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  1. I prefer both modes, but some games just don't have the best third person.
  2. I had this Facebook game called Criminal Case. Played it for 2 years, the game is epic.
  3. I have the CD for Flight Simulator 2007, got it as a gift. I didn't play it a lot, but the game was interesting. I'll check the trailer for the 2020 version, and I'll see how it is.
  4. I recommend Genesis mices. They are cheap and look futuristic.
  5. Nobody? Ok.. Here's the trailer if you want to watch it.
  6. I never liked Firefox. It seemed pretty slow. And now, I consider Chrome too. It became bad too. I use Opera.
  7. Mostly NFS Games and a little bit of F1 and Rocket League.
  8. Nice. I'm an HTML Developer and I created games back on 2016 on Roblox.
  9. I don't usually watch news, but when I do, I watch CNN and Euronews.
  10. I just like Racing/Indie Games.
  11. My list is: - F1 2018 - Rocket League - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Trackmania - UNO
  12. Hello there! Hope you have a great time :)
  13. I support Rocket League's Renault Vitality team.
  14. For me, I listen to music or go outside to ride my bike.
  15. Trailers are just some game clips to me. The reviews and description of the game help me decide if I should purchase it or not.
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