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  1. My interests are the same. I grew up with light 80's rock bands & still prefer those older songs. Especially to newer ones of today. I do listen to more alternative easy-listening music than I did when I was younger. That is to keep stress levels down lol
  2. ZandraJoi


    I don't watch much TV nowadays anyways. More in winter because not much else to do lol For anime, I've only watched a few out there- Sailor Moon, InuYasha, Fruits Basket, Magic Knight Rayearth. I tried a few others but I like simple storylines, nothing gory & not over the top risque in nature. What are your favorites & why do you like them?
  3. I prefer wired as often as possible. From headphones to my mouse. But my new Logitech ergonomic TrackBall didn't come with that option anymore. The people at Best Buy looked at me like it was the oddest question they heard of when I asked if they carried a WIRED mouse. While you have the convenience & portability with a wireless, that convenience comes with a price. Wireless tends to act up so much more. Seems the advances they make in technology only advances their pocketbooks. I've had to buy a new mouse several times as it kept being faulty. I read reviews on many people having that same problem.
  4. I have heard this discussed among gamers as well. The Switch console isn't as good as they would have liked it to be. Maybe instead of creating a whole new system, Switch 2, they can do an adaptation to the original one so people don't have to shell out more money for another console. Would people be open to that? Why or why not would it work?
  5. I will go with GTA. I have seen that talked about the most on forums & sites I'm on. It seems to be quite popular. I too have seen people only play the one game & nothing else. Maybe it's to be proficient at it or maybe because they just like playing it. What do you think?
  6. I’ve heard of this one before from some friends. It looks like it’s a fantasy drama from a novel by Neil Gaiman back in 2001. For those who have watched it, I have a question, how gory or deep does the storyline goes? I'd be interested in watching it but while I can take some drama, I honestly prefer easy-going, lighter shows with a bit of a comedy aspect in them.
  7. I workout as a habit. Winter I do more videos whereas the summer I count doing yardwork as part of my workout. I like to make it fun & spice it up. Some days I do more, other days I practice Self-Care & focus on simple walking & stretches. I used to go to the Gym many years ago for classes but I rather exercise in the comfort of my own home plus it's cheaper. For those who go to the Gym, what machines do you like to use? Do you take classes as well?
  8. It's too bad that they feel the need to raise the prices. Many people rely on gaming for either a hobby or some extra income as a second job. Do people think other competitors would raise their prices? Or perhaps would they keep them low so that people on limited income would gravitate towards them instead of Xbox.
  9. While I have invented card & board games, I wouldn’t know where to begin with a video game. You have the graphics, themes, storyline to implement. I think it’d be best for those who wanted to give this a go to get a group of friends together to bounce ideas off each other. If you have invented a game, what was it about?
  10. Dice games are quite popular. When we get together with my parents, my husband & I play a variety of games with them including those that involve dice. I can see how a game on your mobile would be easier for most who just want to get a game in.
  11. Our computer came with One Drive but we prefer Carbonite. It’s an American company that offers an online backup service available to Windows & macOS users. It backs up everything. It is great for when you get a new computer. Also beneficial for when you lose a file, they keep them for so many days. Backs up files, pictures, anything stored on your computer. I love having the peace of mind. I honestly don’t care for “The Cloud”. I have had nothing but hassle utilizing them. Some like it but I prefer Carbonite.
  12. I use Microsoft Word. I have 26 Files & one is for TV shows & movies. I keep the list updated & even write notes. If we stopped watching it for one reason or another, I write down when we stopped & why. It's also beneficial when a TV show has a long hiatus & I can't remember the last season I watched. For movies, I also like putting in some actors names.
  13. For those who make their own music, where do you buy your equipment? Are there some places or sites you would recommend? Do you buy locally? I would opt to buy locally as the sales people could help me figure out what would best suit my needs. Plus, returns are easier to do. Do you have a room devoted to playing music? What all is in there?
  14. How much money can an average person earn? What is the most someone has earned that you know of? I know some Gamers have 'day jobs' & do gaming for just some extra cash. Is it worth it? Do you feel you get burnt out more having to play games for money? I would feel the pressure personally.
  15. Do you fall for them? Do you think they are prevalent? Do you use it yourself? I know I have & I know I shouldn’t. More times than not, it’s quite stupid & then I worry I just infected my computer even if the site was legitimate. I had always considered clickbaits to be mean but when I read more on it to do my research, some actually DO use it for their own sites, & not in a malicious attempt either. For those who use it for their sites, is it beneficial?
  16. I don't have one particular song but Heavy Metal tends to hurt my head! It's the lyrics as well as the beat. Some Rap music I don't care for either for the same reasons. I prefer slower moving music that helps uplift my mood. I do know that some people have said Heavy Metal & Rap makes them feel good.
  17. ZandraJoi


    I tend to like a wide variety. I like to learn so it varies. Self help, holistic, alternative health, wildlife. Not into novels though. Used to read novels growing up, now I focus more on keeping healthy. I don't have a favorite author. I just pick a book that looks interesting from the library.
  18. I am not technically inclined whatsoever so I cannot imagine building one. However, I have great reverence for those who have the knowledge & know-how to build from scratch. Our desktop & laptop is just Dell. We've always had good experiences with this brand so keep with what we know. I know others don't like them but we've had good luck for the amount we use it.
  19. While I don't care for many of them i.e. wrestling, you do have to admit they require a good level of physical & mental ingenuity. I figure the more that's in there, the more it encourages people to be physically fit. However, I do like what others have suggested for Chess. While it's not physical, it does involve skill & strategy.
  20. ZandraJoi


    Good for you for sticking with it! I had joined a gym many years ago. I also loved taking the different classes they had available. Do any of you do classes too? What are your favorites? Right now though, I prefer exercising at home. I have DVDs & use Youtube to follow some fitness trainers. I only have a couple of dumbbells as I prefer bodyweight exercises more.
  21. I 100% agree with what you said! While I don't mind taking care of people, it's different when it's a 24/7 job & all your responsibility. So much headache & heartache. If I could go back, I would wish my parents homeschooled me. I learned more AFTER I graduated. Plus there's more one on one care so I feel the child learns better.
  22. Yes, I've done Sudoku. However, I need to do the Easy ones lol My husband loves the more Challenging puzzles. I know there is strategy involved but I haven't quite figured that one out. Do you like it? Do you find you have a strategy? Which ones do you like to do? I used to read more years ago. Now, I just do my puzzle books. Who is your favorite author?
  23. Now this movie was right up my alley! A 2012 movie starring Drew Barrymore. It is based on the true story of Operation Breakthrough to save stranded gray whales trapped in pack ice in Alaska (USA). It details the lengths humans went through to save these creatures. I must say, even though I have always been into whales & dolphins, that until this movie came out, I had never heard of this rescue. What did you think of the movie? Would you be willing to volunteer your time to help out? I would if at all possible!
  24. Based off of a book by Aron Ralston- Between a rock & a hard place, 2004. This 2010 movie stars James Franco. It’s a biographical survival drama film about canyoneer Aron Ralston who gets trapped by a boulder in Utah & has to figure out how to help himself. It’s a deep movie but I can’t help but get irked with the character for going alone. You don’t go hiking by yourself. It’s dangerous! What did you think of this? Did you read the book as well? What would you do if you were in this situation?
  25. What is your favorite skin? Have you switched them up or stayed with one? Why did you pick that particular one? Do you think it helps improve your game? Sometimes people pick something, similar to picking an avatar, as it helps boost themselves up. Picking a funny one tends to make the game more easy going. Whereas a serious skin, is a visual to help improve your game & be more serious.
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