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  1. If you're into sports, specifically football or cricket, you should try Football Manager or Cricket Captain. The names are pretty self explanatory - they're management games for football and cricket, but without the competitive aspect, which is what makes them the best games to soothe anxiety I guess.
  2. I think Epic Games and Steam both offer a game or a few games for free every month. Epic Games recently offered GTA V Premium for free, so it's certainly worth keeping an eye out on their. Steam offers some good games for free too.
  3. I played this a long time ago. Like the OP has mentioned, it is super fun and definitely healthy for your brain. It is. 🙂
  4. Nobody here plays any Supercell games? Wow I've been playing Clash Royale for the last 4 years since it first came out. Best mobile game ever in my opinion. It's the only mobile game I still play, along with Clash of Clans sometimes. Mobile gaming in general has declined lately.
  5. The original Nintendo Wii. I even bought it once but traded it for a PSP the next day (this was quite a few years ago). It was pretty popular but it never interested me, probably because I am very unathletic lol. I think gaming is a laid back thing and although the concept was unique and popular, not my style.
  6. GTA V Premium for free from the Epic Games Store. It was very recent and a surprise to all I'm sure. If there's one thing Epic Games are good at it's attracting new users. Kudos to them.
  7. In Fortnite, more than once, I've walked into a room that I knew had a trap in because I completely forgot for a second. It's very frustrating haha, especially in solos where you get no second life. Thank god they removed traps from the game now.
  8. Wear a headset? I game in my own room, so I don't really have any distractions besides the noise, which my headset cancels out (shout out to my G2600 headset). 😄
  9. I play on PC, could care less about energy consumed lol. Jokes aside, I don't even check the brightness whilst gaming, maybe because I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I'm pretty sure my monitor's brightness is at its max at all times and then Night Shift turns itself on after 9pm.
  10. I completely agree. I played FIFA 20 so much in 2019 that I am unbeatable in 2020 and that doesn't motivate me to play anymore. I've had a few people challenging me to a game but I tell them that it's boring because I know I will win, they don't agree so in the end we play and I easily win. That being said if anyone wants to challenge me to a game on FIFA 20 (PS4), hit me up! 😜
  11. Yeah, I know what you mean. I already had the regular version of the game on PC but I hadn't played online much and when Epic were offering the premium version for free, I had to take advantage. Spent hours trying to do the captcha and had to wait 3 weeks before I could actually get into the game, I haven't had the time to play thanks to the Rockstar Launcher destroying the hype for me. I heard their servers crashed, only logical explanation. But I meant from a gaming perspective, your issue is sort of external. The story, the online missions, personally I think it is a masterpiece.
  12. Depends on the game and how much time I have. Back in September when FIFA 20 was released, I spent around 12 hours a day on the game if not more. At the start of lockdown, I spent my entire day gaming. At the moment I haven't been gaming much if at all.
  13. I don't stream anymore but I have streamed on Twitch and YouTube. I got a few viewers on every stream because I would tell people that I know about my streams, but for someone that wants to grow organically, I think it is pretty much impossible nowadays; you need luck or to be really good at a game.
  14. I'm really excited for GTA VI but how can they improve GTA V? From a gaming perspective, GTA V is perfect. A masterpiece. How do you improve that? I don't think you can, it will most likely just be a new story and new missions on the online mode. I'm not complaining, I'd love that, but I hope Rockstar surprise us.
  15. Out of all the games I play on PC, I have spent the most time on Fortnite. If you're talking about Steam games, then it's Rocket League. I played a lot of Rocket League because my brother had the game on the PS4 downstairs and thank god it is cross platform. 😛
  16. ARx182

    Epic Games

    I haven't bought any games from the Epic Games Store but their prices look great. The GTA V premium free offer was a class touch and a great promotion for Epic Games, if they weren't already popular enough thanks to Fortnite.
  17. That would be incredibly unfair. If anything, Sony has benefited from COVID-19 in terms of gaming. More people are purchasing from the PS Store, why change something if it isn't broken? That being said, the demand is incredibly high so they can increase their prices and see no negative effect. 🙃
  18. ARx182

    Share Play

    I use SharePlay to play games that only one of me or my friends have. It's a great feature if you have a good internet connection. If not, it's not worth trying. When my PS4 was based upstairs (further away from the router), SharePlay was dreadful. That's an issue my broadband rather than the feature though.
  19. Surely the gaming industry has benefited from COVID-19. More people are playing games and thus buying games. As for stores that revolve around selling digital copies of games, it is a nudge to point them towards the right direction; the future, especially gaming is online. At the start of lockdown, I was gaming all day and most people I know are still gaming all day; personally I find repetitive tasks boring.
  20. I spent my childhood playing GTA Liberty City on my PSP and FIFA 08, Shadow the Hedgehog and Star Wars Battlefront (the original version) on my PS2. Man, those were the days.
  21. I game during the day, mainly because I am too self-conscious to game on my PC at night given how much noise it makes and knowing my family are sleeping in the rooms next door. Maybe if I move into my own place I will start gaming at night but I'm not sure that would suit me. I'm exhausted at night and I don't like gaming when I'm tired. Maybe that's just me.
  22. ARx182

    Hi all

    Hi, I'm ARx182, but you can also call me Abdul. I'm not a hardcore gamer but I do my fair share of gaming, I grew up playing on my PSP/PS2/Xbox 360 playing the same game most of the time: Fifa but I do also play other games; GTA San Andreas, Liberty City, IV and V just to name a few of the GTA titles that I have played. Anyway, it's good to be here. The forum looks really good! 😜
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