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    Had one. My favorite games were Jak X, Ratchet and Clank 3, Burnout 3, Judge Dredd: Dreed vs Death, Resident Evil 4 and... the legendary Gran Turismo 4!! The memories...
  2. I think the best site for game deals is G2A.com. I used it twice.
  3. Sorry. Just checked the "no download necessary". Sometimes, I read faster and miss some words.
  4. Done. Do I have to install this Oeck thing?
  5. Stay calm. I don't always stay that much. This days, after 1 hour, I'm bored.
  6. I know it's not very long, but for me it is. 6 hours on Rocket League.
  7. I was a mod before at a romanian forum which is now closed.
  8. I applied through e-mail to @DC for mod but I just joined so I don't know he'll accept me right now.
  9. Kinda looks like a clone of War Thunder and Robocraft. I think you should try it. The trailer looks promising.
  10. I mostly use Instagram for also gaming stuff.
  11. Are you playing NFS 2015, Rivals, Most Wanted 2012 or Payback? If you want to play with me: Origin - AndreiMirfi
  12. Ending of NFS Rivals really touched me.
  13. I play it when I am very bored. I own it on Steam and have 18 hours on it.
  14. The old but gold Playstation 2 :)
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