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  1. I bought an internal SSD hard drive for my ps4 and honestly there is no difference from the manufacture drive. Just saying.
  2. I do agree with you that it's a setting/art style and I like how you describe it-- "The colourful, rebellious, self indentified identity of punk with futuristic, sci-fi elements." That is spot on and that's what intrigues me. The visual elements, sci fi, futuristic, struggles of humanity and technology and emotions all hot-wired into a dystopian struggle for survival. As you mention, 1st person games are becoming popular in this aesthetic. What has really drawn me in, actually is everything!!! What sets the gaming apart from movies, is that you finally get to put yourself inside the augmentations and use those abilities and technologies. I love how it sets itself apart from magic where those augmented abilities seems like it could be real. To become invisible, not by vanishing but by projecting mirror images. To open a door not by a magic whirlwind, but by hacking into it. In today's world with all this military technology, people feel helpless against it. But hacking has a rebellious, heroism fight when all odds are against you. That's what cyberpunk brings, an evolution of the old school magic that maybe people weren't that into. And honestly, I was never into magic all that much. I enjoy Skyrim now, but I prefer sci fi abilities like all the electricity abilities in the Infamous series and augmented abilities in cyberpunk games, and technological gadgets in Watch Dogs. To me it's more realism based as I'm very science oriented. As you mentioned, there is a lot of self identity involved. With all these cyberpunk games, there is a common theme of discrimination and oppression. It stretches your moral insight by trying to realize if an android should have the same rights or not like in Detroit Become Human. Or if a human has an augmented limb or something and they become segregated for it. Or if your body rejects implants and develop something that causes you to lose control over your own sympathetic nervous system or feel like you are losing sanity. It's an art style, exactly as you say. And art depicts things in ways to get around oppressive climates as a way to express things. Cyberpunk is brilliant in every aspect of its entirety. I mean, it is for the 1st/3rd person games. I haven't played others with a cyberpunk theme. Like Cloudpunk, looks like you fly around in that setting, but awkward looking character on foot. I don't know. Looks interesting though on youtube. Stray supposedly has a cyberpunk theme. I actually want to check that one out. To have a cat run around in that environment would be an interesting perspective.
  3. My favorite games are actually a trilogy, well, not really a trilogy but more like the last 3 games from Assassin's Creed (Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla). Then there is TLOU series which I categorize as an all time bad ass series, a masterpiece. But I'm liking cyberpunk games more and more like Cyberpunk 2077 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided. They both have that Assassins Creed feel to it as well because of different styles of planning your infiltration techniques. I love that. It's like a puzzle in itself how to infiltrate and not alert enemies. I have to include Watch Dogs Legion in that cyberpunk category too and using cool gadgets like drones and spider bots to infiltrate. Cyberpunk 2077 and Deus Ex uses more augmented abilities instead of actual gadgets. So I can't pin point what game is my favorite now. But these cyberpunk games are hands down brilliant and I see myself playing Cyberpunk 2077, Deus Ex MD, and WD Legion multiple times. So I believe I'm merging from Assassin's Creed to Cyberpunk. Sadly, there aren't many cyberpunk games.
  4. I enjoyed that one too. I imagine the new Skull and Bones (if it doesn't keep getting delayed) will have to do some remarkable things to be better than Black Flag was.
  5. That's true; I was just displaying a tipsy excited moment trying to get you to play Odyssey!!! My bad. No pressure. Syndicate is pretty good and definitely worth the while to play that one too. I never did get the chance to play Jack The Ripper DLC. I just got the new AC Mirage game and looks really good. I still haven't played all the series yet. Odyssey though, holy smokes its bad ass, and whenever you get the chance-the DLC is a must too.
  6. I’m hardcore into cyberpunk. Well what the fuck is that? It’s games like Deus Ex, Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion, main ones I know of. Not many I know cause it’s a new genre. Or is it? I believe we need to make a new Cyberpunk genre.
  7. @The Blackangel Play AC Odyssey and stop flirting with Assassins Creed. Play what you love in Greek life and afterlife. Please. Stop beating around the bush. Play Odyssey. I’m thinking you might be afraid of living in that world, the world where maybe you find strong associations with.
  8. Well, I recently got done playing FF15 and got its hooks in me. I’m not so sure whatever loss they had was anything more than bad management. I’m skeptical and don’t think it’s their games. I’m currently playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided and as Square Enix as one of the developers, I see them pretty much knowing their shit!!! As far as games go. They’re fucking brilliant as far as I’m concerned. Make another Deus Ex, keep Final Fantasy rolling in open world, and gain back what you lost. Deus Ex is before it’s time. Now, make this your time and control the future with many sequels of Deus Ex and Final Fantasy. Fire your money humpers and—get—back—to—making—bad—ass—games!!!
  9. I'm hooked on Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Everything about it is brilliant!
  10. I don't play on PC but I did enjoy that game on ps4. The setting is late 1800's London and I thought everything looked pretty damn good. You can switch between the male and female protagonists, brother and sister. I would not miss out on this game being free if anyone is a PC gamer. That's a nice gift!
  11. Civilians are not your enemy. Nazis are!!! Maybe you should play games that kill nazis. That would be better therapy. Because it is them that want to take your rights away, and even genocide the LGBTQ community. Stop looking at civilians as expendable. And start looking for an actual face of your hatred.
  12. I'm playing Control right now and it's sci fi at maximum. Definitely an under the radar game. Wow, can't imagine the objects of power they will bring next! your remote control???
  13. I don't think we should be making an assumption that games rated pg13 or any other rated game is bad for that age group. This type of generalization that ratings are not relevant for an age group makes people want to start controlling other people's kids. I believe parental rights gets taken out of context very often. When a generalization is made that something is bad for all, then parental rights get trampled on. Then people want government to start forcing things on others. Parental rights doesn't mean that what is considered bad for their kid is also considered bad for everyone else's kids. Parental rights means that parents have the freedom to decide what is good or bad for their own kids, not someone else's. We need to get rid of that generalization and that mentality of trying to control other parents and their kids. If a parent doesn't like their kids exposed to something, well, they have no right to tell any other parent something who trusts their own children or their own parenting.
  14. We are witnessing fascism at work. Musk sympathizes with neo nazis and since he bought Twitter there has been an increase of hate speech, including from Musk himself. This isn't the first time this is happening. The Center for Countering Digital Hate released research showing that there was an increase in hate speech on Twitter. Musk then went and sued CCDH as well. Not only that, but republican Jim Jordan in the House of Representatives has abused his power to subpoena CCDH for it. That is the government, led by a republican, trying to censure free speech rights from independent research. Research is free speech BTW. Jim Jordan is the guy who was nominated for House Speaker after McCarthy was ousted by republicans. Jordan and Fox News threatened the House republicans to vote for Jordan. They used an authoritarian tactic by making public those congress member's private information to intimidate and threaten them to gain their vote. What ended up happening was that those congress member's lives and their family's lives were threatened by MAGA extremists. Jordan ended up losing his votes for Speaker. That all just recently happened a month ago. So you can see how Jordan leans towards fascist authoritarian views. And he is protecting Musk and his social media. Jordan also subpoenaed Mark Zuckerberg when he launched a new social media site called Threads. Jordan is trying to eliminate X's competitors and have only one neo nzi state run social media. Jim Jordan is the guy who has also been trying to obstruct Trump's investigations by going after his prosecutors and trying to criminally charge them, expel them, or defund them. So now Media Matters is another group that has released research showing that business ads are next to pro Hitler propaganda, which sparked those companies to stop their ads on X. Musk is now suing them too. And once again, a republican is abusing their power to try and silence free speech rights from Media Matters. Ken Paxton BTW, is the republican investigating Media Matters in Texas. 1st, why the fuck would an attorney general in Texas get involved? That's abuse of power, plain and simple. Paxton is a fascist who also wants a state run neo nzi social media as the only media to be available for the public, that's why. Paxton was under investigation for many years for his corruption. And finally Texas republicans have formed a committee to vote on whether Paxton should be expelled due to his corruption. Turns out Paxton's own wife was one of the republicans voting to keep Paxton as Attorney General. The republicans ended up voting to keep him in office lolol. All that just recently happened as well a couple months ago. Republican corruption runs deep in Texas, and elsewhere, everywhere now actually. There is more. Republicans across the board have been getting rid of tenure for professors in universities and dismantling, defunding, investigating any and all university research that has been researching hate speech, domestic threats, hate groups etc. The significance of getting rid of their tenure is that they can now be fired for any controversial research, which is censorship. Freedom of research is free speech rights. Tenure was supposed to protect professors for this very reason because tenure means a lifetime position at your job as a professor where you can't be fired for what you research. The irony and projection from Musk runs deep. Musk was accusing of several news media outlets of being state run. So those media outlets have stopped using X. Turns out though that Musk was projecting because his fascist friends in congress and an attorney general in Texas is abusing their power to protect Musk's X platform by trying to silence any independent research that shows a rise neo nazi hate speech on X. That is what state run actually is. Republicans want X to be their nazi state run social media and eliminate all others. This was the whole idea why Musk bought Twitter or X in the first place. It was a guy named Dinesh DeSouza who gave Musk the idea. DeSouza went to prison and was pardoned by Trump. DeSouza then created the film 2000 Mules, which was a bunch of election lies to help Trump. DeSouza then tweeted to Musk telling him to buy a major social media platform in order to censure liberals. And Musk replied to DeSouza 'great idea' on Twitter. Shortly after, Musk bought Twitter. And look where we are now. That was the whole idea, make X a nazi playground. Just look at Musk's symbol 'X'. No doubt over time he's gonna bend the edges of the letter X and make it look more and more like a swastika. That's who he is now. Even Musk himself doesn't have a good track record in morality. Just recently he was using shareholder money from Tesla to buy himself a glass house. While Musk is CEO, Tesla is being investigated for widespread racial discrimination. Musk has tortured monkeys in his Neuralink experiments and he even tried to obstruct the investigation. His own family hates him. He's addicted to Ketamine and probably has narcissism. Top that off with Asperger's syndrome, no offense to that mental disorder. But add Ketamine, narcissism, then no wonder he has this eratic vindictive behavior. Musk has sabotaged Ukraine's war efforts. He is kissing up to Russia so he can buy rockets from them. He is meddling in other country's domestic issues trying to radicalize the far right types against their government by claiming immigrants are invading you. He said that to Germany and other countries as well as the USA. He's seriously trying to stir the pot and radicalize people. These are dangerous times and I hope those companies continue to leave their ads off of X. Musk doesn't give a shit about free speech. It's all just a victimhood ploy while he and his friends in government are using their power to silence others. It goes to show that free speech absolutism has consequences and companies have their own rights to not post ads next to hate speech.
  15. Before going into Mafia 3 evolution, I’ll mention flaws from Mafia 1 first. I played the Mafia 1 remake and wasn’t too impressed by it because it was fast paced, mission to mission with little chance of exploration. Why put that much work into creating a city and not have much of a chance to explore it? Waste of work. Mafia 3 definitely changed that major flaw. It still holds its fast paced story oriented gaming, but I see it as coming close to crime games like GTA. Mafia 3 has added things on the map where you can go inside buildings more, explore more and find different sorts of loot. If they keep the series progressing as they are, I see Mafia 4 rising into the competition with GTA and Watch Dogs. Don’t get me wrong, there needs to be much more to improve on with the Mafia series to compete with a sort of new style genre. I’m pleasantly impressed though with Mafia 3. It flows really well so far. The driving mechanics I can tell they put a lot of effort into it. And the camera while driving and maneuvering is pretty damn good. Change the setting and I might not be able to tell the difference between GTA 5 and Mafia 3. Story is excellent so far. I didn’t expect much after Mafia 1 remake, so I skipped Mafia 2 and went straight to 3. It caught me by surprise actually. The setting, the heartfelt story, it’s lookin good so far. What are your thoughts about the Mafia series evolving into a more exploration environment? I want to add as an edit: Mafia needs to also keep its niche, which is fast paced story telling, point A to B. I’m loving it now how they are balancing story and exploration opportunities.
  16. Last night I started playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It's blown my mind so far. Completely brilliant. Now I'm stuck wondering if I should stop where I'm at and play Human Revolution first cause I feel I would enjoy the story even more if I did. But I don't want to stop playing it now.
  17. I'm confused here about who all are involved. Isn't Bloober Team the developer making a silent hill game? Isn't Konami a developer? I thought they lost their marbles or something. So is this two different developers working together on one game?
  18. I think this is so cool that there will be a new Zelda movie by Nintendo as well as Sony working together on this. And I know there are some fans on this forum for Zelda, so I'm sure this is going to be exciting the more we start hearing about it. It was just announced so there isn't a trailer yet. Something to keep your eye on for sure! I was looking for a good youtube video to display, but I'll leave that up to those more in tuned to good gaming announcements so I don't post one that's lame. lol But this is a big deal no doubt so I started a thread as soon as I saw the movie was in the making.
  19. I personally don't like the deal. It's just natural for me to be against large corporations buying things up and reducing competition. But I trust CMA in UK and the FTC in USA made the purchase fair. I think the FTC has appealed the decision, but I don't think that's gonna go anywhere now once the deal gets under way. Bobby Kotick will stay at Activision till end of 2023, so maybe they can revamp the bad working conditions at Activision. I find it interesting that part of the deal to allow Microsoft's purchase go through was to allow Ubisoft access to cloud gaming for all Activision/Blizzard games plus any new games made for the next 15 years. That's a pretty big deal for Ubisoft. I guess I should say congrats to Ubisoft as a big winner in this. Microsoft also made a deal with Sony, which allows them to access all Call of Duty games only, for 10 years.
  20. That sucks. Hope you feel better soon. My sister just got it too for her birthday. We had to cancel plans because of it. Be careful everyone! Covid is out there again.
  21. It never really works out for me to play a scary game on Halloween. I have Outlast 2 I've been meaning to play. I know it's gonna be sick and probably get chased by a luny. I'm just not hyped about games where I am chased, like Resident Evil games. Oh, but RE 7 is an exception. Chase me mother fucker. lol. Anyways. But I have to be really into it now to play that style horror. I prefer trippy stuff like Evil Within. I like having moments to absorb, soak in the horror at my own pace, room to room, scene to scene. Bodies laid out before you, beautiful horror you can stare at instead of getting rushed. I want to stare at the dead corpse. Don't rush me away. Seduce me with scenes of death. Don't make me run away from the beauty. The art of limbs hanging, blood dripping, your own face in the mirror. Grinning. Raising a human arm to eat.While you stare at yourself in the mirror. Eating it raw. Blood all over your mouth. Your friend calls. All you can muster to say is, meat me at 666 street. I don't really have a game in mind this Halloween. Outlast 2 would probably be the scariest game I have. But I also have Oculus and Exorcist is so scary to me. Actually, that is what I will play for Halloween.
  22. I will also say that fishing isn’t a sport either. How would you like aliens to drop a line from outer space with chocolate so they can hook your mouth then freeze you alive for a filet.
  23. It currently looks like republicans are still trying this CPAC 7 point plan to re-instate Trump as president because republicans just ousted their own Speaker of the House and now are calling for Trump to be Speaker. On top of that, republicans have had impeachment hearings for Biden. It's funny that they are still trying this plot. This coup d'etat. Let me explain what is going on now. America has been paying attention to the fiasco of the republicans in the House of Representatives and trying to pass a budget deal so our government doesn't shut down. Luckily, this past Friday at the last minute, a deal was signed. But it left off aid to Ukraine because republicans are protecting Russia. And republicans have lied to democrats and backstabbed Ukraine after saying they wouldn't block aid. But the republicans are in such disarray right now and are having a sort of civil war against each other. There are probably around 10 republicans in the House who are the extreme extreme MAGA worshippers creating all this chaos. Well it took republicans around 15 votes to finally elect a Speaker of the House and nearly got into a fist fight. All this happened a few months ago. Kevin McCarthy was voted in as Speaker. Those MAGA extremists in the House wanted the government to shut down. Trump has been telling republicans to shut the government down. Marjorie Greene has been secretly meeting with Trump on how to impeach Biden and who knows what else. I mean, Trump is already running the House. They do as he says. Because Speaker McCarthy passed a budget deal, and Senate democrats agreed and signed off, the MAGA republicans in the House are now saying McCarthy is a traitor who secretly works for democrats. So they ousted McCarthy today, which hasn't been done in like a century. So now, this goes back to the CPAC 7 point plan because republicans in the House now want Trump to be Speaker. What does this do exactly? The plan is to impeach Biden, then impeach the next in line who is the vice president Kamala Harris. Then next in line to become president is the Speaker of the House. That is why they want Trump as Speaker. Because they are trying to impeach Biden already. Thing is, it won't work because democrats control the Senate and they aren't gonna boot Biden for a witch-hunt. And that is exactly what it is. Republicans have called witnesses at Biden's impeachment hearing and even the witnesses said there is no evidence of Biden's wrong doing. But republicans don't care. This is their plan. Would Trump even consider being Speaker? I doubt it because he would have to drop out of the presidential race. This all sounds ridiculous, I know. It's all a long shot that won't happen. But republicans are trying to make it happen. That's the thing. I'm personally not even worried about it. I just thought this was quite interesting actually, to say the least, that those extremists are still obsessing about this plan to reinstate Trump. When congress prevented a government shutdown this past Friday, it is only good for 45 days. So some time in November we will be having this fiasco again while republicans have no Speaker, which means it is very likely our government will shut down over the holidays and ruin a bunch of federal employees Christmas because they won't get paid. Republicans don't give a shit about Americans and continue to hold the country hostage if they don't get their demands. And they are willing to do all this in order to block Ukraine aid and protect Putin and sacrifice the economy in the USA. All because republicans are a bunch of crying spoiled fascist brats who hates this country. And they are becoming more and more open about their support for Russia. To be continued... More to come, for sure!!!
  24. Seriously, even if the game doesn’t interest someone now, it will be such a great series for later at a cheap price. Do Not Miss Out. Stupid if you do. Game series is hardcore.
  25. I don't believe hunting is a sport because the victim isn't playing.
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