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  1. I unplug throughout the day. We don't do cell phones & don't believe in all the high-tech gadgets out there so it makes it easy to relax. I wouldn't say "spice up" the free time, but I guess I feel when we are able to use our own minds without outside influence, that can be a way to "spice" it up!
  2. This is a hard one. Spending time with my spouse is always rewarding, however, we want to enjoy the movie as well. I'll pick a good movie alone. That is, unless my husband & I can talk, read while "watching" the terrible movie lol
  3. I'm already child-free by choice so this is an easy one. I rather have no kids. It's not about the money. I like my life the way it is with furbabies. It's hard to raise a kid back then & more so now.
  4. When they have a monopoly on something, it's easy to up prices for competition. Many people have used Netflix for years & many stay loyal & Netflix knows that. I think it's ridiculous the prices out there. Now Netflix made it so you can't rearrange you Instant Queue. They got rid of the ratings to be just a Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down. Some shows I chose '3', the middle.
  5. I loved these movies though I don't care for Disney's franchise anymore. Always been a fan of Johnny Depp since 21 Jump Street (the original). Fun Fact: He's an introvert! There's 5 movies & there is talk there may be a 6th one. Do you think that's too many? I do. When the storyline goes on for too long & especially for too long timewise in between the first to the last, it loses its meaning.
  6. Now I’m talking about the original series that began in 1970, based in Canada. Was first called The Kids of Degrassi Street. Created by Kit Hood & Linda Schuyler. While I didn’t watch the first one, I started at Degrassi Junior High & then onto Degrassi High. The Next Generation had some of the same characters, now older as it was made in 2001. After awhile, the premise lost its touch. I loved watching it from the 80’s & 90’s because it featured real people (the actors had pimples & were not stick thin) with storylines to match. The Next Generation started to become a Teen Soap Opera. Who has watched these? If you are of the younger generation, did you know it began in 1979?
  7. Putting this in Sports because it does have to do with physical fitness. Any of you ever had one of those big trampolines? How about a mini one, also called a Rebounder? We had a mini Rebounder when I was younger that I loved playing on as a kid. I would put small toys on it & try to bounce without the toys touching me. Was not a good idea lol My parents warned me not to do it but you know kids! I had a friend who had one of those big ones but I didn’t try it that I could recall. Having a small one is one thing, but a huge one & where back in the day, we didn’t have all those ‘safety’ features, I honestly was never a risk-taker. Even if you are not a kid, don’t have kids, adults alike can enjoy these.
  8. How much does it cost for a set-up? I know of some who have several monitors, special chair. What all would you want to buy in order to appreciate the experience of this game? Where would you buy these products for a good deal? Is it really worth the hassle? I guess I would prefer to spend the money on games but then there's also something to be said about being comfortable.
  9. I don’t care for the cold & I can’t find much that I like about winter lol Days are short, no sun, no warmth, no colors. Just so dreary. Only thing I DO like is because I like stargazing, there's new constellations overhead that I don't get to see in the summer. I bundle up & can get lost in time with my telescope.
  10. Filled with light. I tend to have lights on at night anyways. I like to read, write, clean, so I need to be able to see what I'm doing. I have a lavender scented eyepad I use to cover my eyes so even if the lights are on, my eyes are closed to darkness.
  11. I unplug often throughout the day & we don't believe in cell phones. Since we live on acreage, I already take a nice walk on our land. While I don't need a backpack per se, I do carry with me a compass & my Guide books so I can identify what's out there.
  12. I would rather just be & stay me. While it would be nice to have other talents, I don't want to be somebody else. People can adapt to situations & even their jobs & learn to turn off the noise & confusion when they get home & learn not to dwell on it.
  13. I will pick moral values. You can accept the person even if you don't accept what they do or believe in it yourself. Tolerance & Respect has to go both ways. Many people tend to forget that.
  14. Sorry to hear of your uncle passing! Have you been able to learn anything? I think the best way to learn is first, to have the willingness to learn as well as the desire. There are loads of books, videos people can read & watch. When I learn something, I tend to learn on my own but I do like having a one on one to help me when I get stuck. Some people prefer classes as that fits their personality better.
  15. I looked this one up. I do remember watching a few episodes before. It started in 2007. I thought it was newer. Something must be going good as it's on its 11th season. It wasn't bad but I do agree, Hollywood tends to take things up many levels for the dramatic effect. I think if they would keep it real, create backstories so we can get to know the characters, that would be better.
  16. ZandraJoi

    Squid Game

    I've been hearing about this a lot lately. People seem to be really into it. I actually enjoy Korean based shows. I think the acting is quite good & I've even picked up a few Korean words. I tend to watch it in the native language with English translation. For those who have watched other survivor shows like Survivor in the USA, how does this compare? I may check it out soon. As long as it's not overly deep.
  17. A TV series in 2016 that starred Josh Holloway (from Lost) & Sarah Wayne Callies (from The Walking Dead). Another Sci-Fi story that ended prematurely. Lasted only 3 seasons. The plot revolves around a family fighting to stay together in light of an alien invasion in a dystopian Los Angeles. We really loved this show when it was on. It is a bit depressing however. What did you think of this show? What would you change?
  18. For sports or other recreation. Is it a garage or basement room converted? Own building? When did you decide to have one? What do you use it for? i.e. parties, just hanging out. We don't have one as we don't entertain people. My husband has commandeered the garage though for his own use. Not to watch TV or the like, but just to relax, tinker, etc.
  19. I pick Haunted House. I don't believe in ghosts. There may be things, apparitions out there, that's not for me to comment on. I guess I feel that the fear would only get to you if you let it. That quote: “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”. The fear itself, the unknown, can get to someone before the 'thing' can.
  20. I would choose not laughing. There are other ways to release stress. Talking about things can make anything seem humorous, deep, or sad. There are so many ways to express our emotions & if we think about it, we can concoct some cool ways.
  21. I'm an introvert so would prefer to work alone. Even with my husband, we tend to be off on our own. Having the other's help if we need it. We do however work well together, just when you work by yourself, you can go at your own pace without peer pressure or anything inhibiting you.
  22. I watched this show many years ago & since it’s on Instant Queue for Netflix, I got my husband watching it now as well. Always funny how when you rewatch something, you catch things you didn’t the first time around. Did you like the spin-offs or movies? We are on Atlantis right now & will see about testing the waters for the other ones.
  23. Since I've gotten older, I'm not into amusement parks nor their rides & features anymore. I do however read a lot so I'd pick the library. You can literally get lost in the worlds of those books. It is an introvert's dream 🙂
  24. We don't do gifts for birthdays, holidays, but to answer, I'd say Cash. Unless it’s a well-thought out handmade gift. It never made sense to me. I buy you something for your birthday, you buy me something. Let's just keep the money & buy what we REALLY wanted! & focus on the time with each other instead.
  25. I think the acting is great. You have to put aside Hollywood & their ideals when watching any foreign film. To me, Hollywood tends to be over the top & people tend to expect that & some are disappointed when foreign ones don't live up to that.
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