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  1. A film trilogy based on the novels by Veronica Roth. The three Sci-Fi Action movies are: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant from 2014 to 2016. Stars Shailene Woodley & Theo James. Set in dystopian future. Their society is broken into six factions. Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), & Erudite (the intellectual). With the sixth one being the Factionless, for those who were cast out. I found the first & second movies to be quite good, with the third one to be the best yet. Did you watch this series? If you read the books, how did they compare?
  2. Curious: Do people call it billiards or pool? Growing up, we had a pool table & we always called it pool. We also had a swimming pool so imagine being a young kid learning that difference lol While I was not good at it, my parents still have a pool table & we play games on it sometimes when we visit them. Just brings back memories. I don't care to watch it, or any sport really for that matter. I rather be in on the game.
  3. ZandraJoi

    Pub games

    While I've never been to a pub or bar, growing up, we had a nice full basement complete with a pool table where we also put the ping pong table on as well as a dart board. It was always enjoyable as a kid having games to play. While I wasn't that good at darts, I did do my best. Have any of you hit the bulls-eye? I cannot recall me ever doing that. There were times I barely could hit the target lol
  4. I would choose lose the ability to lie. The truth is relative to be honest. I’ve believed some things that were the truth at that time, only to find out it wasn’t. Also the truth can mean different things.
  5. Lose the ability to speak. Being an introvert, I need to see the written words in order for it to process in my head. I couldn't imagine not being able to read & hence not being able to write out what I was feeling.
  6. I pick whisper. While I don’t talk all that much, I do like to talk to my husband & parents. Not to mention talk to my furbabies. Humans & pets would wonder what was going on lol
  7. With my husband, yes. Not so much with my mom as they live an hour away now. But I do make sure we see them monthly & we play board games or just chitchat. Who do you play games with?
  8. I would always choose to be me. I am my own person & I would not want to be nor live someone else’s life. Plus I wouldn’t feel comfortable waking up as a celebrity. I’m a private person & that would throw my whole life into chaos & I’d get very stressed & depressed lol
  9. I would always choose freedom over being cooped up in a cage. Aka being a slave. If I die young, I would die knowing I was free, with dignity & honor. Yes, I would think that way even if I was a bird lol
  10. I would pick the grand piano & sell it. I am not into music really especially playing musical instruments. I’m also not into fashion. & while the term fashion is relative to individuals, I like being comfortable in my clothes. I don’t care if it’s not the latest trend.
  11. When I was young, we had Atari & my mom & I would play games together or alternate at least. Later on, when my husband & I bought Nintendo, we'd play against each other in some games that allowed it. Otherwise we too would switch who's turn it is.
  12. We try out the Normal settings but if it gets to be too much, we change to Easy. Only after we've done a game once & feel confident, will we go to the Hard level. I like a challenge but I rather have fun more than anything.
  13. Bugs Bunny for me! I also like the trio of Bugs, Daffy, Elmer doing their skits. Especially the Rabbit Season/ Duck Season skit! Anybody into the spin-offs of Tiny Toons or Baby Looney Tunes? They are older cartoons as well but I've always enjoyed them for a good laugh.
  14. I watched a few episodes when it came out in 2005 but it IS quite deep. I used to be into horror movies & shows but as I’ve gotten older, they are not for me anymore. I can handle Sci-Fi, but nothing on the gory side. It is an American Dark Fantasy Drama starring Jared Padalecki (Gilmore Girls). It has a good cult following going on for 15 seasons now. But I know many who are saddened it will end.
  15. Jim Gaffigan, John Pinette are some of the ones I like. I will have to add in Bill Cosby too. Regardless of what goes on with the media, I can still enjoy somebody's talent. We've even seen him at a show many years ago. He was always quite funny & I've recently watched some of his shows again from the 1980's. Timeless classics!
  16. A 2011 Sci-Fi Action movie starring Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried. In the year 2169, people are genetically engineered to stop aging when they reach the age of 25. Then a one-year countdown begins on their arm. When it reaches Zero, the person dies. Instead of using money as currency, they use Time as their currency. Just like with society now, there exists the poor & the rich. My husband & I watched this movie shortly after it came out & I’d watch it again, knowing I may have missed several key points. Did you watch it? What do you think of living in a society like this?
  17. I can do without heavy metal. All the instruments playing & the singers don’t sing, they yell. Country music is another one along with rap music. Now granted, I do like some country songs but for the most part, I gravitate towards 80’s music. The era I grew up in. Music was different back then.
  18. I like to unwind with a Variety puzzle book if it’s summertime or my Jigsaw puzzle in the wintertime. Sitting with my furbabies, petting them is quite relaxing & if I’ve been gone all day, they would have missed me so it’s a win-win situation.
  19. I prefer routines, a set schedule myself. Have to know though that even a routine can have its set of adventure. Example, I take walks daily, that's routine. However, depending on where I go, I see different things. I may catch sight of a nest I didn't see in the last walk. This is also walking on our wooded acreage where I'm always finding new things but the same can be said walking in the city or suburbs.
  20. This is certainly a tough one. I hate having both especially when they are together. That's the worst! When you have a sore throat & the coughing is making it so much more painful. To answer I will say I rather have a sore throat. Coughing keeps waking me up so I never get any sleep. Sore throat I found using honey or melting ice cubes helps tone down the pain, albeit temporarily.
  21. Figure we bump this thread as it’s getting into the holiday season pretty soon. They'll start playing Christmas songs in stores very shortly. My favorite are the classics from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman. Simple ones I remember in Christmas cartoons when I was a kid. Yet they are still playing every year!
  22. Being hard or easy is individualized. Since the consensus says that most of the games are becoming too easy, I think the company should look into how to adapt for all levels. Most games I've played have different expertise levels. Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate. They should incorporate those so that a game can be enjoyed by all.
  23. ZandraJoi

    Donkey Kong

    I’m older so we had the Atari version which included Donkey Kong, the original. While the graphics were different back then versus now, it was still a fun game to play & my family enjoyed it. Didn’t care for Donkey Kong Jr. Didn’t have the same feel. Never tried Donkey Kong Country.
  24. I've always preferred Nintendo as the console, controllers, games tend to be more user-friendly. I would hope they continue to listen to their customers & keep making it that way. They need to find their own groove in the gaming world. People don't want the same ol' system that others have to offer. If they do a version of Switch, they have to really kick it up a notch to make it different.
  25. ZandraJoi

    Rock climbing

    Ever go rock climbing, even indoors? I haven't but I'd think it'd be interesting. I would try the indoors one first tho lol I’m putting this under sports as it involves being athletic & having some fitness level to pull yourself up. There’s a place locally that has a Rock climbing wall but I never attempted it as it was always so crowded. Some have even gone so far as to build their own on their property. I’m curious who all has done rock climbing at a center & who has graduated to rock climbing on actual cliffs. Or even vice versa! I know of a person who loves the thrill & adventure of climbing cliffs.
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