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Why esports should be considered a sport?

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Hello everyone,

Currently, esports are developing very well. The game that attracts the most participation is probably LOL. Each tournament can attract dozens, even hundreds of followers. It also brings huge income for the participating athletes, bringing profits to the sponsors. E-sports tournaments are also very competitive between the athletes participating in the tournament, between teams. So I think I should consider esports to be a sport.

Thanks everyone.

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I am a big league of legends fan! I remember following one of the top teams a few years ago and the management made sure that the players were exercising to stay in their top physical AND mental states. They even had some sort of training facility. But yeah I agree that esports should be considered a sport in some way.

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Why shouldn't they? The only difference between say a LoL world final and the Superbowl is the game being played. Both have teams with fans, both employ some of the best players in their specific positions, both have sponsors, both have an audience, both have a very specific set of rules on how to win the game, and both can be played by people at home. The only people who can't see this are the ones who are somehow threatened by the game field being a digital space instead of a physical one.

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