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  1. Likewise, Vice City is probably my favourite entry in the series to date. It just felt like it was made with a lot of love from Rockstar. The characters, storyline, soundtrack, and even the vehicles are all very nostalgic of the 1980's. There's plenty of content and challenge with the game if you don't use cheats. I was very happy to get a port of the game on PS4 with trophies, but disappointed that there had to be some omissions with the soundtrack due to licensing.
  2. Just wondering if anyone else watches or subscribes to Tiametmarduk and his F1 content on YouTube? I've been following him for a couple of years now, and what I like about him is that he seems really down-to-earth and game for a laugh. Despite him clearly having a decent skill level at the game (no assists, 110% AI difficulty) he doesn't really boast or brag about it.. Almost the opposite is true, in fact. I've never had the pleasure of racing in one of his open lobbies (I still play with several assists enabled), but don't really have the desire to do so either. I just enjoy watching his content, whether it's his journey through career mode in single player, online league racing, or the open lobbies. Sometimes the racing can be more entertaining than the real thing!
  3. Whether or not you're a trophy hunter, how many trophies do you currently have? Bronze: 1,916 Silver: 544 Gold: 180 Platinum: 30 I do consider myself to be a trophy hunter, though I don't resort to "EZPZ" games for easy platinums, and nor do I play repeat stacks of the same game. According to TrueTrophies*, I currently have a completion percentage of 56.28% with the DLC that I have started (must do better 😅), and a difficulty ratio of 1.8072 which is pretty decent.. *This is not an affiliate link, it just takes you to my gaming profile.
  4. Part of me wishes I'd held on to my Xbox 360 Slim that got banned for modding purposes, but similarly I don't have the soldering skills and would have had to pay someone to do it for me.. I seem to recall it's quite a capable console for emulation 🤔
  5. A lot of PS4 games run better on the PS5 too, thanks to the extra oomph from newer hardware.. 🙂 https://www.psu.com/news/guide-all-ps4-games-that-perform-better-on-ps5/ Ideal for those with an original model PS4, like me!
  6. Did you know that Fifa 22 already has trophy issues on the PS5? If like me you're a trophy hunter, and would prefer to avoid starting up any games with similar issues (yes, we're a funny breed), then PST.org has you covered.. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/309260-server-shutdowns-and-unobtainable-trophies/ I've seen a few lists of the same ilk, but none are maintained and updated as well as this one 👍 I have no personal affiliation with the site, so hopefully it is ok to be posted here rather than attempting to re-invent the wheel..
  7. The Dbrand darkplates have now unfortunately been withdrawn from sale.. ☹️ https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/dbrand-declares-its-ps5-darkplates-are-dead-after-sony-threatens-legal-action Seems like Sony might have plans to release their own, and didn't take kindly to other manufacturers cutting in on potential profits.
  8. I gave it a go, but it wasn't the easiest of things to set up. Booting games directly from the HDD in many cases introduced a number of framerate issues, especially with FMVs, since the data transfer speeds weren't much better than the USB 1.1 ports on the front. I never tried booting Linux from it, I didn't really see the point in doing so.. (Playing games over Ethernet works much better.. 😇)
  9. I switch mine off.. I only use rest mode if I'm waiting for an update. Especially since after a gaming session, I'm never quite sure just how soon I'm likely to get another session in.
  10. I purchase the majority of my games via the PS Store these days.. I find the prices with Sony's digital sales are generally a lot cheaper than obtaining physical copies, especially if you're prepared to risk shopping around in different regions (Turkey, Indonesia, and Brazil seem to be best).
  11. There's still plenty of some life in the PS3.. The below is a PC comparison rather than PS3 vs PS4, but it poses the question "Just how good are remastered games?" To me it seems like on many occasions, gamers are simply getting ripped off.
  12. A past work colleague recommended this game to me.. I did pick it up on Steam in a sale, but I haven't really given it a go yet. Apparently you have to be quite specific with words that you use in questioning, and it's one of those games that are better as a couch co-op with friends.. I'd rather play it on PS4 for trophies, but as far as I can tell it's only been in a sale once a few years back.
  13. I'll definitely be picking up the remaster when it gets included in a PSN sale, and I'm glad to see the persistent rumours had some truth.. 😎 I owned it on Xbox 360 but never got around to playing it beyond the opening scenes.
  14. I try not to think about it too much, because otherwise I wouldn't end up playing any of them.. 😆 The moment I feel like firing up a new game, I just try to glance at my backlog and hope that something catches my eye.
  15. I've owned older consoles in the past, but in terms of consoles that I own now - my original PlayStation. Even that had issues with getting it to work on modern TVs.. I ended up purchasing a HDMI (HD Link) cable, since using older cables was quite problematic. I think there are similar HDMI cables available for older consoles too.
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