Windows game. So in this case it wouldn't be a solution.

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