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  1. That's buddy about the comparison with God of war. They resembles, almost same gameplay. The image of the main protagonist is fearful just as you've said it.
  2. Yes, his an Assassins Creed warrior, which required special skill to care for the players representing great deal in the game, which led to it's movie worthwhile.
  3. VGR is still very much user friendly. The Ads aren't much, it's simply at utmost one sided here in the forum, which isn't intrusive at all.
  4. That's tremendous that God of war is similar to the game but differs some improvement when it comes to brutality according what you've said.
  5. Yes, it makes me think good, and bring back those old feelings of mine some years ago simply playing soccer games alot.
  6. Ohh, I got your points about the game dark souls. I was thinking it's kinda horror game. Now I understand what you mean , for it being an action but with mighty warriors.
  7. That's how it should be. When you aren't receiving what made you hang on to the site, it means moving off from the site. But when it meets your requirements then you hang on to source for what you came for.
  8. Such makes me feel like I'm moving to the super - lunar, because the feeling of being a professional footballer in the VR world makes me feeling professional already.
  9. Laughs, that's true, they are simply forcing you now to use their Ads feature or simply not visiting sourcing for the information you came looking for.
  10. That's good to hear such from you, that you prefer being the reflection of your real self, and having fun while the video game story is recreated around you.
  11. Yes, I've been around such websites, and they are mostly forum. Because they spent money to buy such plugin that detects such via the website when users try to block the intrusive ads.
  12. Lol, I love such kind of game that are frightening indeed. I love combat games too, that's why I love MK till this day.
  13. Yes, gaming addiction isn't worth it at all. We shouldn't spend too much of our time simply for video games. We should play and have time for other things too.
  14. Everyone has choice when it comes to choosing over worthwhile video games and the one that isn't satisfying to him or her. I found F&F uninspiring.
  15. I wish you success in all your business endeavor, provided it's simply legit. PS5 console capital will arrive from there to satisfy your urge.
  16. 😅, He's simply a die hard warrior. The trailer I watched especially during the action packed event where they wanted to hang him by rope, proved that he is super.
  17. Hmm, I wouldn't like the act of working so hard just for another's derivatives. That's modern slavery indeed, if that's what Amazon is doing.
  18. It can stay there for ten years, provided your PlayStation is a sound one, and you're simply maintaining it with carefulness. Their is nothing stopping the games from playing after five years.
  19. I don't have the trailer that's exactly what I'm asking for, so I'll see how the game moves around via the trailer. If you have, you can share.
  20. Fantastic video game, with amazing gameplay, cutscenes, background and image resolutions. I really love it, that's kind of game I've been longing for.
  21. This dark souls seems like a scintillating video game with the positive reviews I've gotten from users here. Especially you and @Bobleehave said same thing around the video game. I'll be considering it when I launch my new console.
  22. Hmm, I won't spend money on what I saw on the screen for the F&F video game. I will simply use that fund to donate to charity if I have nothing else I'm doing with it.
  23. I understand it's good to check in track of how many hours I am spending everyday for a period of one year, in order not to be too addicted to gaming.
  24. Some of the tablets are simply big for nothing, they aren't high in RAM, or internal storage. I've seen a tablet phone with just low RAM of 1GB.
  25. That's because I am using PS3 console, most of the games I have here are simply installed games which is over a year + now.
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