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  1. Yes I currently use 1Password for everything. Makes it so much easier with their extensions on mobile too.
  2. I normally just use my gamer tag. If it needs to be random then I just use those random name generators.
  3. If you can pick your partner or you aren’t dependent on them fully, it’s cool. But if it’s games where you need them to work and play correctly - it can get super annoying after awhile.
  4. More storage. Only having <2TB is extremely small these days considering how much space a base game install can take,and updates and add-one that get released later on.
  5. Sony Vega, then PS2, GameBoy, GameCube, PS3, PS Vita, PS4
  6. I personally prefer CDs to everything, since online purchasing sounds great but there is nothing like being able to play a game or run it without the need for an internet connection (or having to worry about internal storage space).
  7. I love it, so much endgame content it’s crazy. Plus the way that everything is so realistic is definitely a huge plus. I’ve tried online play and it really just feels like a reskin of GTA on the way people act, but otherwise it isn’t too bad.
  8. Idk how I feel about this. It’s legit the same game that they released on PS4/PS3/mobile, so not too sure how they can even call it something different since it is just another port with the same graphics, etc.
  9. Command and Conquer, Sims City, The Sims, Need for Speed, and even Burnout are my top ones
  10. RuneScape, Albion Online, Nexomon are all good choices for a game you can play while working or even on break endlessly
  11. I currently have two in case friends want to come over, gone are the days of quad split screen on a single console so more than 2 isn’t really needed in my eyes
  12. More than likely in 2024-2025 at this point. GTA V online makes them way too much money to give up, esp said ally that it’ll be on the newer generation of consoles all over again.
  13. Improved controls, slightly tweaked graphics, and better audio if possible since a lot of old game’s audio is very shallow at best
  14. Probably RuneScape again since it’s on mobile. Haven’t really touched my PS4 in a hot minute sadly
  15. Racing games, some MOBAs are really quick, possibly an RPG or something with a window you can pause it on.
  16. Primarily just use Google since their ranking of pages seems the most accurate in my eyes compared to others.
  17. I think they have to adjust the ability to aim and shoot otherwise it’s hard to do all of the controls while touching just a screen. Kinda makes the game easier for those who have the game controllers that plug into their phone.
  18. I think it depends on the game, what you have the game settings set to, and how older your phone is overall. I know it’s to be expected to loose battery faster, but nothing drastic such as loosing a full battery in an 30min-1hr sitting.
  19. I think when it comes to a bad story or gameplay that has poor reviews, or if the game just isn’t really relevant anymore and the fans have jumped ship to another series or the newest game and don’t want to play the game again years later.
  20. GTA V, Forza, Death Stranding, and I think maybe even Saints Row but I can’t remember too much
  21. When the story, and extra tasks are done. Only the missions that are there to add money, etc. remain and are the repetitive ones. Otherwise I’d consider it done.
  22. I wish that they went the route they did with the last one for PS4 where it had drums, mic, 2 guitars etc. the newer game’s guitar is kinda lame in the fact that they tried to make it a tad too real which kinda lost their fan base.
  23. Standard - especially with the game drive requiring very specific elements and the sizes of these games just being massive.
  24. Yes, I think the whole idea of having a touch feedback back case is perfect. It adds a new layer of mobile gameplay that other consoles just aren’t able to even get to.
  25. I’m loving it, gives me that Battlefield 4 vibes with the huge matches and buildings that can dynamically change the map as the match progresses
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