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  1. If we define domestic terrorism and protect the rights to vote in unbreakable iron clad, then a republican will never again win an election, because we the people who believe in democracy are the majority. If we continue to allow gerrymandering, reduce voting locations and all the other insane things republicans have done and as we witnessed their attack on voting rights in 2020, including trying to destroy our entire postal service to prevent mail in ballots; if we allow them to continue this, we can kiss democracy goodbye. And the electoral college system needs a hard look at doing away with. Because that doesn't represent a majority count in a democratic process. I don't care if whites in the USA are the majority or not, but I believe they are. Either way that does not give them the right to play victim while the systemic racism protects the whites. During all the protests about blacks being killed by police, those M*F* white nationalists of the republican party had some nerve to say more white people are killed by cops. They play on that fear of becoming a minority, which has given rise to these new white supremacist terrorist groups. They attack, try to overthrow democracy, plot, and are treasonous. Then they still expect the left to befriend them and wink, and shrug it off with a 'nice try'. Those groups need to be held responsible. We need to define terrorism. But even then-this is who the republicans are now. The only way this country survives is if voting is protected. Cause no matter if republicans try to block everything, as long as we the majority win elections, this country will continue on. And the fascists know it. That is why instead of having policy to win over people, they have 'no policy' and spread lies, fear, and voter suppression as their way to to make their votes stronger. We can win by 10 million votes again and again.
  2. I have MGS 5 and feel I've missed out on the older games that led to the latest story. So I would like to see a remake of an earlier game. Would be good to see how they formed and where Snake and others came from.
  3. Sad you think that way. Regardless, democracy is moving on with or without the conspiracy mongers.
  4. Oh sh##T! Thanks for the heads up. I'll see how it goes then and hold onto it as it was a gift. I'm wondering if they create a whole new disc for the ps4 or ps5. Isn't that what they did with No Man's Sky Origins?
  5. Mine's for the ps4, so maybe I can start on it. I play slow, so I'll probably still be learning the ropes by the time another update comes around.
  6. There is a new patch 1.1 updated 3 days ago. Has that helped your gaming at all??? I'm keeping track of updates because I have the game, but not bothering to play it till I get an all good from some gamers.
  7. I can see how people liked the older AC games better than the newer ones. While playing AC2, I found it to have a lot more sneaking around and being weaponless, at first, and being 'wanted'. You have to hide in crowds, travel on rooftops more, and the cityscape with all the alleyways, you have to watch every corner and be really sneaky. I think the best environment for Assassins Creed is Italy. It's the architecture, colors, vibe, culture, and everything else that really brings out your inner assassin. A great game. Don't know why nobody ever recommends it. I sure do! And I'm only in Florence; still got Rome to venture into and Venice. I'm lovin this stuff. And so far I like the story.
  8. Addiction is actually a disease and not a lack of self discipline. Many addicts aren't given proper help due to society's failure to see it as a disease and treat it. In the sense of gaming, porn, or anything people do that doesn't require putting substances in their bodies still needs to be diagnosed as a disease. A gaming addict may be sleep deprived, eat little, nutrition deficient, poor social life; can interfere with their work and they lose their jobs or career. It's the same for any addiction. Of course, every case is different. Last thing an addict wants to hear is lacking self discipline as if you really have a choice. In a state of full blown addiction, you no longer have a choice. They usually need medical or psychiatric help. But it's not like a gamer will have life threatening withdrawals, so they won't need medical help. A good psyche evaluation may help find the deeper problem that led to gaming addiction in the first place. It could very well be this pandemic as an example, and anxieties that has worked its way into a person's life. Maybe they lost someone and just wants to do nothing but play games so they won't face it. It just could be anything. Addictions are not normal unless it is a chemical itself inducing it from drugs or alcohol. Otherwise, it's a definite psychological problem that may be at the root of it. But know, it isn't necessarily the psychological problem that is the disease, it is the psychological problem that led to the addiction, where the addiction itself is a disease. Many of us may feel addicted to gaming at times. But if your gaming interferes with your wellness (just like anything else, not excluded to gaming) it becomes a diseased state. Sure, we had the choice in the first place to put something in our bodies or stay up late gaming, but not being able to break the habit is no longer a self discipline issue. If you are into prolonged gaming and consume your required nutrition and get required exercise, and keep your work ethics, social life, etc. then you don't really have an addiction problem. Addiction literally = disease.
  9. Nice review! Although you should of had a bottle of booze, and should I say it? Yes, a parrot. LOL. I love the machete he uses! Brings a more raw hatred rather than an elegant sword. Much of the environment looks the same, but seems worth playing. Cool he gets a ship, cause in Black Flag I remember a scene where Kenway and Adewale both captured the ship and it was up for debate who is captain and they agreed the pirates wouldn't follow a black captain. But now he is one. I still have a little ways to go in Black Flag, then I'll get this DLC. It's $10 right now. Hopefully when I'm ready it will be $0. Or I will take it! Arrr
  10. This is an introduction to Ezio's family, especially his father who was an assassin (fictional, of course). Pretty cool to see a short film reflecting the actual video game environment in Italy.
  11. I got the Ezio collection which includes AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations and some DLC all remastered. I've been really curious about the older stuff and I love Italy which is where AC2 starts. I just got it today and started playing AC2 tonight and really loving it! From here I am going to play all the Assassin's Creed games. I'm hooked.
  12. I would say that Assassin's Creed is inspired by history more than religion. There is a lot of reference to gods and mythology in some of the games especially Odyssey, but I never got the sense that it is being forced or anything. I mean what about God of War, which is mostly about fighting Gods? And even then it is lore and mythology. I think AC1 may have the most modern religious reference with the Crusades era and taking place in the Holy land. But in history of man, you really can't separate religion as not being a part of our history. You can pick any place in the world and make an AC game, and in some places you have to include religion as part of the culture.
  13. Biden is working on a threat level assessment. But we already know the threat level. Canada is considering making proud boys a terrorist group. In this country we don't have a defined domestic terrorist definition. We need one now, and treat white ISIS as we would ISIS. As long as we refuse to define domestic terrorism, then terrorism will continue and grow. And I don't care if a liberal group is included. But there are no liberal groups causing mass shootings or blowing up churches, or plotting to assassinate politicians like white supremacist groups do and have a long history of doing. Some far right groups from this country cannot travel to a foreign country and gather in a large group, because they have domestic terrorist rules. In the U.S. there were many people on the terrorist watch list and they gathered together and invaded the capital. What in the world is the point of a watch list if all they do is watch them commit terrorism and treason? So we need to use resources to monitor those groups closely and define terrorism. Free speech and assembly is not protection for ISIS in the USA. Neither should it be for any group meeting criteria for domestic terrorism. Biden needs to define that criteria. Sad thing is, if a traitorous republican becomes president again, they will manipulate that criteria just to make any liberal group a terrorist and exclude white supremacists. Just like trump tried to do with antifa, who has only one death on their hands; which was NOT a pre-meditated terrorist hate crime. So while we open the door to define terrorism, we have to have caution as to how a republican will try and change it for the benefit of their terrorist and treasonous base.
  14. There are a few extremely important issues I want to see improved. Tackle the pandemic. Tackle white supremacists and domestic terrorists. Then, make laws to protect voting rights as republicans only care about suppressing them. They need to get rid of the last minute 'loyalty' positions in government trump appointed. They need laws to protect institutions so that it is no longer easy to fire and rehire so many top gov. positions. They need a plan for racial reform and police reform. They need to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. We need to protect our environment and enforce responsible practices. There are so many other things that need to be repaired that was almost destroyed the past 4 years. But those are a good start. They really need to take a look at checks and balances in government and build on areas in democracy that trump and party found loop holes in. Because I have no doubt at all that the republican party is only out for dictatorship. They will try again in four years; and four years after that; however long it takes. That's who they are now.
  15. Along with the Dark Souls I've heard about, I'd jump right into those and Bloodborne. I've started Bloodborne and it's just not a relaxing game session. There are so many others I play that leaves me too satisfied to rush into an annoyingly hard game. Sekiro is another. One of these days after completing some of these beautiful open worlds I'm playing, then I will tackle Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Dark Souls. I recommend Witcher 3 to everyone who hasn't played it or stopped playing. I myself stopped playing for several months. You have to progress in the story a little and get used to all the potions and weapon repair. It gets easy. Most of the potions I don't ever use so don't let it overwhelm you. Keep at it and you find what a really great game it is. It is a legendary game.
  16. I don't believe that, but anything is possible after witnessing a whole political party weaponizing and/or completely intentionally disregarding the threat and safety of the greatest pandemic we've seen in our life time.
  17. ps2 The Suffering-one of my favorite horror games. He's in prison for the murder of his family and struggles because he doesn't see how he could of done it as he can't remember. The prison gets over run by monsters. He has the ability of 'rage' where he just loses control and turns into a monster for a short period and goes ballistic on other monsters. That ability itself is a symbol of his mental state, or any of our mental state in a situation like that. As he progresses he tries to keep his head straight. He holds onto a picture of his family through it all. This game really should be remastered or something.
  18. I gotcha; I didn't know it was called cloud gaming as @Patrick already mentioned. Guess we all are fearing that.
  19. What I fear is having to pay different subscriptions to be able to play games from different platforms. And each platform breaking away further and further apart offering only exclusive games for their own platform. All the while everything moving to online based, leaving very little choice. I don't like how PC always has games available not on other platforms. Who's gonna stop those other platforms to form a contract with developers to only make the game available to their console? This is the direction cable tv has taken.
  20. It's a time for new beginnings. We had our time to criticize trump. Now all we can do is uphold the law. And trump no longer can hide behind the WH. So let them investigate his taxes or whatever else and have our courts handle it. The shit show is over.
  21. Systemic problems can't change if you don't tackle the system. Individualism doesn't matter in a toxic system.
  22. I don't trust technology. I have a second ps4 for backup; currently one console is in the shop; I have multiple media for save data. I've lost confidence in the ps4. Ps3 has held up more.
  23. Fair enough. The problem has always been there; I get that. But it is currently exasperated to the point of becoming a global mental health issue across the world. I believe toxic masculinity stems directly from the rise of authoritarianism. So toxic masculinity is a systemic problem. I don’t care about my own gender if my kind is doing harm. I don’t care about my own race, if my kind is doing harm. I don’t care about my own religion, if my kind is doing harm.
  24. Which read do you recommend for me to start with? I love a good read. Sometimes reading makes up for what games can't do. Bring your imagination to maximum.
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