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  1. Good list. The RE2 remake is pretty high on the list for me, along with Doom Eternal, Black Ops 4 and The Forest. There're few smaller experiences like Darkest Dungeon's DLC 'The Colour of Madness' I'm super pumped for, too.
  2. It's a great game! One of my personal games of the year so far (along with God Of War, Into The Breach and Octopath Traveler). In my opinion, it's much better than Beyond Two Souls and on a par with the excellent Heavy Rain.
  3. Good question! I think Infinity Ward's COD 4: MW was the game-changer with its brand new shiny engine. However, my heart truly belongs to Treyarch's early efforts like COD 5: World At War and COD: Black Ops, mainly for introducing zombies and super fun party modes like 'One In The Chamber' and 'Gun Game.'
  4. I think you're onto something. At the end of the day, we only have a finite amount of time/money. Hopefully, folks like us - who write about games - will be able to help spotlight lesser known indies and help bring them to a bigger audience. That's something I always relish: Introducing people to awesome games that they've probably never heard of before.
  5. I work with all you lovely folk, so that's how I found myself here:)
  6. Daemon Hatfield from IGN is a cool dude who's not only a great presenter and writer but a terrific musician, too. I'm loving his latest single 'Orissa' from his new outfit Color Computer. Nice balance of 80s synths, a rocking' guitar solo, and great lyrics. Perfect summer tune. Check it out:
  7. Honestly, the thought of 20 indie games releasing every week on Switch kinda gives me anxiety, lol. Too. Many GAMES. It's a good tactic from Ninty, though. I friggin' love great indie games.
  8. I forgive you! ;) Seriously though, there are so many awesome indies on Switch, it's really tough to keep track of all of 'em!
  9. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Darkest Dungeon should be on this list imho. Definitely one of the most addictive indie titles I've played for a while.
  10. Good question. There are a few on this list that I haven't played tbh. Out of the ones I have played, I found Celeste and Furi to be a touch overrated (not a popular opinion, particularly the former, I know). Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight and The Binding of Isaac are all ace. My fave - out of the ones I've played - is Hollow Knight. It's a proper gem that one. I really wanna check out Battle Chasers at some point. It's supposed to be rad.
  11. 100% agree with Aimee: Alien Vs Predator is super underrated and deserves a comeback in some shape or form. An Alien: Isolation sequel would be cool, too. As you can probably tell, I kinda like games with xenomorphs in them lol
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