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Lord Saru

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We all know that in the international stage, games like PubG are being utilized to collect information. Atleast those are the allegations. 


Recently, the Indian government banned PubG and a host of other games from Chineese developers citing security reasons. Are games being increasingly used a cyber espionage? What are your concerns?

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Tencent does collect information from the gameers and they manipulate young gamers to attack their respective govt to allow such games on their soil. So yeah banning tencents or asking the game devs to choose other publisher is a good move. Tencent is so bad that it attacked apple and google at the same time trying to test how much gamers would support them, which they did got. Lets face regardless of our own leaders being wrong, china is bigger snake to deal with and needs to be dealt with thanks to their corona giving us a big proof against them. China is really flexing it's muscles against govt of other nations. 

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If you ask me, people need to take off their tin foil hats, take their paranoia medication and see that not everything, in reality almost nothing, that happens in the world needs a complicated conspiracy to explain it. I'm no fan of China, don't get me wrong and Tencent is a horrible company, but the worst they want to do to you is rip you off. I have a Huawei Phone and a Huawei Tablet and the only complaint I have is the constant badgering to buy more cloud data for back-ups. It's also very hypocritical for the west to be so critical imo because we depend on China a lot more than most of us care to admit. Look around your house and check how many things in it have "Made in China" written on them, but you won't smash any of it, and these people will obviously still play Fortnight and buy games from Epic. Even the UK's Ministry of Defence was happy enough to involve China in its largest warship construction in history. Take at look at this crane that was vital in the assembly process of the QEC class aircraft carriers and take one guess where it was built.




End the paranoia. Even if the worst case scenario is real, it still isn't worse than what are people doing to themselves. It's stupid, paranoid, hypocritical, archaic and maybe even a little racist. World, just stop it.


EDIT: Now that I look at it, this is more of a ploitical topic than a gaming one, so I'm going to move the tpoic to the appropriate section.

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I wish I could say otherwise, but I have to agree with @Shagger on this. The sad reality is that the world needs a scapegoat, so everyone can absolve themselves of their own shortcomings and fuckups. For a while it was all the middle east's fault. Then it was more focused on Muslims specifically. It was the Jews fault for a very long time before that. Now it's all the China's fault. Next it will be more directed at being the Americans fault due to American superiority, greed, and entitlement. I just wonder who is going to come after us.

Someone is always to blame, except the guilty ones.

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