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  1. What is the absolute most awful thing you ever saw a game administrator in an MMO do? The worst case I can remember was an admin who helped her RL boyfriend sexually assault a player in the game, and then banned the character of another player who tried to interfere.
  2. What video game in your backlog has been waiting the longest for you to get around to it?
  3. Are there any historical settings you think would be particularly exciting to see brought to life in a video game, especially in VR?
  4. Did anyone ever know someone exclusively online through gaming, lose touch for years, and then get back in touch later?
  5. Did anyone get any cool games or hardware for the holidays?
  6. It seems like a lot of popular game series have classic entries that most people are not as familiar with (sometimes in different game formats, even). What are some of your favorite retro entries in popular franchises?
  7. What are the absolute worst instances of lazy shortcuts you can think of that developers have taken?
  8. Does anyone else find it super annoying that most games do not let you remove quests you will never, ever do from your quest list? In fact, I haven’t played any game that lets you clear out quest list clutter.
  9. What are the most devastating character deaths in video games? You could talk both about deaths that were devastating because you loved the character, or those that were especially crushing because of how the character died/how it was portrayed.
  10. If you have been banned from video games before, what are some of the stupidest reasons it happened? Did you get it overturned?
  11. What are some of the earliest isometric games you can remember playing? When I was a kid playing an original Nintendo, the only one I remember encountering was Solstice. But I figure it could not have been the only one of its kind even back then?
  12. What were some of the most groundbreaking arcade games from decades ago?
  13. Are there any moments in video games where you actually felt shocked by what happened? What were they? (obviously, this thread will be full of spoilers)
  14. Are there any game series that you feel have consistently evolved with better and better instalments?
  15. I have pretty bad reaction times in games, which is one reason I am never likely to be all that skilled. What about you?
  16. Do you like or dislike redesigns of characters and locations in games? Is it contextually dependent? On what factors?
  17. What are your favorite classic MMOs? I mean from way back in the early 2000s and such.
  18. What are some moments in games where you have to play through something you likely do not want to do as a participant? The most obvious example is probably the phosphorus part in Spec Ops: The Line. What are some others?
  19. Am I missing something obvious, or is there no way to delete individual saves on PS5? As far as I can tell, you can only bulk delete all saves for a single game. That seems like a major missing feature.
  20. Do you like or dislike non-linear storytelling in games? I am not referring to linear vs. open world game formats—simply playing through events in a storyline out of chronological order.
  21. What qualities go into a good video game trailer or teaser?
  22. What games take the longest time to start up? Dragon Age: Origins is a terrible offender here; it can play through the entire theme song twice sometimes before the game is loaded.
  23. When you suspect you are coming up on the end of a game, how do you prepare for that? What I mean is, there usually is a point where you can’t have saves anymore and/or you just would not want to interrupt play. I usually glance online to check the “point of no return” and the expected time to complete past that point. That way, I can set aside enough time to finish.
  24. @The Blackangel How does Cameo work, btw? What format did you receive the message in? Did it go to your email?
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