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  1. This is a Canadian-American Sci-Fi series created by Brad Wright who also did Stargate series. It stars Eric McCormack, Mackenzie Porter, Jared Abrahamson, among others. Went on for 3 seasons with a total of 34 episodes. The plot deals with a post-apocalyptic future where Operatives, known as “Travelers”, are tasked with preventing the collapse of society. These Travelers are sent back in time & transferred into a host body at the moment of the latter’s death. Travelers are required to behave according to certain protocols to protect the timeline: -The mission comes first. -Leave the future in the past. -Don't take a life; don't save a life, unless otherwise directed. Do not interfere. -Do not reproduce. -In the absence of direction, maintain your host's life. -Do not communicate with other known travelers outside of your team unless sanctioned by the Director. While this show was cancelled, they did tie up loose ends. Time travel shows always will involve plot holes but I loved it honestly. Anybody watch it? What did you think? Do you go for Time travel shows?
  2. ZandraJoi

    Song of Iron

    I have a friend who tried this out. It's a nice Nordic simulation that kept them going. Had some challenges thrown in but overall, they thought it was a fairly easy game to play. Didn't take them long to finish it. I read that some people had trouble with the control configurations. It was something to get used to. I'll see what others say & if this may be something I tried out as well. What did you think of it?
  3. ZandraJoi


    I’ve played a children’s version of this when I was a kid but haven’t played it since. I’m in the USA & it’s not as popular here, at least not where I live, as it is across the pond. It involves hitting wooden or now plastic balls with a mallet through wickets on a lawn. From what I read, it was widely popular in the Victorian era as a popular pastime for both males & females. What do you think of this game? Is it common where you live? While it takes skill, it’s quite easy to learn.
  4. This is a tough one. Prison outfit does look more comfortable, true, but it also screams Convict! A clown costume just screams lol with the loud colors. I'd go for the prison outfit as well. I prefer comfort over constricting clothing.
  5. I prefer to try something. I too don’t care for the What-ifs. They tend to go round & round in you head & can cause some guilt, dread with the not knowing.
  6. Neither! I like doing my own cleaning, we cook, & we can answer our own door lol I’ll pick a cool butler. Any maid would not clean like I like. I'd be going around redoing what she did & may as well save me some money!
  7. I don't watch sports but I would prefer at home. More comfortable. Plus I’m spoiled on having DVR with the ability to Pause, Rewind what I’m watching. Or as my husband does it, fast forwards through some plays!
  8. We don’t celebrate holidays & only acknowledge them so I’m fine with giving up both lol But to answer the question, I would give up Christmas. My birthday is just that, day of my birth & it’s all mine :)
  9. I choose Africa. I've always had a curiousity at the continent. One of my favorite movies is The Ghost & The Darkness that involves the true story of the man-eaters of Tsavo. Any of you know that Africa is bigger than the maps make it out to be?
  10. ZandraJoi

    Water polo

    Water polo has been in the Olympics since 1900 with a women’s tournament in 2000. I’ve always thought of volleyball or basketball when I think of Water polo. I know of some who have played a version of this either as a child or adult. Tweaking the rules around as well to make it all the more fun. They didn’t take themselves too seriously but enjoyed getting a nice workout while staying cool in the pool. What did you think of this game? Have you played it & tweaked some of the rules too?
  11. ZandraJoi


    The game can date back to the 6th century BC (BCE). It was first used as a training game for the Persian Calvary. It’s interesting to note that Polo was actually an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1936. It consists of two teams with four players each on horseback. I must admit I have never tried this game at all. I only rode a horse when I was young & I cannot imagine trying to focus on riding as well as playing a game like this. I’m intrigued at who all has tried this game & their opinions on it.
  12. We’ve watched the 2 seasons on Netflix. It’s a Belgian Sci-Fi drama. The plot revolves around a plane that is hijacked & the passengers find out that exposure to the sun kills all living things. There’s several languages spoken in here but I found that Netflix English translation did a great job. Unfortunately, the seasons are short & the episode length averages 35 to 40 minutes, however they seem to pack quite a bit into those short episodes. Anybody watch this? What did you think?
  13. While I’m not huge into gaming, I love this concept! Toxicity can ruin even the most joyous activity. I feel that the more sites like this that are promoted, the more gamers will come out of the woodwork. I’ve talked to several people before. They just want to have a good time, playing a game, chatting with like-minded individuals. Some minor bantering, competition is healthy, however, sites that encourage bashing & badmouthing also encourage people to up & quit. There are numerous reasons why people play a game. One is to just escape reality, similar to vegging in front of the TV watching a movie. It relaxes them, gives them some social time, even boosts their morale when they were able to make it to the next level. I’d love to help spread the word about this site. Life is too short.
  14. Tough one for me as I love the water as well as astronomy. However, I would have to pick the moon. Even though others have done it, I personally have not & it would be an awesome experience.
  15. Detect every lie I hear. Just be nice to know who would be hiding the truth. People can lie so easily. That’s evident from how actors can act & you can get caught up in the proverbial lie.
  16. I'd prefer to have my hand stuck in a jar. I have my other hand as well as objects laying around that could help me free it. I couldn't imagine having a bucket stuck on my head & not being able to see where I was going.
  17. I would rather BE the dragon. Owning one would get quite expensive! & I figured, being so big, I could do some good out there. Instead of starting random fires, could help with campfires lol
  18. I would choose being a sand castle. I just don't have it in me to 'crash' somebody's happiness lol A sand castle is lovingly built with thought into it.
  19. While I haven’t bowled in a very long time, I do like it. However, I am not good at it lol I think back to when we had to take it in P.E. class & was graded. I always thought that was unfair. Not all of us are good at sports. Plus we had to learn how to keep score. I had my brother-in-law at the time help explain it better as our teacher pretty much just put us in there & expected us to ‘just know’.
  20. Wow! I'm impressed! Have any of them been published? Or are they just for your own eyes? Do you keep a diary as well? I had started a book, wrote numerous poems. Kept a diary since 1990. But all of my writings are for my own personal use. I shared them sometimes with family or friends, but they were just therapeutic for me. Plus, when you are a writer, you HAVE to write to get it out of your head! Are you like that too?
  21. This was a comedy/ drama series that ran for 7 seasons from 2000-2007. With a mini-series of 4 episodes detailing each season, set a decade later called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. It starred Lauren Graham who plays the mom Lorelai & Alexis Bledel, the teenage daughter, Rory. Lorelai was a teen mom & the storyline deals with her raising her child on her own, estranged from her family. Debuted on The WB then moved over to The CW for the last season. The stories were good, however Lorelai left a lot to be desired in her character. She was quite immature. It still kept my attention as I liked the other characters. What did you think about it? Who could you relate to the most?
  22. This is on Netflix in the Icelandic language. Though for once, Netflix English language translation matches the English subtitles so we are able to watch AND read it correctly. It’s a mystery drama created by Baltasar Kormákur. It just started in 2021 so there’s only 1 season & 8 episodes so far. It begins one year after Katla volcano started to erupt. Only a few people stay around but there are strange things happening for which nobody can explain. It is slow moving but it’s a good, steady pace to keep you wanting to watch it. I actually like some Foreign films as the actors are not the ‘perfect’ Hollywood actors we have. They actually look like normal people.
  23. I first heard of this word when I was a kid in school. I thought it was the coolest sounding word lol I recently found out that the new term is “Caving”. I think Spelunking sounds more chic. It is a recreational sport exploring caves. It is under the Extreme Sports as it is not for amateurs, unless you have a guide. You need gear, lighting, helmet, good clothing & boots. While I have explored a small cave, we didn’t need equipment, I cannot imagine going to the extreme like this sport does. Have you tried this? Would you?
  24. I believe they exist. To think we are the only beings out there is narcissistical. With billions of planets just in our own Milky Way Galaxy, not to mention many other galaxies with their own supply of planets, you have to think there is life out there. We also have to step out of our thinking that ‘life’ may not be what WE look or act like. It’s mind-boggling the various beings, cultures that could be out there.
  25. Lesser-known superhero. I cannot imagine doing ‘bad’ things. I don’t have it in me, even to play one in acting would not be feasible. I would feel too guilty & would apologize profusely afterwards!
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