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  1. Denying us physical discs is simply monopoly. You will no longer have a choice where to shop. You will be forced subscriptions.
  2. I already knew my answer a few months ago when this post was created. And it is confirmed now that for me, I disassociate myself from gaming when I'm stressed. I have to be in a positive mind, a peaceful mind, and have energy to play games. I can't play if I'm not feeling alright. I can't play if I'm depressed. I can't play if I'm hungover. I can't play if I feel lonely. I play games when I'm content. If I don't feel content, I just can't play. I won't pay attention to story. My mind will drift. And things will remind me of something I'm trying to forget. I don't want to look back at a game and always think about a depressing event. And I play many games, so one bad event can have me negatively associate to 10 games. Fuck that.
  3. What if we had open discussion on VGR news articles? Or somehow just have VGR news headlines in the Video Game Discussions section under Gaming News. A headline and link under Gaming News would be cool. That way we can always be reminded we have someone dedicating time to write news articles on VGR.
  4. The legendary Assassins Creed series is all about time travel. You literally hook up to a machine and relive the past trying to obtain objects of power to protect Earth from destruction. And you get to experience culture and lore. What's not to love?
  5. I don't usually follow, but I would read some news about a disaster. Just recently Morocco had an earthquake that I think has killed around 3,000 now. I remember the Australian wild fires which was horrific. I remember the flooding in Texas from hurricane Harvey. Assholes abandoned animal shelters and let them drown all over the Texas area. I remember seeing dead hogs everywhere after the water began receding. Just waiting for Yellowstone to erupt.
  6. I like you said that about friends and fighting darkness. Reminds me of playing Final Fantasy 15, or actually any FF game where you have a group of friends that come together to fight darkness. I really like the friendship in FF15, and playing in an open world, drive around, and camp sites to wait for the morning while they cook and hang out. It brings a good feeling.
  7. That's pretty cool! I'm sure it's gonna be a long ways away probably. But knowing Rockstar, they make games to last and it takes time for that kind of quality. Depending on the size of the studio I guess. Gonna be interesting when we get to see some previews.
  8. It's pretty much expected now for other countries to issue travel advisories to the USA for LGBTQ safety. The thing is, republicans are stupid, especially in the state of Florida where they rely on tourism. Florida's Disney is their greatest revenue for the state and look how DeSantis has attacked Disney. Disney has now stopped development plans in the state causing Florida to lose a $1 billion investment. Florida's Disney has also decreased in tourism. There are literally Nazis now, all dressed up with their symbols and flags, armed with guns, protesting at Disney, you know, a supposedly family friendly place. And this all started because Disney spoke out against the governor's anti LGBTQ bills. Let the republicans ruin themselves. Unfortunately, the LGBTQ community has to take the brunt of their fascist attacks. It was all a hoax how republicans wanted to ban books they say is porn. They have went beyond that now and are banning books from black and Hispanic authors, they banned a book of poems from a young black girl who read her poem at Biden's inauguration. And republicans are banning tens of thousands of digital books at public libraries so even adults can't read them. They are taking the first amendment right away by doing that. They are banning inclusivity in schools, colleges, and businesses. The supreme court has now allowed segregation by letting businesses refuse service to gays. And we already know that's gonna spread to all minority groups getting their service denied. That is segregation in 2020's America. Texas passed a bill to force all classrooms in every school in the state to hang a big poster of the religious 10 commandments, while banning rainbows. Republicans are crying about the nude statue David from a Renaissance art class, calling it porn. Are republicans gonna ban the Creation of Adam painting? Are they gonna ban the bible? But what does this have to do with LGBTQ? Well it started with banning books they say have LGBTQ content in it, then they cry about porn, then they are now attacking famous Renaissance art, and foods like pink poptarts, and movies at the theatre. Hey video games are next on the banning shit. Just watch. God damn fanatics. Some old bitch on a school board snuck into the school library without permission, in the dark, using a phone flashlight to spy on all the school's library books. And she would turn off security lights that would turn on. She got busted! Crazy psychos. My God. Then she was complaining that she found books that had violence in it. Cmon. WTF. You see, their fascist obsession won't stop. It will get worse and worse if they aren't put in their place. It's an obsession!!!!!
  9. I’m trying all sorts of things lately. I originally wanted something fun with little brain mechanism and so I played the Destroy All Humans remaster, which I love. But it’s not it! I am playing Control and is cool! But I have to be in the zone to play it. Military, it’s cool but naw…Open worlds take a lot of time which I feel burnt out somewhat with them right now. I started playing older generation games like Infamous, Awesome!!! That, along with Control has intrigued me for Sci fi games. I think what I want right now is good sci fi. I want crazy stuff. Off the wall. So I guess I answered my question. But got now I don’t want an open world. I’m playing the Metro trilogy right now and boom! It’s hard stuff. I always had the impression it wasn’t all that. But, oh man, it is something special. I’ve been playing the trilogy full steam ahead. But what is it? There is something more I need to play. What is it? It’s like I’m craving some damn sloppy enchiladas or nachos dripping with everything and the chips stay crunchy. What is it? What am I looking for? What are you looking for? Is there a curiosity in a genre you haven’t explored yet? Are you simply contempt? Not I. Maybe I’m looking for rarities. What is it though? It’s like I’m lacking a mineral. What is my game mineral that I need?
  10. Games are usually different in terms of NPC movement and intelligence, what kind of gun you are using, how much ammo before reloading, weapon sway, and how much chaos is going on. Using shotguns doesn’t require precision. Machine guns usually start out as wonky, and the more you shoot the gun shoots upwards. Revolvers get annoying cause you have to reload after 6 shots, and the reload usually happens right when you finally have that good shot. Bow and arrow you have to measure distance and aim a little higher. Bazooka you shouldn’t be in a confined space. And it gets even harder to hit your target when they charge at you real fast and move around like some creatures and pumped up zombies do. Sometimes you may not know what to expect, what kind of enemy will pop out at you or what kind of gun you should have equipped for a fast reaction. I guess it just depends on the game and learning the actions of your enemies. But that isn’t full proof because there could always be a new type of enemy as you progress. I usually stay by one side of the room or next to an object to take quick cover instead of going right into the open. Sometimes it is wiser to pick off the weaker lower ranks to reduce the number of guns shooting at you, that way you can then focus more precision on the stronger target. Other times it may be a better choice to eliminate the stronger target first if they shoot explosives or are plain maniacs that charge you. There are all different sorts of play styles. Close quarters, or they charge at you, use shotgun. Lots of enemies coming in from a distance, use rifle. Throw explosives if you have any. Many times I forget to throw grenades, or I try to save them. But now I’m becoming more liberal using them. Sometimes you get a clue as to what weapon you should be carrying or what to use by picking up the type of ammo laying around or a weapon. If I see a sniper rifle, I’m getting the hint to find a spot and use it. I guess just look for clues, be aware of your surroundings, keep your guns loaded, and be ready. Shooting the head is always best, but not easy.
  11. Volition is popular for the Red Faction and Saints Row series. I love Saints Row and only recently became a fan about a year or two ago. And now they are no more. This last remake will be the last we hear of Saints Row. You can read about it here. https://www.gameinformer.com/2023/08/31/saints-row-developer-volition-games-has-been-shut-down
  12. I just finished Infamous 1 and this game is one of my favorites now. It’s beyond its time 2 generations ago. They won’t remaster or do a thing with it. But they don’t even need to. I played it on a ps3 and it holds up big time to todays standards and for the foreseeable future. I was greatly immersed in the chaos and graphics. The graphics they used does not date in the gaming world. It doesn’t age. It never will. This is the kind of game that becomes Legend. It is Legend. It has story, visuals, ethics, and amazing abilities. Infamous did a better job at climbing than Assassins Creed. Take note AC. Infamous is above and beyond standards. The abilities are fun to use. You can zip across power lines in the city, from skyscraper to skyscraper. you can hop on the rails and tour the broken city by rail and sight see all the chaos. The map is very easy to maneuver around. The best I’ve experienced. I can go on and on how bad ass the game is. I just started Infamous 2 and this blew my mind. I knew I was in for a treat. This is the first sequel where I develop my powers early right off the bat from the prequel. This is flowing so well with me. Infamous is a Legendary game. It’s a must to play. It went above and beyond time. Infamous will last forever. It’s Legendary gaming. Non stop play. Perfect map size, amazing abilities, an open world of legend. It’s bad ass.
  13. Hate to bring this up, but republicans are now talking about sending in the military in Mexico again. At the republican presidential debates the candidates even talked about how they want to send our military into Mexico to fight cartels. DeSantis said on day one if he were president he would send troops into Mexico. Everyone all probably thought this topic was a joke and liberals are blowing things out of proportion bla bla bla. Well here it is!!! On national stage for all to see, republican presidential candidates want a war in Mexico. And democrats just ended the war in Afghanistan. They don't realize and don't care that a war in Mexico will be another Afghanistan. And when we create havoc in a neighbor country like that, guess what happens. We will turn many Mexicans into terrorists against us, right on our border. Now that I think of it, they probably want to turn people into terrorists. It's a war that won't end. Republicans don't care about drugs and cartels. The republican controlled supreme court just recently decided on a case that no longer allows Americans to sue doctors who overprescribe narcotics leading to addictions. Really? I thought you cared about addictions and fighting against narcotics. Obviously not. There is a huge opioid addiction problem in this country that stems from prescriptions and doctors. But let's send troops into Mexico to fight cartels. They aren't getting lobbying money from cartels, but they do from the pharmaceutical industry, that's why. Almost like destroying the cartels will get rid of the drug competition, so people get off the street drugs and get hooked on the prescriptions where you know who is taking it and where the money gets distributed. You have a bunch of far right illegal gun smugglers in this country, so why don't they go after them? We have the most mass shootings in the world. Gun deaths are the leading cause of death for young Americans. But let's just let everyone get whatever high caliber gun, open carry, and free to get whatever booze they want and have at it! The American way! The republican talk of war in Mexico is probably another distraction from all their treason and no policy except culture wars. I mean, they have nothing to talk about except woke, guns, anti abortions, and election lies. And now they want to distract with a war in Mexico after they keep wanting to block aid to Ukraine, which is a more serious threat from Putin to our allies, Europe, USA, and world democracies. Then republicans complain about debt and inflation. Even republican Niki Haley said that republicans are also to blame for the countries debt and that Trump ran up the national debt $8 trillion dollars in 4 years. Biden in his 3 years has added just over $3 trillion. Republicans don't care about debt, cmon---$8 trillion in 4 years from Trump? And war in Mexico will cost us more. How can they complain about the economy when they are the ones who contribute the most to debt, only want to protect the rich, and want to invade Mexico? The republican party is a sham.
  14. Yeah, they embrace criminality so much that for them it is now a badge of honor to get a mug shot and don't realize that the sane world is looking at them as adolescent misfits. These are republican congress members and others doing this! Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said that he would have certified the election on 2021, when the fake electors schemed to try and get vice president Mike Pence to sign off on it to overturn the election results to go to Trump. Vivek said that was an opportunity for heroism. Heroism? To be a traitor and disenfranchise over 80 million voters??? He is openly endorsing treason. He just openly said he would have overturned the will of voters. These people are proud to be traitors. And let me stress this point again. The republican presidential candidates were asked if they would support Trump as the nominee even if convicted and they raised their hand in allegiance to Trump. We have an entire political party who aren't shy to promote treason. They are perfectly ok with Trump's classified documents fiasco and obstructing his investigation. They are perfectly ok with him violating campaign finance laws to pay hush money to a porn star he had an affair with. They are perfectly ok with him conspiring to overthrow an election and break into voting machines. They are perfectly ok with forging fake documents with false electors to try and replace the real electors. They are perfectly ok with the attack on the capital. The republican party 100% supports treason. And if anyone votes for them, they as a voter supports treason. And if they are christian, they are going to hell for supporting evil. It's as easy as that. This is the test of morality, in case they ever wondered what a good moral test was. This is it.
  15. He got processed through the jail and got released on bond. So he still has to wait for his trial. One of the co-conspirators is still in jail because his bond was denied for attacking agents that came to his home. Trump's bond should have been denied too for all his threats. Even then, his mug shot brings us closer to that reality that nobody is above the law. And this picture is now what represents who Trump is and who the republican party is since they all still support him and almost every republican presidential candidate pledged their allegiance to support Trump no matter what even if the guy is convicted and sitting in prison. Republicans do not care about criminality or our justice system. I mean, the very first republican presidential debate a couple days ago, they raised their hand to support Trump no matter what when they were asked if they would support him as the nominee even if convicted. That says a lot. The entire republican party is an organized crime racket.
  16. Any entertainment medium can be used to shape our experiences beyond the screen, but gaming is even more engaging and leaves an acute personal connection. If games are independent of government control as it is now, then story telling allows us to have so much creative freedom and there really are no limits. If gaming was under government control like Russia's new gaming initiative, then it no doubt will be used as propaganda to influence minds for dangerous purposes. Or under religious control, your stories will get even more limited. Great story telling arises from creative freedom and that is what allows our imaginations run wild, intriguing us, exhilarating us, a story and fantasy for everyone from all walks of life instead of seclusion. That is the fundamentals of great story telling. Simply having that creative freedom. I recently got done playing Mortal Kombat 10 and 11 which is on the extreme end of story telling in games because it is narrative driven. I really enjoyed it; made me a fan. It helped me appreciate all the many characters, good and villain, and the setting, action, visuals, abilities of each character, lore. If MK wasn't narrative driven and was an open world with little story, would it have had as great an impact? Or better? I don't know!!!!! 😁 Just asking. I love it when games jump to a cut scene. That is what some open worlds tend to lack. One of the best open worlds I've played that is story driven and plenty of cut scenes is Cyberpunk 2077. I've never played anything quite like it in other open worlds. It's extremely immersive, great story including great side quests. It's blown my mind away. It reaches so much inside our very souls, our emotions...the way they put it all together is a standard that open worlds should try to match. Witcher 3 was another they had some excellent cut scenes and side quests. And would you look at that, both made by CD Projekt RED. I didn't even do that on purpose. GTA 5 was excellent too. That game is unique in itself being able to play as 3 different characters, and really appreciating each one of them, even though they were criminals. But the character development made you like them regardless. How can that be? How can you like a criminal? Well, we all did! 😎 Then you have The Last of Us series. It was a story that if not done right, would have looked like an ordinary apocalypse. But it was told in a brilliant way, capturing your emotions and drawing out tears if you got any. And that is why the game has had tremendous success. I feel like we may be drifting away from this kind of story telling do to developers putting more effort into trying to make every game have an online multiplayer, when instead they could concentrate on better stories. But that is another topic. That is basically taking your creative freedom for granted. How does story telling shape our experiences beyond the screen? I'm not sure. We get emotional and fantasy satisfaction of a great story. We get to engage in critical thought and ethical situations. I remember playing The Walking Dead by Telltale Games and that really had an impact on me. Such a dramatic story, and it made me really look at the depth of character in people and ask myself: what if I was stuck in an apocalypse with this person or that person? What would they be like? Even Detroit Become Human made me question: what if...What if AI became that advanced? Would I discriminate? Would I have a relationship with one? Would I be able to recognize their plea for equality? I mean, critical thinking like that is the same as: do animals have feelings when they go to the slaughterhouse to be tortured for food? Do all animals have a higher consciousness with feelings? Yes, of course they fucking do. But some people don't believe that or simply don't care. So the game Detroit Become Human I believe can enhance people's cognitive ability to develop sympathy. I believe this is important to be reminded of our abilities to sympathize, or else you get actual humans being broken apart and thrown into a heap of metal (or bodies).
  17. Oh yeah, good point there. I wish I can take the best features out of games like GTA, Watch Dogs, Saints Row, etc. and have it in a game like GTA 6. Saints Row you can save as many vehicles you want in one garage. GTA likes to have the realistic factor though limiting the number of vehicles per garage. I think that's alright, to make you want to buy garages. But it gets limited. The older Saints Row games have a cruise control feature you can set a speed of your vehicle and cruise. I liked to cruise real slow and jam to music, looking at the chaotic scenery, maybe a drive by here and there...lol. Watch Dogs Legion you could set a point on the map and your car will drive there automatically, following the rules of street lights and all that while you can take in the scenery and listen to music. I mean these are just simple features that make a world of immersion.
  18. In GTA 5 they had it where you can get a car you left behind at a wrecker station. But no way it always worked. Sometimes you go on a mission leaving your fancy car behind and it's gone forever. Or maybe in another wrecker location. Who knows. Not a risk I'm up for. And if you destroy your vehicle and hop in another, that vehicle is gone.
  19. They need to save your vehicles even after you go on missions or if it gets destroyed. I was never able to enjoy vehicles I collected because I was afraid of losing it. Swimming mechanics need to be improved. They need optional fast travel. While driving, I would like better camera control. The last title, I couldn't stand it every time I look to the sides of the vehicle to see the scenery, the camera zooms right back to front view facing forward. Hard to explain I guess. The slow motion mode was a bitch to do. Why can't they just make it real easy by pressing the r3 button like the way Watch Dogs does it.
  20. Today Trump turned himself in to be processed through the jail along with other co-conspirators who turned themselves in earlier in the week. Here's his mug shot! This is his fucking legacy!!! Here are more mug shots from his co-conspirators: Fulton County Jail Georgia: Sidney Powell, Ray Smith and Jenna Ellis Kenneth Chesebro, Cathleen Latham and David Shafer John Eastman and Scott Hall Mark Meadows Rudy Giuliani Harrison Floyd And more will turn themselves in on Friday. Kenneth Chesebro requested to fast track his trial date to October 2023 instead of the original court date in March. Prosecutor Fani Willis granted his request for all 18 co-conspirators plus Trump and today Trump has denied an October trial date for himself and is going with the March 2024 date. Just the other day Trump said he had documents to prove his innocence and wipe away all charges which he was gonna show outside the court and he punked out. You would think if Trump was innocent and had documents then he would go for a speedy trial in October and be done with it right? Well, he punked out. He wants to delay as long as possible. And this---denying an early trial date, should completely prove his hypocrisy and all republican's hypocrisy that this is election interference when Trump does NOT want an early trial date this October in 2023. So stick a stinking sock in your blabbering shit holes hypocritical traitor republicans.
  21. Yeah no doubt it's an accident waiting to happen. Even the the Oculus has a boundary you draw yourself. You use the control to draw a circle of your boundary area and if you cross it, it shows on your screen a bright colored wall. As long as that part of the room is clear it should be ok, but I don't know. If zombies were going in through multiple doors, I can see it getting out of control. Just don't play drunk...LOL
  22. Trump faces 91 felony counts in 4 different states and the headline of this topic is correct that if Trump is guilty in Georgia, there is no probation, house arrest, or parole. It is automatically a minimum of 5 years in the slammer. And Fulton County Jail is no punk, Trump will feel really uncomfortable there. Inmates are dying due to rampant bed bugs and excessive heat. The latest indictment in Georgia Trump is charged with 13 felonies and 18 of his co-conspirators are also charged. And this week those traitors are all turning themselves in to the county jail. Trump will turn himself in tomorrow. Here is what he's charged with in Georgia: 1) Violation of the Georgia RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) 2) Solicitation of violation of oath by public officer 3) Conspiracy to commit impersonating a public officer 4) Conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree 5) Conspiracy to commit false statements and writings 6) Conspiracy to commit Filing false documents 7) Conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree 8] Conspiracy to commit false statements and writings 9) Filing false documents 10) Solicitation of violation of oath by public officer 11) False statements and writings 12) Solicitation of violation of oath by public officer 13) False statements and writings Trump's documents case in Florida, he tried to obstruct the investigation by telling his employee at Mar a Lago to delete surveillance videos. That added 4 extra felony obstruction charges for Trump. And that witness Trump tried to coerce just switched lawyers and flipped on Trump to the prosecutors. That alone is gonna get Trump locked up. Trump has 34 felony counts in New York for using campaign money to pay off a porn star he cheated on his wife with 37 felony counts in Florida for taking classified documents and an extra 4 felony obstruction counts which is being handled in D.C. 4 felony counts in D.C. for conspiring to overturn an election The republicans are having their first debate tonight I think and Trump is not going to participate obviously because he's a coward and doesn't want to face any questions. Almost all of those candidates do not want to criticize Trump and have even said if they were president, they would pardon Trump. With Trump, co-conspirators all charged with conspiracy of a coup attempt, fake elector conspirators in several states, that party has broken America's trust permanently. Best thing any moderate republican can do is form a new party. Even republicans in congress are now trying to obstruct Trump's investigations by trying to defund or impeach prosecutors. Georgia republicans are now trying to impeach prosecutor Fani Willis for Trump's indictments. That's the GOP or Grand Obstruction Party for you. Meanwhile, Trump and republicans are losing it. Even the Republican National Committee is telling all constituents to avoid all media and report any reporter that tries to talk to them. They are telling them to hide, do not linger in public places, basically to lock themselves away and be secretive. This is an entire political party folks, avoiding the public eye as much as possible just like they were some sort of mafia racketeering organization. They are becoming more and more reclusive, pushing themselves further away from the public just like a cult would. This is no joke and no lie folks, the RNC is telling their party members to hide no matter what. This is fascism in a nutshell, to be secretive like a cult and try to punish all who get in the way. Trump is now making jokes about fleeing to Russia hoping that Putin will reaffirm their friendship and offer him sanctuary. Thing is, he has secret service still protecting him, so it will be pretty hard for him to try and take off. This is all one of the biggest disgraces to the USA in all its history. We are living in a big historical period. The GOP has fallen to the dark side and there is no coming out of it. They need to form a new party. Trump's supporters have posted the names and addresses of the Georgia jury and they are now threatening them. MAGA is one step away from becoming a full blown terrorist organization and the republican party is one step away from being declared an organized crime family.
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