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  1. What song you heard on radio in car or sitting in a shop, or store. You try to remember the lyrics and look it up later and find your song!!!! Here's my latest. What's your's. Bring up past ones too you discovered by a miracle. Cmon, everything is welcome. I'm inspired by this song because I was driving and couldn't believe my ears.
  2. They are awesome. You would love them. I used to have a few quartz singing bowls but I gave them to my friend that had autism and he loved them! I figured it would benefit him more than me. I sure did love them bowls though. My favorite was the C note, bowls come in different notes. It feels real good to listen to them, therapeutic. Tibetan ones are made from bronze I think, but there are quartz ones too. Can't go wrong with either one.
  3. Amber is super pretty, I love the butterscotch color. But it's so hard to find a real quality one. So many of them are fakes made of plastic and glue or something. I think it can be tested with a lighter, not so sure but I swore I read that one day. I have a baltic amber, but I'm skeptical it's even real. I think I was duped on it cause it just feels way too lightweight for its size. There are some that even have fossilized insects still in them. I've always wanted one of those.
  4. Yeah I'm glad I quit before things got way more complicated and dreary. I was going to church with her and the whole bit, but they started getting so controlling over our personal relationship so I stopped going. She would go to church alone and wouldn't wear my ring at church, but she wore it everywhere else. I warned her several times about it. And finally I said if you don't wear the ring at church then I'm taking it back. And sure enough I caught her again coming home from church w/o the ring so I took the ring back and the engagement was off. Under Texas law if the engagement is off then I get the ring back. It cost $5,000. Why should I let her keep it. She kept it in a safe like it was a stash instead of what it represented on her finger.
  5. I just found out it was a fentanyl overdose. Yeah, just never know. And if people do drugs, never know if fentanyl is laced in it and it can kill you that same night. People need to be more careful who they party with, don't take especially from people you don't know or trust. Watch your drinks. Always be with friends that watch out for you. Don't take what you don't know what it is. etc.
  6. I went to jail because I assaulted him. lol. Charges were dismissed because he never pressed charges.
  7. That's cool. Amber is more of a fossil. It's hard to trust any legitimate specimen. Oh man I have Aquamarine crystals, light blue, elongated, growing on matrix. Remind me to give a picture.
  8. Hematite is amazing. It's properties in blocking certain wavelengths is well known just as lead is known for blocking radiation. Hematite is powerful.
  9. If you are serious about meditation stuff, get some Tibetan singing bowls.
  10. I called it quits to a fiancé a while back for her trying to let her church control every aspect for our lives.
  11. Avatar is top of my list. It's my favorite game of all time now. Everything I ever wanted in a game.
  12. This is the best topic ever!!!!! 1st, I collect mineral specimens and have gorgeous gemstones. This sounds ridiculous, but my all time favorite stone is pyrite, also known as fools gold. The reason is because it’s crystal structure is cubic, perfect cubes growing within another cube. I have a giant 2.5 inch cubic flawless pyrite with sharp edges. So amazing. I have pyrite necklaces and have about 20 different pyrite specimens. Sometimes the cubes are flattened naturally in mine on black slate and it looks like a golden flower. Pyrite is so amazing despite the funny name of fools gold, because many times it’s golden and shiny looking like gold. The best pyrite cubes are found in Spain, the same region in Spain my ancestors are from. There are so many types of stones I love though. Lapis Lazuli has beautiful deep blues which are so therapeutic to look at. It grows often with pyrite, giving golden flakes in beautiful deep blue. Opals are awesome reflecting so many different colors because it’s chemical formula is silica with H2O. I have the most beautiful large Citrine gemstone. The orange color will put you in a trans. I can go on and on. Galena is another I love. It’s cubic properties are similar to pyrite, but shiny silver instead. Galena is made from lead.
  13. This is a good one. Back in the day when cordless phones 1st came out, we had a phone for the main family area and my parents had their separate phone line in their room. I was on the phone talking to my friend and I picked up a phone conversation from my step father and he was cheating on my mother. He also said bad things about me and kept putting me down. Can’t believe we lived in the same house. But I had tell to break the bad news to my mom and they got a divorce. I’m glad I kicked his ass. But I went to jail for it and the cops kicked my ass in jail.
  14. I don’t know. I didn’t even want to mention it but I was wasted last night. They are doing an autopsy to see if it was suicide, drug overdose or foul play. They won’t tell us anything right now. She had a drug problem and many other problems.
  15. If someone is unable to apologize, then they have a narcissism disease. Those people are sociopaths. Straight up.
  16. No, my social life has affected my gaming life.
  17. Villains should be in their respectful places, evil people. We should respect how to kill them, not how they can kill us.
  18. Allowing Microsoft/Activision acquisition to go through is a shockwave throughout the gaming community. Since then it feels all is quiet because gamers feel like some wrong just happened.
  19. No man. We should never belittle ethics no matter what. Flirting with unethical experiments is the beginning of genocidal experimentation, claiming genocide for the greater good. Why are you are cleaning nazi diapers and spitting in your hand to part their hair? I disavow this post.
  20. Taco Cabana. You guys have that where you live? Used to be able to pile delicious sides for free onto your tray. I got so damn drunk, I ruined it for everyone else. I'm sorry. 😆
  21. Nothing like an alley-oop. Or a long pass caught, bam! He keeps runnin, Bam! Tried to knock him out of bounce. Oh wait!!! He back tossed, 10 seconds left, bam! He got knocked hard! But he side tossed it in time. He runs with the football for a touchdown, Bam! He fumbled in the air!!! The fattest and slowest line back caught it for a touchdown !!!!! Teamwork gets my vote. But then again, fuck teamwork. I trust nobody. MF catching a football will probably drop on purpose if he is lobbied by anasshooe.
  22. No way. Bulls are far superior in strength. Humans are great at cheating. Humans cannot match it without obvious advantages and cheats. Once the humans fail in their scheme and bulls take over harming humans, next thing you know humans resort to doing what they do best, just kill whatever because they were punked.
  23. Exploration games, I can't paint one as the go to.
  24. I wish I can go back and listen to every song you posted, would be bad ass. Actually, I'm gonna try it. I have to say though, if you are into rap, nothing like the golden ages of rap in 1995 MF. Something about the year, the air, everything. 1995.
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