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  1. I agree with the author of this topic that I am tired of propping up animals to be slaughtered. In AC Valhalla it's brutal the way Eivor kills wolves. I mean, after they are downed, it's hit after hit after hit like anger towards the wolves while they squeal. I know the game is based on Odin hating wolves, but geez. Reminds me of the real world republican fucks actually legalizing the genocide of wolves in Idaho.
  2. You replay Deus Ex Mankind Divided? That's cool. It's a great game and I'm still playing my first play through. One of my favorites
  3. I cut my own hair all the time for the past few years now. It's easy to do. The hardest part is making the back even, the shave line. I got tired of spending $20 plus a tip for a haircut, a simple haircut at that and then make small talk to someone all up in my business. I actually did shave my head once like an insane psychopath similar to that movie Natural Born Killers when he shaved his head. Except I was drunk, going nuts do to personal family issues, and left scabs on my head. It did feel like a giant weight lifted from me though when I did that. So, beware a skin head with skabs, they are going through something.
  4. This is the insanity I'm talking about right here. Republicans are saying Trump is just like Jesus because Trump is a convicted felon and Jesus was crucified on a cross. Does that mean all convicted felons are just like Jesus now??? Did Jesus fuck a porn star and pay hush money with holy water and falsify the bible scriptures so that he would look good giving his sermons??? https://www.yahoo.com/news/marjorie-taylor-greene-compares-trump-075607657.html
  5. Let me make this clear. Religion did NOT give morality. Religion has many beliefs in human history. Morality came from our natural instinct as humans. We have intelligence. We have sympathy. We can learn from mistakes. We can identify suffering. We don't need religion to teach us right from wrong. Religion attracts people who are abusers. People who want to hide behind a code of ethics, to swing their fist in the air, to act moral, to act superior, at the same time they incite hate. That is religion. True morality doesn't need a book written by man. True morality is natural. It's intelligence. Morality is intelligence. The less intelligence people have, the more immoral they become. I'm not talking about IQ. I'm talking about pure human intelligence. Religion is not intelligence. It's irrational, unintelligent. Religion attracts the unintelligent, people willing to give up their rationality. Religion is the opposite of intelligence. People willing to bow down in weakness instead of having an independent mind. Religion takes that independent mind away we are born with. Religion make humans completely stupid. Intelligence is not book smart, it is not ambition, it is not an evil genius, it is not power. Intelligence is morality, NOT religion. Intelligence allows us to have the greatest ethics. Religion is the dumbing down of intelligence. The dumbing down of morality. It's funny every time a religious person asks the question, "where do you get your ethics then?" I was born with ethics until religion took it away. You can propose the 10 commandments, then worship a guy like Trump that breaks all 10 commandments. I ask religious folk, where do you get your ethics from? A book you read? A brainwashed parent? You had ethics before religion tainted your mind. You were smart before religion brought you irrationality. Religion does not teach morality. Religion teaches evil, to hate others, to let go of morality, to let go of your intelligence.
  6. Musk has lost his most richest man in the world title. And how much money did he lose from buying Twitter??? Even Tesla is losing sales. Where you been man??? Musk is just another fraud businessman just like Trump, who is an actual convicted fraud. The only way Trump can actually be better than Musk is that Trump didn't torture monkeys in experiments.
  7. Religion is oppressive by nature. Religion is what brought us the Dark Ages. In ancient Egypt, only the religious leaders had the right to read and write, to be educated, and to hold skillful jobs. Look at the Taliban making women cover themselves head to toe while paraded around by men with rifles. Religion is the gateway to oppression. In America, religion should NOT be in politics. Christianity is a tax exempt organization. If they quote the bible while writing their bills and ruling on cases, then christianity needs to be taxed. Then we also have the Establishment Clause in the 1st amendment which gives us freedom from religion and also protects religion from the government. A perfect example of what not to do is how republicans treat religion in America. Trump is now a convicted felon, a sex offender, and a fraud, who went and sold bibles with a bunch of government documents in it. Isn't that blatant sacrilege? And imagine if your religion is not the religion of the government. They will not tolerate your religious rights. Imagine your kids forced to go to schools that indoctrinate religion that teaches them things against your own religion. That’s what a religious government will do, it will infect schools, colleges, businesses, jobs, advertisements, music, movies, radio, media, science, and your personal lives in every way. Religion is poison. It’s an obsession that gradually becomes more and more fanatical with every generation as politicians want to act more morally superior than their opponents. And the whole essence of religious teachings get thrown out the window and becomes unrecognizable as a religious belief, and more like a cult terroristic belief. Progression goes backwards instead of the natural evolution of human progression with the arts, science, technology, philosophy. It wasn’t a religious government that gave us all the much needed technologies of today. Galileo was jailed for his research saying the Earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around. Religion as the basis of politics will bring society into the Dark Ages. Go back to the days of looking for witches to burn and everyone is ignorant and illiterate. And that is why I say christians in America are fakes. They are infiltrating christianity and turning it into terrorist cells, re-education centers, nazi propaganda and Russian propaganda centers. They hide behind religion to do their evil deeds, and christians let them do it. They are enablers. In fact, the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation are two major republican religious groups in the USA who have full intention to destroy American democracy and have a dictatorship. Those organizations wrote up the plan Project 2025 where if Trump is elected, they will increase presidential powers, get rid of checks and balances, and fire all federal employees and replace them with maga loyalists. They actually wrote that plan up. No shame at all. And those religious groups handpicked our supreme court justices. The SC justices hold loyalty to the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation, not loyalty to our constitution. Those justices are the most corrupted in the entire history of the USA and they claim to be religious. They literally take bribes and have no ethical oversight, and they refuse to hold each other accountable for any ethics violations. They are traitors. They are protecting Trump by intentionally delaying his trials. They are abusing their power in aiding, abetting, and providing comfort to traitor Trump who had a coup attempt. Religion is poison and nothing good comes from it when it's mixed with politics. Religion IS the embodiment of evil.
  8. Now that I look back on it, you helped me get some laughter too. What else was I supposed to say to such a robotic post?
  9. Trump is a fraud criminal traitor charged with 88 felony charges and found guilty of 34 of them. Trump is a sex offender, a convict, and not only is Trump Organization guilty of fraud, but Trump himself is guilty of fraud. Trump is compromised and the way I see it, he's a straight up sellout to the USA. He might even be a spy for Putin to ruin America. He has no loyalties, except for Russia. Watch him flee to Russia when he knows he's guilty of all the rest of his charges. No morality. He's a sociopath that quotes Hitler now. He dreams of being like Hitler. But he's such a clown painting his face orange hopping and skipping like the rest of the republicans and their clown show. Trump is a piece of shit that cheated on all his wives. That is what republicans worship, in the name of christianity of course.
  10. Religion today is evil, straight up. Christians worship Judas to backstab christianity, to take a knife and stab Jesus in the back. American christians call God woke and they want to kill God. American christians hate Jesus. Every teaching in the bible, christians hate it. Prove me wrong you devil christian fucks.
  11. It’s hard to say what we can do for the future. What we do know is that technology always progresses and the good comes with the bad. Technology is a gateway, those who invent it and use it need morality to invent and use it; it’s heaven and hell. Everything we have created is a double edged sword. So if I came up with a solution to solve a world problem, that solution will be used to further create problems. For example, we utilize electricity for all our modern basic necessities, but at the loss of simple freedom and human relations. The Bronze Age, the Iron Age, all were useful to push humans forward, but also to kill everything. Travel, land air and sea, polluting land air and sea. Going to space looking for a habitable environment while caring nothing for Earth. Medicine to be abused. And don’t think for a second the anti science anti progression religious fenes are the answer. Because just like everything else, their creation of religion was supposed to be for good purposes but instead creates wars, oppression, and every form of bigotry. What I would create is a fucking house next to a waterfall and live my life and not be bothered by the human parasite.
  12. Well I hope this doesn’t go to the Supreme Court because they will say school mass shooters have immunity as long as it’s in Hispanic communities. Then the Supreme Court will protect the gun industry and declare games and developers open season to sue. This Supreme Court will grant every lawsuit against Meta to annihilate competition for X, which is the Supreme courts preferred Nazi social media. X is their Nazi fantasy.
  13. It does suck to live with a step father who had that much hate for me. To hear it on the phone, to listen in unintentionally, was very traumatic. And the fact he was cheating on my mother. To have to break the news to her.
  14. This is the ultimate Assassin’s Creed. This is what all the fans were waiting for. This…is….assassins at its finest. The ninja. How dare assassins creed flirt with the ninja. After all, we’ve been playing like ninjas since the start. This in my mind should be the finale. It should have a major map, pristine DLC with major maps. This. Is. The. Ultimate. Assassin’s Creed. Dont fuck with us fans Ubisoft. You are bringing it to the max with that location. Give us all you got. Go all out. Don’t pander to younger gamers. This should be straight adult rated. Blood, story, samurai, ninja, adults only.
  15. Me definitely. I mess up all the time. I run around looking for items and lose the story when I should flow with it. I play very many games at once, losing track of the story and having to start new again. I don’t utilize my entire arsenal for some reason. I overexplore areas compromising the story. I criticize a game before getting the jist of it; I insult games offending players that love the game. I bring politics into games. I buy micro transactions for my favorite game series. Im a lousy gamer.
  16. If I can do my life all over again, I’d go journey into the wild, mine my own specimens, kill some bandits, and design jewels. I’d own my own mines. I’d dig, polish, collect and sell. That’s my fantasy in life. I’d leave everything to go be a prospector.
  17. What song you heard on radio in car or sitting in a shop, or store. You try to remember the lyrics and look it up later and find your song!!!! Here's my latest. What's your's. Bring up past ones too you discovered by a miracle. Cmon, everything is welcome. I'm inspired by this song because I was driving and couldn't believe my ears.
  18. They are awesome. You would love them. I used to have a few quartz singing bowls but I gave them to my friend that had autism and he loved them! I figured it would benefit him more than me. I sure did love them bowls though. My favorite was the C note, bowls come in different notes. It feels real good to listen to them, therapeutic. Tibetan ones are made from bronze I think, but there are quartz ones too. Can't go wrong with either one.
  19. Amber is super pretty, I love the butterscotch color. But it's so hard to find a real quality one. So many of them are fakes made of plastic and glue or something. I think it can be tested with a lighter, not so sure but I swore I read that one day. I have a baltic amber, but I'm skeptical it's even real. I think I was duped on it cause it just feels way too lightweight for its size. There are some that even have fossilized insects still in them. I've always wanted one of those.
  20. Yeah I'm glad I quit before things got way more complicated and dreary. I was going to church with her and the whole bit, but they started getting so controlling over our personal relationship so I stopped going. She would go to church alone and wouldn't wear my ring at church, but she wore it everywhere else. I warned her several times about it. And finally I said if you don't wear the ring at church then I'm taking it back. And sure enough I caught her again coming home from church w/o the ring so I took the ring back and the engagement was off. Under Texas law if the engagement is off then I get the ring back. It cost $5,000. Why should I let her keep it. She kept it in a safe like it was a stash instead of what it represented on her finger.
  21. I just found out it was a fentanyl overdose. Yeah, just never know. And if people do drugs, never know if fentanyl is laced in it and it can kill you that same night. People need to be more careful who they party with, don't take especially from people you don't know or trust. Watch your drinks. Always be with friends that watch out for you. Don't take what you don't know what it is. etc.
  22. I went to jail because I assaulted him. lol. Charges were dismissed because he never pressed charges.
  23. That's cool. Amber is more of a fossil. It's hard to trust any legitimate specimen. Oh man I have Aquamarine crystals, light blue, elongated, growing on matrix. Remind me to give a picture.
  24. Hematite is amazing. It's properties in blocking certain wavelengths is well known just as lead is known for blocking radiation. Hematite is powerful.
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