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  1. Holy crap, I kinda wish they would give support to it for the PS4 and PS5. PlayStation Home was the shiz back in the day, like Sims but you could play games and get rewards for it, all well hanging out with friends online in various areas.
  2. I’m still waiting to actually see one in person that I can hold to see if the small screen difference makes a difference (I know that OLED is an upgrade from LCD by my iPhone upgrade).
  3. Yeah it was pretty poorly received by everyone, not sure if they just didn’t think about how people would take it or actually thought it was a good deal for the given price with some test shoppers.
  4. N64, and then GameCube with GameBoy Advanced
  5. I’d just recommend using your current computer, and running a VM with the given OS that the game requires or will run at. Saves time and lets you play on your main rig vs. having a bunch of different ones.
  6. I adjust my brightness to make it dimmer at night yes, however night mode I’ve never used since it changes the screen tint to a more orange-ish white compared to a blue-ish white that is normally seen during the day.
  7. I kinda just use Google for my primary, but I have my own email server setup for my website so I can managed delivery rates/bounces easier (rather than not knowing at all).
  8. Probably back in like 2004-ish? I remember growing up on basically Neopets, Zoo Tycoon, and a few other fun games back in the day.
  9. Some games won’t work, dependent on the VM software you are using, and others may have a input lag or a graphical lag dependent on the FPS of the game and how the VM is handling usage of a given GPU.
  10. I mostly just buy DLC or addons, I kinda like having the physical copy of the game rather than a store where it could disappear over time.
  11. Skyrim, No Man’s Sky (in a way), Horizon Zero Dawn.
  12. After they renamed everything to chapter 2, I kinda just stopped playing. The game was fun in the start, and then it became too try-hard like with everyone mass building or the guns swapping out and then getting nerfed or buffed later.
  13. Honestly the story behind death note and the concept of playing him, watching others get his notebook or how many things have gone on, would be pretty cool in my eyes.
  14. I have the sims 4 on my PC that I play semi-often, it’s definitely a game that I don’t think will ever get old or replaced easily due to its unique play style.
  15. The problem is everyone is tired of every lobby having hackers that just ruin the game and experience. I think with Battlefield also coming out, it’s basically made a bunch of people shift to there since it’s newer and a known franchise that doesn’t mess things up too badly like Warzone has become.
  16. Highly unlikely, and even if it does, it’ll end up like that movie Virtual Revolution) where people stay plugged in 24/7, some here and there, and others not at all.
  17. RuneScape is a good choice, or possibly other MMORPG games that you can play on any device (Albion Online, etc.).
  18. I think it might be when it’s legit impossible to complete a task unless you have the highest actual skill level (which even then is still rare - think of guitar hero 3’s legendary song and how to this day not that many people can even get through it fully without the crowd booing and stopping it).
  19. I think it depends. If you are doing the same task in different areas, no. But if it’s legit the same task in the same area repeated, then I can see how it’s a grind and can get boring (I rarely do get bored of those).
  20. I think it’s crazy with the GTA remaster is that they have already done a remaster before, and sold it on last generation consoles - yet here we are with another remaster that they couldn’t nail at all. On top of that, the mods that fixed the graphics were way better than what rockstar’s team has put out as well.
  21. I think they should regenerate passively, since it makes sense that stamina would (realistically) - but I can see for some games why it makes sense things like mana and health may not in order to provide a greater challenge.
  22. I would say helpful, unless it legit just keeps telling you hints when you are possibly doing them already or already have completed the hint it’s suggesting.
  23. Right now mostly just PS4, PC, with very slight mobile gaming. Always been in the first two platforms and more so on mobile the last few years when there are cross play games to play on it.
  24. The only time I have done this, is really when I’m in a VR game or if I have the lights off and it’s a dark room I kinda of zone out and zone into the actual game.
  25. Mine would be Playststion, and probably just due to the way the controller felt in my hand. For whatever reason, the Xbox controller felt so bulky. Plus at the time, there weren’t really any amazing PC games due to dialup internet still being the main way to connect as broadband was so expensive.
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