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  1. I have some Lego Minecraft figures, and some funko-pop from 3 games.
  2. What do you think about this community?
  3. Yes, I love Daft Punk. It's also on my profile pic.
  4. Used to play 3D Pinball on my old Windows XP pc. I wasn't so much into it, but it was there when I needed it.
  5. I used Yahoo before Gmail, but only for e-mail and Messenger. Never knew that they had games.
  6. I use both of them, but mostly I use Origin, because I have a lot of EA games that I like.
  7. I once dreamed how I finally got a game from my wishlist.
  8. I only watch gameplays with no commentaries, when I want to get a new game.
  9. Welcome, Haven! We are happy to have you!
  10. I always had a bad opinion on Trump. I just don't like his choices sometimes.
  11. Nintendo Gamecube and Wii. Had memories with it, used to play with my friends at their birthdays.
  12. Welcome, johnlink to VGR!
  13. I like both. On offline, I can practice and on online, I can have fun with others.
  14. That would sound cool. I always find older devices of mine and test them.
  15. My name is Linus Game Tips btw. Don't ask :))
  16. I'm not home right now. I'll add you when I get on my PC.
  17. I tried it on a friend's Wii and I liked it. It makes you feel like playing a real guitar.
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