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  1. If you are playing A Plague Tale: Innocence on PS5, you will get stuck at the part involving Rodric pushing a cart. The reason you will get stuck is because the aim assist is broken on the stairs. It isn’t you; it is a bug. Here is the fix I found on Reddit/YouTube that worked for me: 1-Quit to main menu. 2-Reload your save. 3-Start the sequence again. Look to your left at the base of the stairs. You should see an alley that didn’t exist before. 4-Run into it and climb the ledge. 5-Move to the right of the post. Enemies will come at you. 6. Move to the left of the post. Kill them. 7-When they’re all dead, avoid arrows and return to cart. You’re welcome.
  2. I really like the way A Plague Tale: Innocence uses vibration to increase your awareness of your environment, especially when rats are behind you. What other games make good use of vibration?
  3. Do you use auto assist aiming, or do you turn it off?
  4. What are some games where you have no health bar because you always die in one hit? For example, A Plague Tale: Innocence.
  5. In a lot of games, to fire a sling or bow, you pull back the bowstring, etc. by holding the trigger, then release to fire. I know this makes more logical sense than pressing the trigger to fire, but I can’t get used to it. Does anyone else struggle with it?
  6. I’ve decided I really like abilities in games where you attack enemies with “swarms” of things. Like the bees in BioShock, or the crows in BioShock Infinite. What are some other examples of games with similar abilities?
  7. I was impressed with how A Plague Tale: Innocence handled being encumbered. Most other games I’ve played just slow movement when encumbered, but in this one, it throws off your weight distribution/momentum as you move, so it feels really convincing. What other games do well with this?
  8. Are there any games that really grossed you out, i.e. made you nauseous?
  9. What games do the best job giving you multiple options/strategies/approaches to get through different stages? Especially those that support a wide range of play styles?
  10. I’m playing a short game right now, and I tend to drag my feet when I know a game is short, because I don’t want it to be over. In doing so this time around, I realized something. When I really slow down and do not have a constant motivation to keep pushing forward in a game, and I just look around and imagine I’m really in the game environment, it is so much more immersive. I highly recommend it.
  11. No kidding. Maybe when I was still a kid that would have been comfortable. But it just doesn’t work for me anymore. What is your current gaming setup to stay comfortable? That is true! Did you learn anything visiting the site that steered you toward a purchase? Have you grabbed the discount and used it yet?
  12. Thank you both for understanding my complaint (a lot of people here seem to think I was complaining about skin tone diversity, which I was not, ugh) and proposing an explanation for it! That does make a lot of sense!
  13. Which of the extras are the ones that are moving you toward a purchase? That is a great point! This is something that I tend to think a lot about, partly because I sometimes write advertising copy, and partly because it is just one of my interests. What features of their presentation did you enjoy most? I know, right? It would already be an amazing value even without the discount. The discount is just a bonus. So, I take it that you would get it if it was at full price even?
  14. Do you lean back a little in your recliner when you game, or sit upright? Have you found that this product is ideal for playing at particular angles, or adjusts well to your chosen posture? Do you ever try using it on a couch instead of your recliner? Do you find that works better because it is roomier? If any of them get it, I hope you will let us know how it goes?
  15. How did the dimensions of the products you didn't like compare to this one? I usually try and set aside unexpected cash for things like this, i.e. from tax refunds. It seems to help, although you need at least a steady basic amount of income for it to be an applicable strategy unfortunately. Maybe you could put this on an online wishlist though in case a relative or friend might need ideas for your next birthday present or something? Someone you know offline who will let you check it out and try it for yourself? I'd love to hear what you think.
  16. How is the one you have already working out for you? Definitely seems worth the upgrade if you can swing it. Hah, I would have made the same reply not too long ago! But a friend gave me a gaming PC, so it is back to learning to play with a mouse and keyboard. This product sure helps a lot to make it more ergonomic and comfortable. Do you think something like this would make you more likely to game on a PC? I know, right? Do you think you might end up getting one?
  17. Such a good product, especially for anyone who like me needs solid ergonomics because of chronic pain reasons. I find it useful both for gaming and for work.
  18. I did not know Infamous games were open world! What are the things you love about Horizon: Zero Dawn?
  19. So, for some stupid reason, it is impossible to delete individual saves on PS5 via the PS5 menus. But I did discover a workaround I wanted to share. If you go into the game you want to delete the saves for, you can just start saving over the old saves in many cases. It is not an ideal solution, but it does delete them and help you conserve space. This is very helpful if you are playing a game like Skyrim where you are going to end up with a ton of saves.
  20. How do you define the term “roleplaying game?” I feel it has more to do with the mechanics (levelling, progression, skill options, etc.) than “playing a role” per se.
  21. Has anyone else noticed how “off” skin tones often are in so many open world RPGs? Like skin tones that are unnaturally reddish or yellowish, or a strange sheet-white. It doesn’t seem like this would be so hard to get right.
  22. What is the oldest game you own that you are still able to play (i.e. you still have the technology/operating system you need)?
  23. What was the most painful loss of saved game data you ever experienced?
  24. Have you found that playing with a console controller for a long time and not using a keyboard/mouse has made you worse with the keyboard/mouse than you might have been if you had not been gaming at all?
  25. Are there activities in open world games you deliberately take your time with so that they proceed along what feels like a more realistic timeframe? I do this when building houses in Skyrim.
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